Trump vows to not cooperate with House Dems until investigations cease

A stalemate continues to escalate between President Trump and Democrats with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying she believes the president has "engaged in a cover-up."
25:02 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for Trump vows to not cooperate with House Dems until investigations cease
And yeah. Integrity welcome to the briefing room I'm Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us today a lot to get into big drama. This afternoon at the White House or the president was meeting with Democrats will break down what that means for those big policy priorities immigration. Health care trade all of that in the balance also take a look today at new developments when it comes to your money yes your twenty dollar bill actually. Why Harriet Tubman might not be part of that make over any time soon. And the results urine from that investigation into Virginia's governor. A Ralph north and and that black face picture that showed up in his yearbook we covered it extensively we'll bring you the results of that. And today's show with an exclusive look inside the CIA a lot to get to vote we start. With the major developments at the White House are breaking point of sorts as president trump sat down with Democrats today abruptly called off the meeting. And then vowed he would not cooperate anymore with house Democrats so long as these investigations continue to Nicholas. Said from the beginning. Right from the beginning. That you probably can't go down two tracks. You can go down in the investigation tracked. And you can go down the investment track or the track of let's get things done for the American people I love the American people. Drug prices are coming down first time in 51 years because of my administration but we can get him down way low working with the Democrats. We could solve the problem on the border in fifteen minutes. Give the Democrats would give us a few votes. Chance of bipartisan compromise now seeming to be completely lost as we head into the campaign are torn Phelps is over at the White House today torn. You know let's remind people there are so many major. Legislative priorities actual work. That needs to get done for the American people it's hanging in the balance here. Real concrete items that at least for now seem like they aren't gonna get acted upon it. DeVon is a real world issues that are going to impact every day Americans let's take a look at the list of things. That just aren't going to get done now since the president sent. He won't work with Democrats along as he's investigations continue and DeVon there's no sign that those are eating any type C and superstars infrastructure. That's what Democrats run the White House to talk about. The president now says that ain't gonna happen so don't expect a dollar come from the federal government any time soon for that's crumbling roads. And bridges I another big issue drug prices. A the president and Democrats on the hill had expressed a sense of unity to its credit tackle those prices for those concerned about high prices when they go to fill their prescriptions. That is not going to happen now DeVon. Another big priority of the president immigration it was just. Last week that Jared Kushner the president's son in law was rolling out this new shiny planned that the immigration that the administration was putting forward to try to. Jump start talks with congress that's not gonna go anywhere now and those revised trade agreements with. Canada and Mexico a big priority for this president they need ratification from congress. That is now on the line as well as any Poe potential deal that this president could work out with China. DeVon those things just aren't going to happen now a major policy priorities of this White House are not going to go forward in the next couple of years according president from. Yeah I was just a week ago they seem to have it where they both sides called a constructive meeting and some of these fronts and our political director Rick Klein is here now for Livermore analysis on this Rick because. It does seem like some of these big items that people care a lot about will be left by the wayside. It doesn't necessarily have to be that way right I mean history shows us to think we have a graphic back. I during the Watergate investigation during the Nixon Arab look at that's a whole bunch of major pieces of legislation. We're simultaneously past and agreed upon by Republicans and Democrats even asked that investigation. Into Richard Nixon was underway. -- but right now it seems like particular this White House is really trying to set the stage for their 20/20 reelection campaign. This was a choice it was a choice a strategy by president trump to invite the Democrats there he knew they were investigating and then to say. Up that was what you're saying I think he used as predicated. The comments from Nancy policy of suggesting that there was a cover up engaged here. That's a Donovan a surprise and he knew exactly what he's getting into and he made a decision to call this off now you can argue that there wasn't really the bipartisan buy in any way and maybe he didn't want an infrastructure bill anyway because he didn't have a way pay for expensive let's write that immigration proposal last week landed with a thud. It's not like things are do or were rocking and rolling your watching right before that's what this is a danger that we can just put desolation went on the into the sends its over the idea that that the legislative agenda of the trump. A White House is not more if it's done there there's nothing left for them to do the president made as clear as he could the Democrats. Obviously there's decided that they select to move on they're expressing disappointment but the president is saying his launches investigation don't want no more let. Slaton and those investigations being stonewalled completely by the White House we have a look at this the president today chafing. Hot at the mountain of subpoena requests coming from house Democrats take a look. There are twenty I believe. Separate probes now looking into the president in his in his business dealings better facing. Complete or partial stonewalling by this White House refuses to cooperate seven in our request for documents that have been ignored so far. And Nancy Pelosi is is sort of ratcheting up the rhetoric today on this front Rick sort of set the president not here's what she had to say just. Minutes before heading into the White House for a meeting with president from. It was that very positive meeting of respect for sharing of ideas. And I think. Very impressive presentation. By taxpayers. Would you belief that is simply. Friends that. To follow the facts. We believe that no one is above the law including the president of the United States and we believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a cover up. And it coverup and that information that they. Yeah I. A coverup recommend this is this is something in the Democrats is rooting to earlier had very deliberately now decided to. To drive home appointed Cassandra come back and we are picture some their talking points. But also reflects the pressure that Nancy Pelosi is under on impeachment she's try to walk a fine line. Yeah I'm is the last couple days there have been a breaking point with a number of Democrats led by a Republican actually Republican over the weekend just that a mosque. Upper Michigan came out of favor of impeachment and that is from some Democrats and say look if Republicans are even saying this why are we there and even some members of her leadership team are saying. It's time to start impeachment proceedings at least start down that road she is trying to hold the line and I think this was. Hurt or hitting it back the president trop I think we'll be on the letting off the hook just because there is impeachment she is that publicly she feels like the president's practically daring them. To impeach she doesn't wanna go there she feels like you need to have the ground work their first but coverup was a ratcheting up the cut the president to swing right back and I think. I think Nancy Pelosi I did herself a lot of favors here with with her own conference because now. Rather than talking about the pressure on impeachment it's back on the president and the president now saying wethy anything else. Iran and Jordan Phelps real quick this whole spectacle that we saw play out today. Was totally impromptu you've been doing some reporting there with White House officials they were caught off guard yet again by the president and we're looking on from the Rose Garden. Who nervously and in an in quite a bit of surprise. Yet and and we know there were some of the president's AT tried to convince him against this strategy. But we know that hello c.'s comments this morning are sort of the final straw for president from. He was Arnie angry this morning but they he hurt her I say that he was engaged in a coverup and it just really. Blew the lid off of all of that he went into that meeting with Democrats. He state for no more than five minutes with Danny and sit down he railed against then for these ongoing investigations. And sad and basically what he told us in front of cameras. A few minutes later that he wasn't going to work on this and aid. On the hill told us that as the president lacked. Nancy Pelosi commented that the president was never serious on infrastructure and she expected him to go down this road dampened appetite. This was very much an impromptu of saying what Democrats claims he behind because it curtains were drawn is that reporters. And members of the president's team are scrambling to sad at this stage. Where he would come out just minutes later and deliver those remarks. Because a president decided last minute that he wanted to make his opinions known in front of the American public. Another turbulent week at the White House are torn Phelps is there extraordinary thanks to political director recline. After that announced the store now I tore friend and country ABC news contributor former New Jersey governor and confidant of president from governor Chris Cristi joins us now by phone. Our Chris great to have you on the show why I wanted to ask you where we go from here where do you think. All of this leads to now in terms of the president in his cooperation with these various probes in committees. Due to what we've learned if anybody who's watched Ronald triple years those. We can't go anywhere from here. I don't agree with Rick on this one that this is an exclamation point that everything dole or narrowing that they could possibly happen. The president is the consummate negotiator. Any real estate negotiator. Which means that you yell and scream when you banged people. Com and you walk out of feels all the rest but it never really old. Negotiating with Donald Trump is never over. And so. Nancy Pelosi acute think what's again. Prove yourself to be for beautiful. Political adversary today by letting them speak out and the president shaking it. On the on the cover up stuff this is nothing new but Nancy Pelosi directional or rhetoric a little bit. For her caucus to keep the wolves that day on her aunt dot ultra responsive decline by it could all change a weaker U. Pitcher could every could be back at the negotiating table with an infrastructure deal who. Who knows this presidency Chris but I'm if you've also been quite in the students a reader of Bob Mueller in all of this and I think despite. All the flurry of subpoenas back and forth in debate and headlines about various documents to members the administration think. A lot of people want to know if Bob Mahler himself will show up do you think will ever hear from Bob Mueller what do you think's going on there. Well it's an Arctic to Bob Moehler what's the big very clear. So the people who question to him what he's willing to talk probably not willing to talk about. If they try to get him down the root of you know back to worrying. The six. I think Bob Mueller at a recent string so it might get it Bob Mueller saying to them listen. You can have whatever disputes you wanna have with the president would you turning general Ahmad getting in the middle. And I'm not gonna play this game. If you ask me questions and I repeat say no I won't answer that oil rich and I think he wants to be very well scripted out. Before he ever agrees to go up there so that he knows we're going to be asked. He answered the question that he can hang ups are good for the question he can't prepare not out. It's either don't want reaper the position to look like he's stonewalling something. When all he really be doing is following the law which serves a creature isolation cannot be released. Yeah he's threatened threaded that needle pretty carefully pretty deathly so far through all of this so we shall see where back us Chris Christie appreciate your insights very much thanks for calling Chris. Shifting gears now to the controversy for months ago they gripped the state of Virginia and captivated national attention. This involves governor Ralph north and appearing in black face. In his 1984. Virginia. Medical school yearbook quote today I'd be school after of several month investigation announced the findings. Of what they could determine about that picture who's in it. How it got there and our journey for Holbrooke our political reporter has been covering this and the controversy in Virginia that it is not just involving the governor. But the lieutenant governor Arnold said the attorney general very great to see so what did the school announced today that they did you found out about this picture. Also basically as medical school hired an outside law firm truly look into what happened here said look. We can't conclusively determine whether or not Ralph north on his in this photo and even said. But the governor has made very confusing statements about this as well be me the can't really get to the bottom of this. And like you said this photo that appeared and as your quick basically set off this chain reaction of chaos in the entire state. A Virginia because you have the governor and then lieutenant governor and then the attorney general the top three democratic officials in the state. Essentially all become embroiled in scandals of their own. And somehow here ER three months later. And they're all a little on the job' runners exactly what the school said today after conducting this four month investigation they said. They could not conclusively determine the identity of either in it is a depicted in that photograph which we just saw what we've identified no information to the photograph was placed. On governor of his personal page in error rainy other means he could not conclusively determine the origin of the photograph. In Christine here that the governor still maintains Johnny that he. And give a statement today as well that he is not in the picture right but they're reminding everybody he initially said that and apologized that. He was there. In theory night that this photo came out was back in early February he came out on Twitter posts a video of himself saying look. I'm sorry for my decision to appear in this photograph and then if you remember the day after he of that kind of bizarre. News conference where he may or may not threaten to moonwalk across the through the podium there and but then basically can Manson look I'm not in this photo so. Here we are again and we're also you know five or six months out from legislative elections and where does is on the. Nevis in Virginia and these are three top democratic officials that they key swing state headed into the tweets warning. A presidential election season. All three men are still on the job they're vowing to hold the job it is there any potential. Consequence for them coming on line in those elections. They're definitely can be and I think national Republicans are still gonna point out look you have these three officials still as the top three state officials but look at that. You have state legislative elections in the fall into when he ninety and then like you said Virginia is going to be key swing state in 20/20. And then you've had heard some rumblings about whether or not former governor Terry McAuliffe may actually run again for governor in 221 to transfer of rehabilitate the State's image after after this entire scandal just kind of turned. Amount so we will see where that plays out attorney republic thinks so much interest in developments today out of Virginia now to Capitol Hill and a headline involving your money yes actually. Your twenty dollar bill the twenty dollar bill that was supposed to have the face of Harriet Tubman on an as soon as next year they. Admitted Treasury Department under President Obama had. Released this mock up of the bill saying that it would come out when the bill was redesigned at its next term all today. Things took a different twist the Treasury Secretary Stephen minutia and up on Capitol Hill are quite knowing who covers the agencies and covers treasury is here for the latest on that so Quinn. Break this down force were now not expecting to see Harriet Tubman on the bill. Not in the next several years and we heard from the Treasury Secretary today that this this is a previous Obama era plan think. We young and diversified. Faces that we see our bills. And white men. Mostly white men on ability out and in new with the the plan was to get Harriet Tubman on by 20/20. The Treasury Secretary says now because of counterfeit concerns. And the technology that they build into the bills to make sure they can't be replicated. That can and can't happen until trump. His political office city took some heat for this today up on Capitol Hill when he made the announcement during testimony. Here's a little bit of that exchange. After ten months. Soliciting analyzing responses secretary Louis Nelson Harriet Tubman would be featured on the front of the new twenty dollar bill. As it stands currently our currency does not reflect the diversity of individuals that have contributed to our great American history. So let let me comment that the primary reason we've looked at redesigning the currency. Is for counterfeiting ashe's. Based upon this the twenty dollar bill will now and not come out till 20/20 eight that starts trying to clear credit for the record. So your not so yes or no William meet what was originally the 20/20 re designed deadline. Yes or no. He get to be clear the redesign that we are that is about twenty now we we will meet these security. Feature redesigned and 22 point eight the imagery future will not be an issue that comes up until most likely. 20/20 six. Massachusetts one point six should be you win president trump is out of office if he wins a second term so. Either way so this is quite some time. Why are they doing this why the delayed yet she do we have a sense of whether it is actually for security reasons it's hardest. A the Treasury Secretary denied. When he was asked directly whether or not he would support. Tubman on the bill but we do know that trump in the past when his running for election and try sixteen. Has said getting tuchman on the bill is quote pure political correctness. And he said also suggested that maybe should be more fitting for the two dollar bill and of course that. That costs some concern certainly a pattern Contra minimizing retirement contributions you have some whistle Stan happened bottom line doesn't sound like she's coming to the twenty. Anytime soon Quinn thanks for that headline today appreciated now finally today here in every turn to an ABC news live exclusive. Inside the CIA far away. A from the prying eyes of cameras social media's and cell phones officers at the nation's premier intelligence agency have been carrying on a twenty year tradition. And revealing some surprising details about their personal lots. Were inside CA headquarters in Langley Virginia you see the iconic CIA CEO. Over here they pay tribute to the history and legacy of the CIA the agency invited us here today to see it tradition that's been going on for twenty years. But never been seen before by the public. The most sophisticated intelligence gathering operation in the world the workforce we know little about. He was CIA first on the ground in Afghanistan after 9/11 point CIA it was discovered Osama bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan. Nine years later I. CIA plot to help American diplomats escaped from Iran in 1980 was even made. Into an Oscar winning film since he tension is rarely sought. So most of the CIA officers keep their works under wraps its top secret that here you see inside the agency headquarters here. What they do in painting an art form user displays from artists all around the world. What's called me. Intelligence are clutched. It turns out art is exactly how hundreds of CIA officers for years had been sharing details about their personal lives with colleagues. Now for the first time with all of us truck. What's great. Great to share. What we hire a lot of talented people here are your skills and they get this opportunity can practice their art and and we were good about themselves to you bend the curator of the show for the past three years it's one of the sort of unsung secrets in a place of secrets half chalk whose last name must be kept secret. Is the volunteer curator at the annual CIA gave art show. It's become a cult classic. Works created by painters sculptors glass blowers and photographers. All from within the CIA's ranks. I am a creative director for the director of science and technology. And I focus on film video and special effects. When I first got into the art show it was really about revealing something about ourselves and personal. And we have these periods of discovery where their colleagues and which you know. In milieu are art history and European here in my daughter's behavior in some cases are officers had very stressful jobs in the and they do pretty amazing things that alters. An opportunity for him to blow off some steam. The benevolent and humble doctor when we start to get in the pieces like this. I was stuck to you really get into some of the world's creative aspects of the within the agency. Are the artists allowed to sign it it really depends on their status I noticed also you. You don't have anybody's last name we want to identify and recognize that the artists we really are and the significant work that they do. That same time we've got to protect identity. And I wanted to stop at this. Particular specimen here because this is coming out at us pretty interest and I guess this is 3-D. Charter noticed there's a number of big black spots on your part show here in peace is missing reviews. He's taken down some of the officers undercover canceled because you've got good news crew and we've we've had to cut their identity spider bite taken down. There aren't so we could we couldn't see this piece right here that's Harris person's signature was on. He might signature or the panning. Would be. Identifiable. In art circles. And that would be consistently covered but you can't take a close look at the black felt. Yeah. A so you work here at the CA I tune. You have a day job you're artist on the side. Am so MR can't reveal her name or show us her face but she's making her CA art show debut with a powerful photograph. That's a stand favorite this year. Picture of her best friend's newborn baby taken days after the friend's husband unexpectedly passed away. I am. Told her that her daughter Nicole was going to be okay because right before he had passed they were debating in the name. He was an excellent call that's Nicole so as soon as we brought our food from the hospital. A powerful line and noon newborns section she still had her on hospital tax on. And just wanted to make sure that my friend had something beautiful to remind her the gift that he left we went underground together so. I'm trying to put on romance here in front of her. That being able to take that mascot here at work where usually it's the other way around. Mom was an awesome. Release for me. So campaigning depicts what happened on 9/11 you can see the Twin Towers and background. The title is the number and that's the number of souls that were lost on that day. There is huge motion tied up in this piece and two others others that violent to you. Commitment terrorism Canterbury work that you do Nasr have these serious are carrying that burden. So it is the burden of 9/11 what is at the Preston business. Serious nature of business and this is a release. From these artists these are artists. You do this artwork on their on their own time. The archer from an all volunteer staff. What do you want people to know about what it means to you CIA officer right now coming here you see how old. Real to people are where they're not shadowy figure issues other people they have emotions and families and their soccer moms and there. Football that's just like everyone else he can now be able to bring our whole selves to work is a benefit of working here because. Outside we know we can't do that but inside we can be eighth everything that we are. Our salute to all those who work and sacrifice at the CA which will yesterday about the agency's memorial wall when they recognize those. Who gave their life in the line of duty yesterday at that annual ceremony they had it four stars. And recognition of those who died our hats off to MR to chalk. Tore photojournalist pat oh guerra and our senior producer Cindy Smith who got us inside the CA thanks in thank you for watching us here today an ABC news laden debris from great to have you with this every day hoping join us tomorrow 330. And 5:30 PM eastern time on Devin Dwyer Washington. See that.

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{"duration":"25:02","description":"A stalemate continues to escalate between President Trump and Democrats with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying she believes the president has \"engaged in a cover-up.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63212482","title":"Trump vows to not cooperate with House Dems until investigations cease","url":"/Politics/video/trump-vows-cooperate-house-dems-investigations-cease-63212482"}