Trump wanted to order DOJ to prosecute Comey, Clinton: Report

The New York Times reports that Trump wanted to prosecute people he saw as political opponents, plus the president submits his written responses to Mueller questions.
4:08 | 11/21/18

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Transcript for Trump wanted to order DOJ to prosecute Comey, Clinton: Report
Or the White House now at the near times reports that. President trump at one point one it's or the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton. And former FBI director James call me Karen Travers is outside the white house with more on that Karen. Any response from the White House so artist I'm surprised we haven't seen entry from the president that I am but the certainly campaigned on this this was something he has talked about since he took office. So it not surprising that he tried to push this forward but indeed has in the New York Times report that the White House counsel at the time dom began. Had the legal team write a memo to get to the president to lay out why this would be very bad for him why this could spark calls for impeachment. And this politically with a headache that they said he just could not take so the White House I think we'll try and Latin. Perhaps not address this but it is notable because there isn't a lot of criticisms right now over the president pushing out the attorney general Jeff Sessions bringing in Matt Whitaker now and the acting attorney general. A lot of questions about his authority and whether or not he is going to try and push forward more of the president's. Politically motivated decisions and in the things he'd like to see down at the Justice Department the big criticism from the president of why he was always so frustrated and angry with Jess Jeff Sessions today and he would always say you know possessions just wasn't doing what he wanted him to do wasn't being tougher there as the head of the justice to. The president also where you're submitted answers at least some of special counsel Robert -- questions. Going on upfront. Yeah across a big to do list item for the president before he left for Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday the press told us yesterday the White House that he had finished his answers and then it was up for those lawyers to turn them in we heard late yesterday that they had done just that. The lawyers say that these questions were divided up into five parts and no surprise focus very heavily on questions about. Collusion with Russia in 2016 election the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani had told acts he has here in Washington. That Moeller also asked the president whether he knew. At the time about his son John junior's meeting with Russians. Trump tower back in twenty sixteenths is a very pivotal event in his timeline in in the investigation. Not sure what the president answered though of course. Rudy Giuliani also told ABC news it's time for this inquiry to be over but Deng and we don't know what this means for the timeline. Of course this ends months of negotiations between the threatening legal team and the special counsel about how they would question the president. But now that he's turning his answers. Where are we in this process we just don't know because of course Robert Mueller is not making a lot of things very public all right understandably so and Karen the president also getting a lot of flack for seemingly standing by the Saudi prince and his denials of having anything to do with jamarcus Shannon's dad. Now attends a senate is trying to force trumps hand in a way what's going on there. It's unlikely the president is going to bowed to pressure from lawmakers he made it very clear yesterday that for him it is America first and he is not going to do anything to jeopardize the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia he gets he said. They're just too many economic implications he doesn't want to see the price of oil go laps he doesn't want to jeopardize that weapons sale agreement. That he made last year with the saudis. But you're right he's a lot of pressure now from lawmakers from Republicans from allies of his Rand Paul Republican senator said the president's statement was Saudi Arabia first not America first. Bob Corker another Republican senator critic of the president. Said that this was a press release for Saudi Arabia what the president was saying yesterday about holding the saudis accountable for the can show he murder. Neither Lindsey Graham and very close ally of the president says that he things or be strong bipartisan support for tough sanctions on the saudis. President made it very clear it's lawmakers' what I got I didn't do that and try and pursue that they can do that. He is unlikely to go along this current we'll see that echoes Karen Travers we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"The New York Times reports that Trump wanted to prosecute people he saw as political opponents, plus the president submits his written responses to Mueller questions. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59344109","title":"Trump wanted to order DOJ to prosecute Comey, Clinton: Report","url":"/Politics/video/trump-wanted-order-doj-prosecute-comey-clinton-report-59344109"}