Trump watching impeachment hearings closely

Tom Bossert, former homeland security adviser to President Donald Trump, says impeachment hearings are complicated and being reframed by Democrats.
3:06 | 11/13/19

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Transcript for Trump watching impeachment hearings closely
I want to bring in Tom boss sir to as we hit the fifteen minute mark before these proceedings star Tom Boston of course. A Homeland Security advisor to president trump he worked within the administration Tom take me into the White House right now taking it to president trumps inner circle what are people telling him whether he wants to hear it or not. And we're do you think the president's mind is today. Yeah I believe it or not I suspect the most of the president's inner circle are doing things unrelated to impeachment they've been working. Over the weekend it working parallel night but at this stage their candid with the rest of Americans and they're gonna watch this hearing if they have the time to do so. Meanwhile there's probably the more important half of the White House apparatus that are preparing for. The visit of president herta wants from Turkey today itself. Now you get presents from having a serious meeting with a was a major player. On the international stage well we've got troops committed in harm's way trying to keep his mind focused on that end. Resolving all the different saying elements in the Middle East while also out of the other eye watching this impeachment process play out so I think you'll see him. I watched that hearing comments on it in his press conference this afternoon. But I also think you'll see most of the White House staff focusing on that business today. Tom you worked in the White House had you wanna get your take on this I know you probably haven't read every single transcript because there's there's hundreds if not thousands of pages. Of testimonies from those closed door sessions that the Democrats. I held to do we did you see this thing is there that you think move the needle for Republicans either in the house and the senate. BSE that's just their radio for those of us that live here -- difficult to follow all those details. I think today is two things. The first part of it is a very complicated. Foreign policy oversight hearing at least it should be dressed up as an impeachment proceeding. That means it's going to be a bit complicated it's going to take some time to unfold. And it also means that for the most part Americans are have a difficult time. Ascertaining what the important parts are from what the political parts are and because they've chosen to put this oversight proceeding. Into the guy's an impeachment proceeding but also suggests that house Democrats anyway have a partisan motivation so I think that to the earlier point that Alex made. I allowed people attain this out as partisan until they see mount more facts. I'm not so sure they're gonna see them the second thing that this is today. Is in a fact finding mission that's supposed to reveal all the things that these depositions revealed to the public's that they don't have to read all these transcripts. And on that front I would look to the president's supporters at least I suspect I haven't talked to them. To try to re frame this question. The question is been framed as a matter of the president seeking to get some kind of investigation in return for dirt on his political opponents. But I think the president's team is going to rightly point out that the president was in his team and Rudy Giuliani pursuing this Ukrainian. Conspiracy theory but also this this real legitimate concern. Prior to president or Vice President Biden entering into the race for two point one. Some boss or former Homeland Security advisor to president from Tom thank you for your expert analysis on that.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Tom Bossert, former homeland security adviser to President Donald Trump, says impeachment hearings are complicated and being reframed by Democrats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66973476","title":"Trump watching impeachment hearings closely","url":"/Politics/video/trump-watching-impeachment-hearings-closely-66973476"}