Trump weighs possibility of buying Greenland

Poul Krarup, editor-in-chief of Greenland publication Sermitsiaq, responds to President Trump's suggestion of buying Greenland.
3:39 | 08/16/19

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Transcript for Trump weighs possibility of buying Greenland
AP TV are. Our of one of one of the ABC news partners is actually gone around a little bit Greenland and ask people what they thought of the president's suggestion take a look. It feels. As if he's group patch rising and yes it doesn't feel like he understands. Legg the reality. And it's stupid you just I didn't think I guess they don't believe this is what he thinks he can first. Your current. Sorry the club. I mean it's the people it's the country it's. This concho. And for some perspective on this story we're joined now by Paul corrupt was the editor in chief of sir mix Jack and newspaper in nuke green land and mr. Krupp I just wanna get a sense of how this is playing with people because a lot of people United States were surprised by this what has been the reaction in your country. Little work with the Redskins look green and is we'll see royal. Laura noon so these. Guys let it all depends on the most news so just slows slim. Did it come totally out of the blue is there ever been talk about. Denmark selling Greenland to someone it seems like a ridiculous concept into when he nineteen I just. Of cherries it's ever come up in any coverage would in any conversation to your to your memories in journalist. Though government not a good news senators publicity. Of course we had moved the goal Lowell bugs or month uses an off road so it won't won't look so insulin. Is not complete in it was soon read more in well you don't. Nina. Minimalism in the bottom part of the key demo tomorrow photo. Mark Olson who. Or prudent that we didn't. So well and give us give us a sense of what the relationship is between Greenland and Denmark I know. That agreement has an a good deal of independence for what is the what is a relationship with the country that. At least nominally a still has control and is there any movement in Greenland I'm curious. Two have total independence heard of to have an association with another country. The core we want to do you. And I don't know that look I don't really want you saw it who. What was don't you realize she runs. Well or courses merited. Close quote recent between we've not done. Well a moment it's gone and green and is a strong growth in these two didn't hurt them. Well listen hula went into Greek insular people. Loss won't you won't. Is there are concerns that the presidents of the United States musing aloud about this could impact the relationship between Greenland. And the United States between Denmark and the United States to have the president on record on this even in this strange sort of indirect way. That it will impact the waited too that the countries operate with each other. Green. Will not incorporate new series and several weeks now I'm on there also are home from Jason little stints. We would like ever in trouble when listing. All broke through more from green almost you or no role in the Clinton pot and those wasn't close. Street woodland. Or listen people who fought off. And our thanks. Our thanks to the two mr. Kuralt for that perspective.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Poul Krarup, editor-in-chief of Greenland publication Sermitsiaq, responds to President Trump's suggestion of buying Greenland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65022319","title":"Trump weighs possibility of buying Greenland","url":"/Politics/video/trump-weighs-possibility-buying-greenland-65022319"}