Trump weighs in on Roy Moore controversy

The president addresses reporters before departing the White House for Mar-a-Lago and comments on the controversy surrounding Moore's candidacy.
10:48 | 11/21/17

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Transcript for Trump weighs in on Roy Moore controversy
This is pretty stunning here are this is the president making his case very. Very clear he supports Roy Moore in this scandal he says that the one thing we don't need. In congress is a Democrat a liberal he is talking of course about Doug Jones Roy Morse opponent he says he's terrible at the border terrible. Has a terrible record that he is bad on borders he he is siding with were more because he says Roy Moore has denied these allegations that president at the end of this this this this gavel with with reporters here in the White House said that these accusations came out after forty years he says Roy Moore. Ran eight race isn't it this never came up. He denies it no I ask the president. What what is message two minutes during his time at our country is pivotal moment in our country as we discussed sexual harassment and power and misconduct. This president has his own as we've been discussing all week allegations facing him in and his answer was pretty surprising he said that women. Here. That these allegations are coming to light. And that wit that is being exposed but in this case perhaps the biggest one of all we are talking about right now with ruling more he says. He believes really astounding. He I mean I mean he went on this case is they are right women are very special very good for women he's happy it's being exposed. I don't know Sicily I mean I I I think any one its hearing this you know after everything that's happened. Let alone the last 24 hours we saw. The anchor of a major news network who was accused of allegations himself. Suspended and then very quickly fired over CBS news' Charlie Rose there are a lot of women right now around this country and men. That are furious about what what is gone on the fact that these allegations are coming to light. And more and more we're seeing a call on Capitol Hill for investigations. Four committees for these people not to com. To Capitol Hill order be thrown out in some cases the fact the president just pushes this away. And then goes on to say that while Beason voters gather their trump voters. I don't really know how that's going to jive. Well with women and frankly others rent is cut. Yeah I'm not sure what the political strategy is here at this president has gone much further than. His own aides his own aides have shied away from backing Roy Moore publicly with the exception of one who. What Kelly Conway seemed to go and it can near her echo what the president just said here. Today but cirrus Sanders certainly would not go there are other aides certainly have not gone there. And and we can do a quick recap this has put this president very tough position. Politically but today he drew that line in the sand in terms of politics in this country in deciding to stand with Roy Moore in this case against the Democrat running against him. The president has not wanted to get into this fight you knowing you reported. Because he's got his own issues you this isn't this is a no win situation for the president to weigh in he has been. Quiet for. A week plus. Has not commented on the right work case we have asked and asked again so. The answer that he gave today and that he supports Roy Moore in this is a pretty surprising first out of the gate comments on on this controversy to. The first one and I it is going to be a lot of more comments to follow that once the Chilean I need him to worldnews thanks very much. Let's turn to Mary Alice parks our deputy political director Mary analysis is Hilliard said I mean it did that reaction right here the president. Eight on shore is already brief shock waves people I know I watched it I. Cover Donald Trump's campaign. There were moments that I eat people at this point I wouldn't be surprised by something he would say. That one took me back and and the fact also is Cecilia pointed out that he went on to save it women are very special was very good for women of these things are coming out. That does not really coincide what he said about what's happening here down Alabama with Roy Moore. Right he said that he was glad these allegations are coming to light but essentially said that he didn't believe the wind and fines of Mannelly he repeated. Lee said that Roy Moore had denied the allegations and that. That's when. Who was getting the final work in his hat. You know I think it's important to remember that while the president on the one hand seems be playing politics here. He was talking about Roy Morse opponent Doug Jones saying that Doug Jones was not the right fit. For the senate would vote against his agenda. On the other hand when the president chose to break a silence on the issue he also arguably. Broke with his own party. Because while he is backing the Republican candidate at a Alabama Republicans here in Washington. Had already dismissed Roy Moore by and large every. Major Republican on Capitol Hill have said that date think Brad Moore is unfit. To BS senator they have called for him to potentially even be expelled from the senate if he were to win. So once again we see it they rake but tweak this White House and Capitol Hill. You know and and the fact that he also made this political Mary Alice that these that we don't need a liberal Democrat in Nazi. That please and to some of the reporting we've seen the last couple buddies here that this is the push of Steven K ban is one time chief strategist. Now it's still very close to the white house on the outside. What aides I've spoken to it said you know they've come to conclusion that. Doug Jones a democratic down there they felt probably had a good chance they were you know nodding and get involved in this point. And over the last couple days the fact that the president. Had not gone there the fact they. You know our own Cecilia Vega had tried on multiple occasions to get a response that it him and he is not respond to it it almost felt like he is going to avoid this one. By diving head deep into the Armenia again you've been watching what's happening down Alabama. Do you think this helps Roy Moore me how do you think this plays out what voters down. There. It could help weigh more in some ways the president sound gave permission to voters to still vote for him. And essentially I'm offered his own priorities he said that. Is more important to him to have our republic can. In a in Nazi eat on Capitol Hill to. Potentially vote for his agenda then it that it is to stand up for these women to to side with the women who have. Come out against Roy Moore with these. Very dramatic and really serious allegations so in a lot of ways he was expressing his priority is an essentially telling voters that. That that those should be their priorities to. That politics and policy over. This real attack on the Republicans character and past sort of history and history of sexual misconduct. You know a few things at second here that what you're talking about the last few days and the fact that it's been. So long since the president chose to weigh in on this I think it's important to remember. That his aides weighed in on net and we got a wide range of comments. From his spokespeople. Everything from Kellyanne Conway coming out and saying something basically along these lines that voters should not be fooled. By Doug Jones that he is really a liberal democratic answer it. Hinting that it would be her preference that folks. Voted for other Republican or just stayed home. But then you had the White House up press secretaries are standards in front of the podium and friends of in front of the world are Brenda white house press corps saying no no no that was not the position of the White House they want the voters of Alabama to decide. Is incredible back and forth over the last few days. Before the president finally chose to weigh again I don't know what that meant that there is great disagreement about the president should say if they were trying to keep him from way in. On this political hot topic but we've just gotten an incredible range of opinions from this White House changing every single day. It goes back this idea of the messaging at the White House right the fact that. They have done a good job one would argue in the last couple months since cheapest at John Kelly is assumed that role. Actually channeling the message right having everybody in the same page but to your point eight total he seemed to Meehan. And obviously do you as well day. This is one where we've heard six different ways from Sunday with the answer is and it's unclear where the president stood. Until right now we finally got debt before we go though Mary Alice just to give a quick little recap of where we stand. With the other allegations that are our talked about right now in Washington and you obviously senator Al Franken. Two women have come out accused him of sexual misconduct. There are now charges against one of the ranking Democrats. On Capitol Hill the president said he just heard about that. Couple minutes ago wasn't able to weigh into that that's a ports are representative John Connors weird is that. Stand at the moment you. On the team report out. Right so there was that documents and basically outlining a settlement. Sexual harassment settlement that seems to have been sort of signed and delivered. And out walled and representative Conyers of former chairman of the Judiciary Committee a high ranking Democrat like you said one of the longest serving members of congress while his team. Agree that there is a harassment settlement. They did absolutely denounced and denied. Those allegations he said that he thought they were false that the settlement was signed to basically avoid. A long attracted. Liddy. Sort of court case in litigation that was his argument that story just broke last night is still developing. It's interesting watching the reaction from his coworkers and his colleagues. Without a doubt many Democrats calling for an end best and at ethics investigation that sort of and now the go to response. Basically saying that Capitol Hill news to look into all of these allegations and take them all seriously. You had minority leader Nancy Pelosi saying there will be zero tolerance for any sexual harassment on Capitol Hill or in her ranks. But not calling for Conyers to resign. Against saying that there should be more investigation. An ethics committee investigation it seems to be that former had it in a lot of these cases. Mary Alice parks a lot for us to watch thank you on for Mary Alice and Cecilia Vega thank you for joining us. We'll have the latest on ABC world news tonight were David Muir and for all the headlines all day. You can always go to I'm John San teaching in Washington. Have a great day.

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{"id":51309158,"title":"Trump weighs in on Roy Moore controversy","duration":"10:48","description":"The president addresses reporters before departing the White House for Mar-a-Lago and comments on the controversy surrounding Moore's candidacy.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-weighs-roy-moore-controversy-51309158","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}