Trump says he could win Afghan war 'in a week'

President Trump met with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in the Oval Office Monday to discuss ending the lengthy war in Afghanistan.
28:08 | 07/22/19

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Transcript for Trump says he could win Afghan war 'in a week'
Everybody welcome to the break through your mind that Maguire Washington great to have you with us on this money we have an exclusive one on one interview. With presidential candidate battle or war coming up we traveled with him to Ellis Island. Plus we have the latest from Puerto Rico the governor there just speaking out in his first TV interview since those massive protests. And we'll also take a look today at that equal facts hack if you have a credit card you want to hear this information. But first we start at the White House president trump a short time ago hosting. The prime minister of Pakistan talking about his plans to push. And ended two America's longest war of course the war in Afghanistan. Eighteen years into the conflict the president declared today he will win the war in a week if he needed to. But he doesn't want to kill millions of people. We wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and whenever I could win the war and a week. I just don't want to kill ten million people. Does that make sense to you I don't want to kill ten million people I have no plans on Afghanistan and about wanted to win that war. Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the year who would we got it would be over in literally in ten days. And I don't want to do that I don't go that route. Let's bring in our White House reporter Meredith McGraw also our senior pentagon reporter we Martinez is tracking developments on that side Meredith let's start with you. The president was trying to get Pakistan's help to data broker this peace deal with the Taliban. That relationship those been very rocky any sign that things are on a thought. It certainly could be on the mend relations between the United States and Pakistan in recent years have soured. Bite they seem to be turning a corner and certainly the prime minister's. Visit to the White House is a signal that the United States once you re engage in Pakistan especially on the issue. A piece tot. In Afghanistan now recently Pakistan may be captured a US Harris that person on the US terrorist watch list somebody that the US was hoping that. I they would get a hold us about the find that they're willing to cooperate and today an Oval Office. President Tran sad that talks with the Taliban are going. Well and then that prime minister of Pakistan also sad that this is the closest he feels they've ever been every teen aid he'd deal. And Louis the president has long wanted to end the war in Afghanistan effectively last year as you know he talked about pulling. All American troops out today he said quote we're moving a lot of troops out of Afghanistan we've already. Withdrawn quite a few. Is that true. Not accurate to say the least that in Gregg another 141000 American troops in Afghanistan. On their searing there as trainers advisors and assistance per providing assistance to the Afghan security forces. And their fighting as a telemann and against the ice is affiliate in eastern Afghanistan. How what's interesting about what the president has said is that. There he was actually the one that increase the amount of troops from about 8500. 2141000. So the current level of US troops in Afghanistan. Was actually set by the president himself. Back in 2017. He held they consensus meetings trying to come up with a South Asia strategy for how to deal with Afghanistan. High into the it would it was decided a regional approach was needed. Which is bringing in Pakistan bringing pressure on the Taliban's McGee drive into the negotiating table. Which is what has been happening over the last year or so. As merits mention their the progress being made. In direct US talks with the Taliban. But wouldn't further steps need to come in from as a result loose talk because. What needs to happen is that the Afghan because the government of Afghanistan you see Brian of those talks. Right now that doesn't look like it's gonna happen. But right now it did the president saying. That he there's a drug down by one across the hall practice among spokespeople have been asked about that I was told though the numbers 141000. Went on those domestic about the president's secret plan. I was told every that I just contact the lighthouse as and they said as far as we know this is a train advise and assist mission. Rights of the dead mission in Afghanistan continues eighteen years later Louis the president still. Urgently pushing for a solution on that thanks for your were were reporting at the Pentagon Meredith the president also made some news. On his upcoming big Wednesday he's got his eye on special consul robber Muller's testimony. For more than five hours on Capitol Hill. That's right it's not just going to be must watch TV and watching senate but also must watch TV over here at the White House president tram. Said last week he wasn't planning on watching Robert Muller's testimony on Capitol Hill but today he admitted he's going to watch at least. A little bit of that now I spoke with a White House official who. Sad that they are reminded me that wind this testimony kicks off on Wednesday it typically when president trap is still in the residence of the White House so. You can fat that the president's going to be watching from there and while the White House doesn't have a specific plan right now to attacked. Our go after Robert Mueller during the testimony I did talk to an RNC official inside that they're working with the campaign. And they're specifically going to be going after and Nadler and chef and I bet you can anticipate some tweets coming on Wednesday. And the president already C is seeking to undermine the credibility of Robert Mueller just in the lead up to that earth maroth thanks for your report and we'll have full. Live coverage gavel to gavel of both hearings here on ABC news live on Wednesday it starts at 8:30 AM eastern time we're expecting that to run. A threat leased to 30 eastern time here full team coverage. From the ABC news political team on Wednesday a movie on outdoor ABC news exclusive one on one with presidential candidate former Texas congressman better or work. Our political reporters Rihanna Stewart Sasha has nick traveled. How with the work to date making a pilgrimage in New York City to Alice silent once. The gateway to this country and a place that -- work now compares to his hometown. At El Paso, Texas he says that El Paso is a modern day. Pat Ellis Island of sorts. Do Rihanna and Sasha both asked a work about his plans to overhaul the American immigration system. Plans for climate change health care is first debate performance and what's in store for his campaign. What it means to be airlifted out and you. This is one of the best parts of the American story it makes me so proud. To be here to see the pictures. And ignore history that we welcomed millions of people from around the world to come here. So they can do better for themselves to better their families but also because we knew that they were going to do. Better for us this is Ellis islands but where I live in El Paso, Texas could be the Ellis Island of today. Perhaps millions of people who become Americans coming from. Mexico and El Salvador and the Western Hemisphere first set foot in the United States in in my hometown so. Though were about 2000 miles apart. El Paso and New York where were connected in that common story of America. What do you have to say about you know what the president has been saying about my grants and his recent called Q and asylum rights for migrants coming to or there. You know being here Dell silence is a reminder. American history at its best and at its worst. Trump is not unprecedented there have been. Other moments of open hostile racism and negativism. In this country that is affected how we welcomed or failed to welcome. Immigrants but they've also been moments were we overcame that remind ourselves of who we are. At our best and if I feel like this is just one of those moments in defining moment for this country as I listen to my fellow Americans all across. The United States I'm hearing us say that we want to be ambitious we wanna be positive. We want to be that country of immigrants and asylum seekers and refugees want there to be a safe. Orderly process for people to be able to calm here because we know that makes this country better. But I was with you lacking independence I lack hot fourth of July during the parade. Which is a lot of my entire family there but there was some some moments where voters came up to you confronting you. On me in a happy parade concern there was that moment with the feet out at a time that we are prior typing migrants over. I'm the American people what do you say to them. We don't have to accept the false choice that our president. Has given us that. We can either be a great country or we can be a country of immigrants. We are a great country because we are country of immigrants and asylum seekers. And refugees at the very foundation of our success in the first place and that woman I met in in independence on the fourth of July who. Bravely served this country to make sure that we do everything we can. To guarantee that shift world class health care that she is connected to a career or furthering her education. That we honor the service and the commitment and the sacrifices she made. To this country and at the same time that we remind ourselves that those who come to this country. They want to work or they want to. All of our laws that want to contribute towards success and our greatness and their ability to do so her ability to succeed is to the benefit and success of everybody. In this country so let's not kid ourselves. Against one and one another let's not divide along. Lines of difference let's unite come together include every single one of us that's America that are best and at her strongest that's the America that I want to leave. Do you think it. Yes president trump as a racist. What we saw in. North Carolina last week was almost an impromptu Nuremburg rally inciting hatred and and ultimately I think implicit in that is violence against people based on the color of their skin. Based on the religion based on their difference from the majority. Of Americans and it is in keeping with the president. Who describes Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals who describes asylum seekers as animals or an infestation he says a Klansman. Our our very fine people. It's very clear in the past that he is taking us on. And we either willingly submit to that we are we are complicit in our silence. Or we stand up against it and it also stand for what we know this country can be and that's what I'm trying to do that's what the people who were part of this campaign. Are trying to do at this moment of truth silence especially from members of congress who hold the position of public trust. And power silence is complicity. In what the president is doing and there will be an accounting there will be a reckoning there will be justice for this sooner. Or later. You lawful acts and apparently regarding their heritage and where it isn't it time you release medium. Post revealing that you and your wife Amy Aaron back to and that hopefully why come out and repeal act. Understanding my personal connection that the fact that. An ancestor of mine owns two other people rose and allies. And by their labor. From their enslave and it was able to build wealth. Which he was in some way able to pass down. To succeeding generations. That is something that's. I have in some way. Benefited from and likewise the descendants of rose analyze. Whatever success they've had in our lives has been despite the facts. That they're ancestors were enslaved. That that they were essentially denied full participation. In this country's economy. And our democracy. And we've got to reconcile. That but it begins by telling that story Eck acknowledging that the real truth. Of America and in that I feel we will get the action necessary to repair that damage and make should we do the right thing. They are to agree on artful. And Rihanna and Sasha join us now from now live from New York after their morning with federal work on else Allan ladies thanks so much. For come in and out of quite an experience with that'll work he has struggled a little bit in the polls but. Obviously coming back to his personal story very human story. Look and to reboot his campaign. Yes definitely and you thought on Alice island him really trying to dry in the spirit. There you know. Every one is welcome all immigrants are welcome and were all Americans. I'm under our constitution but that's not always what Keith Matt way. Out on the campaign Trout are as a side arm in and the clip there he's been actually confronted by voters. Who are concerned. I'm about me you know during the rise of migrants coming to to our borders and worried about what that might mean for them economically. Com and he's had to really. Answer some tough questions both on the campaign Trout. On me you know anti chicken people and Sasha when I ask you about that because on that very point he has broken with. His fellow Texan in this race. Income before congress and castor he doesn't want to decriminalize border crossings right. Yes that's right and actually it's really interesting that you mention that DeVon because he's been confronted not only by voters on the trail he's also be confronted by his fellow candidates on stage. The last debate your member Castro Leon cost of his fellow Texan in the 20/20 race. Was saying. That's all you have not done your homework you have not done your homework on immigration and he was really challenging him going to hotel and if we remember. That over didn't really have. A strong Rip Torn. To him at the time and what was interesting today I was inside. Ellis Island wit. Him and his wife and they were asking questions we were not only there walking around and seeing the sights we were there. With historians who were able to inform. Every single step of the journey and he was asking questions it really seems like he was doing. Doing his best to do the homework that he was accused of not doing before. And we will see if he's done his homework for opt for the next debate as well his performance and that first debate as you said Miami. How much criticized were looking forward to US senior both in Detroit next week France Stewart's after pazner thank you both. And I for bringing us that exclusive what with federal work much mourn I'm moving on how to Puerto Rico and that. Historic really protest today hundreds of thousands of Americans turning out on the streets. Across the island demanding the resignation of governor Ricardo row sale. It could be the island's largest public demonstration in history. For sale had announced overnight that he was not stepping down but he would. Not run for reelection next year moments ago we also gave an interview to Fox News combative interview defiant staying in office. Accepting responsibility for his comments that set off these protests. And apologizing but again are refusing to step down. Want to bring in our Josh we osu ABC news editor reporter has been covering up Puerto Rico for us he's joins us from New York also. Joining us on the phone Melissa mark Rivera know she's a president of the with Tino victory project. Former New York count C council's speaker who was the first Puerto Rican elected in New York City. Let's show with you Melissa egg governor assail just moments ago giving this extraordinary interview also issuing. You an apology he you were one of the people. That he had attacked in this offensive. Tweets in that group and that group chat. What's your response do you think that his apology is sincere. I'm not out where that he had a should any formal apology. I think you think you know and that broke about a week ago. He has yet to gain. Making them available. After the pressing and important legal mind he. Those on Fox News station 1819 year. On the island meanwhile. That over 500000 people marching today I was there are getting. Of that rally Matt they would protest where and it laity united. In the demand that the governor must resign and go. It is incredibly. Historic moment for the island. His story that everyone in Galena their political differences callers can if Google about one call enough but the corrupt Shani you know would be abused. And that people want to turn that he would be able to move forward so. Today you know he yet demonstrated through the track well his moral character is on his government. And on and unwillingness to let him. Did hall of the people would agree for him to resign is definitely had a demonstration lack of leadership and in the maturity. And just the spark for these protests for folks who don't really understand why. Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans are turning out was this group chat which was exposed sexist homophobic offensive comments including some about the victims. Of hurricane Maria really ignited this but really. Help us understand the depth. A frustration and discontent with the governor there is era is much broader and deeper than just those messages. Yet this is a lot more than just a group text messages that were released this it is an undercurrent. A feeling that there is enough transparency. And not for and another of an understanding of how government works with the people and really. That was strong questions about corruption within it the government there's bill longstanding. And a longstanding question from the people Puerto Rico their level of trust think they can give to the governor and eight months after he's took office her pain Maria came through and then the questions came about where federal funding wines. The net them millions of dollars that came into the island from nonprofit organizations and from the government. Where that money was going and who is handling and it true accountability and so. By the time you've got to the point of these leaked text messages you have a government ministers resigned. Who was picked up by the FBI corruption charges. Any ever real display of what the government to the governor his aides and advisors. You about the people of Puerto Rico and you see that in a the insults to the victims. Hurricane Maria and the overall. And attempted changing a public perception of a government that wasn't in good standing. Scott Melissa mark Rivera you're down on the island. No Porter wreaking governor has ever been impeached eight American guys state governors have over the course of history there's an impeachment effort. A foot now. What do you make of that effort do you think it could be successful and where does this go from here if he doesn't step down. Turning not the only option of another hack at this point is. To basically allow resign. And it not. There is a moral imperative that the legislature has. Two start impeachment proceeding hello look at everything we're going through here on the island is very similar. It doesn't look that are fighting that trump administration right about using government resource between richer friends. About using the power of the presidency to go after opponent they'll after the press. This is the same behavior that is being exhibited. Here and it would be chat have exposed is back. Level of corruption and and it in government that is not working for the people right detonated there to serve. Friends of real. Common behavior. Eight you know IQ nine being an and overlooking the real needs of the people. And it had not quite as good not just about the building your administration to I think it is the real thing chapel unreal. Pushing back against. Yield generations of a behavior were people feel like they have not been. The priority. Government and so this is about reclaiming government now. This is not the gray imagine the number of people. Here mobile lighting. They right to push back against the truck demonstration very similar. The battle for impeachment right putting pressure Democratic Party have a lot of pressure about whether or not start impeachment pushing receding. So in the back Patton the conversation happening here right now. Would elect George is boat that house and the senate dominated by the governor's party. So there is we all concern here and concern I mean there's an expectation that is the other it doesn't do right. And there is going to be the push and pressure on the legislature to do what is right by the put -- people. An extraordinary moment and we're seeing the images play out right now as you said Melissa mark Rivera know. President routine a victory project certainly something all Americans should pay attention to and of course Puerto Ricans. Are all Americans themselves as well thank you for that perspective on the ground and as we just mentioned the governor there the embattled governor just moments ago gave an interview. Here's a little bit of him speaking out. I am that my effort and my commitment is to follow through on some of B efforts then I. Established for the people of Puerto Rico that includes establishing again a plan that I've already. Circulated width that members within the White House counsel that we can battle this corruption so that we can. Tackle a book what government employees. Are doing what we are doing has elected officials and they collaboration with the federal government. This is a biggest recovery effort in in the United States history. And the governor they're making clear he is focused on the people focused on helping the island to continue to recover but as we've been hearing from march rush toros. I'm Melissa mark heard of though much. Discontent with the situation on the island our thanks to both of them. Out finally today in important consumer alert that's affecting more than 147. Million Americans if you have a credit card most of us do. You'll want to get plugged into this one at. Equifax one of the major credit credit agencies that keeps are contained credit files today agreed to pay at least 650. Million dollars to resolve. A claims from that data breach two years ago that exposed personal information. For millions of Americans ABC news contributor Steve Gomez has been following this hack he joins us live. From Los Angeles Steve you know it this happened two years ago at the time. At Colfax took months to even let Americans know that this this a compromise many of them. Exactly and at which in my view it's atrocious behavior on the part of Equifax. Because they were holding about a 147 million consumer personal information. Which is very valuable. The fact that they are holding that information they have a responsibility to protect it. Two to use every means possible to ensure that that data is secure and it does not appear that the fallback kind of procedure from a security standpoint so well and and that's part of what they were doing. And Steve any idea at this stage now two years John were about to talk about settlement but have they identified who the hackers were here that took the data. It does not appear that they've identified the hackers but the bottom line is there are hackers from all over the world they're trying to tap into. You know companies like Equifax and the other credit bureaus and any company that is holding. Sensitive personal information of their customers or consumers. And those are all targets that hackers are trying to penetrate. And so if you have that kind of information especially a massive amount of data sits as Equifax you have to take the steps to ensure that that data is secured. Yeah in those agencies have so much information on so many of us again everybody with a credit card. I should pay attention here Steve Gomez thanks for that for more. On how you might know if you were affected what you can do what the settlement means for everybody I'm happy to have just in Berkman. What this year from consumer reports is the director of the consumer privacy and technology a policy outfit just in great to see you. So let's just take a step back routes it did the news today is the settlement but how can people know if they were. Actually impacted by the hacked to begin with two years ago. Yes 448 million record for a hit. If you're an adult American you should probably presume that yours was included in that he should presume your you should execution presume a fact such a have a tool you can go to their site. And a little bit of personal information and they'll tell you that they think your in the database. Circus is so many people had that data. Leaked it doesn't necessarily mean that it was used for nefarious purposes. That's right actually especially very little indication that Equifax data was used for data breach. Thumb that said there's lots of the beverage is out there you should probably presume someone has access to information see surprise takes some sort of effort to protect it. End M what do we know about who's eligible if in fact you were a victim of fraud. If in fact is someone to construct your Social Security number from Equifax opening new credit card in and went on the spending spree in your name. In today's settlement 650 million how can you get a slice of that party apply for. Yes the first if you signed up for credit monitoring after that affects preached you're able to get reimbursed for some of that. They'll pay for critter monitoring going forward. Is really tricky if you experienced identity theft to know why you rightly resist as someone else's right. Thomas those can be really really hard to demonstrate that they said going to be available. I'm actually pretty skeptical. Com probably the smartest thing you can do there was this get a credit freeze those that are paying someone to watch your credit and see how this info and open an account. I'm you can go to each of the credit bureaus and say. Don't laymen have this until I re unfreeze it. And would you recommend it credit freeze for anybody that thinks there are risks are only people who've experienced some sort of reform. I think it's a good idea to have to freeze it no matter what and then if you actually need to you get a credit card you need to apply for mortgage and unfreeze it. On their required to make it pretty quick and easy now do on line it can be done in a matter of minutes. Some thumb but otherwise I mean just presume your data is out there in that bag guys have access to it. If you don't to a credit freeze credit monitoring is better than nothing. And then. This still annual credit report dot com you can go once a year get access to your your credit record seeing. And finally just in this is great advice and mean the Democrats are hammering this agreement today were Iran now widening of Morgan senator Baer said. Pointed out an interest in observation in all of this he says unlike a breach of chartered or Home Depot or another company. Were you can simply take your wallet and shop elsewhere if they breach were really beholden to these credit agencies and there's really nothing Americans can do besides protect its. That's right come one good thing about the settlement is that at the fact is going to be required to spend a billion dollars actually more than that on data security going forward. Armed overall part of the settlement they're paying out 506 and Bayern million dollars. I'm so there's a lot of consequences for what went wrong here. Pumped one thing Dallas some policy makers were considering which might be a good idea is credit freeze by default so is thumb credit freezes your credit records are often ended only when you 12 make it available do you have an economic. And good advice just in that corporate from a consumer reports thank you so much for a time great to have you in studio thank you for watching us today we'll media. With some pictures that justice John Paul Stevens line ever pros at the United States Supreme Court today. I've 99 years old passed away last week when the longest serving in American history was inaccurate tomorrow an aberration.

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