Trump to withdraw troops in Syria, 2nd whistleblower comes forward

Trump announces it will be withdrawing U.S. troops from Northern Syria; a second whistleblower comes forward claiming to know firsthand information on the president’s interactions with Ukraine.
27:38 | 10/07/19

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Transcript for Trump to withdraw troops in Syria, 2nd whistleblower comes forward
Yeah. Everybody welcome to the briefing are happy Monday on Devin Dwyer in Washington great to have you with us here on ABC news live while new subpoenas. And more whistle blowers that's how we start the second week. Of house Democrats impeachment inquiry into president trump we get the latest on that coming up. Plus actress Laverne Cox is here in the briefing room or talk about a big splash. She made on the red carpet at the Emmys this year over a major Supreme Court case this week with implications. For eleven million Americans stay tune for that conversation but first. President trumps abrupt decision to withdraw American troops dozens of American troops from northern Syria. On the front lines with Turkey effectively abandoning US backed Kurdish rebels up there who have been fighting crisis in his sent Washington into a tales when it is drawing protests. From Toppert Republicans here's the president's tweet. Earlier this morning announcing the move among learn things the president says it's time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars many of them tribal. He says will fight where it is to our benefit and only fight to win he basically says that the. Crisis in Turkey Syria from Iran Iraq Russia. But is now up to the others to figure out he says what they they can figure out what to do about that and also what to do with those captured. Prices fighters in the region a senior US official. Hi this morning told our Martha Raddatz that quote everyone in the military from the youngest green Marines Syria too good to secretary of defense. Is opposed. To withdrawing US forces an even the president's critics up on Capitol Hill some of his staunchest defenders. Just this afternoon now breaking ranks with the president to issue some pretty extraordinary statements take a look at this from Republican leader Mitch McConnell it's not every day. You see Mitch McConnell breaking with the president here he says Erik per urged the president to exercise American leadership keep together. Our multinational coalition to defeat I system prevent significant conflict between our NATO ally Turkey. And and our court counterterrorism partners as we learned the hard way McConnell says during the Obama administration. American interests are best served by American leadership. Not by retreat. Or withdraw and then there was this from senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina the president's. The sidekick if you will in this impeachment fight one of his most outspoken defenders. Attacking the president for this decision. Over serious say no matter what president trump is saying about the decision it's exactly. What President Obama did in Iraq. With even more disastrous consequences for our national security simply striking to see Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell compare. President trump to President Obama here the president does have one defender however Rand Paul. Of Kentucky says I stand with president trump today as he once again fulfills his promises to stop our endless wars and ever true America first. Foreign policy our chief foreign correspondent in panel is covered by the war in Syria extensively in. Caught up with us a few minutes ago and explain why. There's so much at stake here. Yeah hi that DeVon. Look this is going to be seen as a major betrayal infected disbursement of the Kurds already described this as a stab in the back. The cuts are the ones who've done the fighting the dying the sacrificing the suffering that scene that has cities at towns razed to the ground. They've lost many people less sums and tortoises women. A key parts of the fighting forces. In that parts of the country as well. And they will see this as a significant betrayal. They were encouraged to pull away from those border positions by the United States because Turkey wanted them to pull back Turkey did not woman. On the other side of the border because it regards them as terrorist forces in particular of the YPG. And so an agreement. An exchange hold that then they said okay will let American forces go in stumble now border instead and then within a massive weeks we now see that American forces have already pulled back about a 150 or so. To key question is what happens if and when Turkey cross that borda present the one house starts in this before but he's also. Crossed over that border to fight against the cuts in an area known as suffering before matzo is reasonable to expect. That he will want to do so again then to questions already being raised. Will it be anyone left to guard the ice is prisons yes it's women and children tens of thousands of them. Who were being held in camps the cut to certain implied that they will malts. Stand as prison guards while that being invaded instead they'll send their troops up to that border. It also sends a much wanted to message. Firstly to America's allies in the region Saudi Arabia and also to Israel angle so message to America's focus to a round. I'm Russia a barracks American intends. And how willing America or is to stand up. Pulled the things that it says it's going to fight full now as far will fathers we understand it. This. Decision has been taken by president trump is against the advice all. Senior commanders also against the advice to the State Department will send a message across the region and it could have catastrophic consequences. For the people on the ground DeVon. I think Steele let's bring in our senior pentagon reporter we Martinez who Acxiom just spoke on the phone with a senior. A commander of those US allied Kurdish forces in the region we agree to have your reporting here. This commander says he feels abandoned by the United States which is fought alongside the Kurds in Syria against diocese for years. They are exactly right Dennis spoke with gentlemen XUL indeed he is a top commanders Syrian Kurdish forces inside. Syria. As you said he fails that the United States is abandoning. His forces he feels that president trump is made the wrong decision. He says they're leading us right in the middle of a fight against ices. Now suffering get ice is is in the heat of territorial Lee fight inside Syria but at the same time there are remnants inside that country that continue to act down in terms. I'll violent acts I'm and we have these thousands of for the detainees rice's family members. High hardened ice as members were being held in camps that are being guarded by the Assyrian democratic forces this general's forces. He express any concerns that may be. These guards who are guarding these facilities in southern Syria may have to move up to the north to defend their homeland and and his concern is that what happens next you know you we may at least these ticking time bombs as he calls on these nicest fighters. I'm moving back and becoming a resurgent ice is forced Natalie inside Syria and Iraq. Tom but elsewhere around the world. Bomb then he also told me that it's going to be hard to reestablish a credible really. She ship of the United States right now based on what he's seen with this situation. A blow to credibility with the United States but also real concern there are about ice is ten to 111000. Fighters in those prisons as you've reported Louis potentially. At risk of getting released diocese has not been defeated just yet we Martinez at the Pentagon thank you so much Louie. To the battle over impeachment now is house Democrats begin this week unleashing a flurry of new subpoenas. As we learn now about a second whistle blower familiar with that call the president from habits Ukraine's president back in July coming forward now. To congress Catherine folders is here she is our investigative reporters from covering this from the star Katherine. This latest round of subpoenas. Is aimed at trying to get to the bottom of why president trump abruptly cut off aid to the Ukraine just before that. Call me yes for and that's a significant. Portion of this to see if that's correlated in any way it was or quid pro quo. So you've seen the latest round of them two oh Wendy and to the Pentagon. And now you were not quite sure if they will cooperate we know the White House plans on the stone walling. A lot of these requests but it's just the latest and I think it's important and to note. Just how quickly this is escalating you know that they. Last week it wasn't a subpoena but it was a request for documents to. Vice president pens in the State Department the State Department the president's personal lawyer the White House all of these coming you know on Friday in in the later days of last week so it shows just how. Quickly they're meeting here. They're moving quickly the White House not giving any commitments yet on whether they'll comply with this Democrats threatening perhaps. To put this into their case for impeachment this all comes captain as we've learned now but a second whistle blower. They came forward first reported by ABC news what do we know about this person how significant. Residents like George second half books Stephanopoulos Brett that yesterday on the show I think significant damage because. What the attorneys for this whistle blowers say they say that they have. Multiple whistle blowers but that this person has first hand information you see that graphic up there he's already been. Interviewed by the inspector general crises has the full protection the whistle blower law and he's also a member of the intelligence community we've learned that the particular he or she that was a bar what's significant here is the direct knowledge. I'm that this person has now the first possible are also had some direct knowledge of the IG. A said that in a later statement but I think it raises more questions the White House says they released a statement. And he's saying that the president he's already released the transcript of the call now what's important is that their version and the transcript at the a person with direct knowledge perhaps we cannot let out of the call in if there was more to the call. It finally just when I ask you quickly because the president's defenders. On Capitol Hill of the senate president was just joking correct when he was demanding Ukraine demanding China helped investigate his political rival what's White House saying about this we've been asking them. Wait we've asked them multiple times and and it's significant. That they've been silent the White House. Can't say whether the president was joking or not and frankly we haven't heard anyone inside the White House say he was joking it's just his defenders who are going on television. Haven't folders thank you so much the country is obviously very divided over these impeachment proceedings are friends at 538 get started. In impeachment tracker taking a look at public opinion here's the latest at this hour. Here on October 7 that we begin the second week of impeachment. But 79%. Democrats not surprising support this impeachment inquiry but look at this number of independence this is significant this number has climbed. Significantly over the past couple weeks now a 40% according to the averages. Are from are our friends at 538 so how was this plane. In the middle of the country what is this gonna mean for the president in regions he needs to win a had a 20/20 we're joined now. By mayor Michael Taylor Sterling Heights, Michigan up in McComb county just outside Detroit mayor it's great to see you week. Of course visited with you and visited with your constituents back around the democratic debate. And had some conversations about these issues want to get your take first of all cued to the extent you can speak for your community. How closely are people following. This controversy over the president in Ukraine. Your idea and a race Taki again thanks for having me. You know it's hard to say I think that community is really. Not too focused on rate now and and my sense it's just a lot of white boys. So it remains to be seen how to play out and whether there's going to be impeachment hearings and whether there's going to be a conviction obviously. We don't know what what's gonna happen yup. But I really had the opportunity over the last week should be out in the community we had. Community events on Thursday night Friday on Sunday it was huge community and I. Nobody talked about it people are really concerned about the recycling centers and they're concerned about. You know what's going on in their neighborhoods there's just not a whole lot of chatter about to be honest so. Nobody has opinion about it. Does are only a few people. And that's kind of like you know. This is what we need it's no big also when I don't know from from what I've gathered mountain community. It doesn't seem to be a huge impact not. Released. A lot of didn't your constituents that we spoke with whom we were there are few weeks ago talking about a different controversy at the time presents a tax on those women of color. A democratic congressman sort of chalked it up to this is just who he is it's not something we support but to steer its maybe unsavory but we don't like it this sort of what you're saying is this sort of maybe fits in that same vein of people willing to excuse this just because it's who we have. You don't I don't know that they're necessarily saying we're gonna excuses because it's who we are. I think part of the problem from my perspective is that there is so much what I call white noise. As soon as there's a credible. You know as soon as president trump does something that. Most people would say okay this wouldn't be right he goes right on track errand and made their conspiracy theories may be there's something to it but. That the population right you're certain standings it will make what I did used it was a imprisoned is due everybody's. Aaron. And it's get sole model what ways that people don't know what to believe. So they're just I think our chart like well it's just another one of president trump so called scandals these attacks. And it's kinda big dinner at this point so. Unless there's something really significant but it comes out of these impeachment hearings like Republican senators banded together and Karen. Aren't coming up with a conviction. I I really don't see this as as and he having her huge impact in Sterling Heights McComb county and Franklin's state of Michigan. And do you think mr. mayor are finally having used supported the president in 2016 user told us when we visited that you were sort of reconsidering that support now. Do you personally think that an impeachment inquiry is is a good way to go. Well there's two responses to this I mean they're the political. Responses I don't think it's a critic country. But frankly you know I read transcripts and it seems pretty clear to me that he was applying pressure and he was doing it for political reasons I mean. I don't think that any serious person. Could claim that president trump would have asked Ukraine to investigate the Biden's if I'm Joseph Biden wasn't one of his main political rival so. To me you know that the office of president is very important in this country it's very important and our democracy and I hate to see it being used in the way. Two to go after rivals and so I would I would say personally I don't. Miracle Taylor of the great city of Sterling Heights in McComb kind Michigan's great to see you sir thank you so much for coming and hoped every back. Back cure now Washington up on cat up on Capitol Hill not far steps in the capital the Supreme Court today opened its new term and it is set. To be a blockbuster take a look today at the number of issues hot button issues. On the docket before the justices has they gaveled in their new term today they're preparing to take on a series of major cases much more contentious. That anything we've seen in the last couple of years including cases. I LG BT employment discrimination. Of course dock of the protections for those dreamers young undocumented immigrants set in Spain place by. A President Obama canceled by president trump gun rights the first case in ten years or we heard this year abortion. Told you about that last week taking up that wheezing and a law. We're gonna hear cases on life without parole for juveniles is backed constitutional. The bridge gate scandal involving former governor Chris Christie will come before the Supreme Court is well and then. Others an end a fascinating case out of Montana involving religious private schools. And whether they can get that grant money from state taxpayers a full docket there today it was great to be in the courtroom scene with Peter Ginsberg. Fire off that first question she's looking in good form we should note that justice Clarence Thomas was missing today from the bench she is. Out because of an undisclosed illness but those justices are plowing ahead. One of the cases that they will take tomorrow is the biggest of the term and involves. Employment discrimination. Against gay and transgender Americans fired because of who they are. Actress in chance gender advocate Laverne Cox an ACLU attorney Che street just stopped by the briefing room last week. To explain ride this is a case it's you're gonna wanna file. Liver Cox and chase stranger thank you so much for joining us in the briefing room you two have teamed up to raise awareness about this case. And boy you made a splash at the Emmys let's show everybody those pictures of you guys on the red carpet we took notice of that purse Laverne tell us. About it what message you are trying to send there. Well this is probably the most consequential case for LG BTQ plus rights. I'm civil rights at the Supreme Court will hear in my lifetime. And no moment talking about the case now was it what can I do and I was blessed that we nominate for an Emmy this year and exit we can maybe uses any platform. To help raise awareness about this case and that's. And that person land designed by. Title seven Supreme Court. Let's put up up for everybody what the law is right now it's called title seven design. Your purse Laverne and that is a section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and that's what it actually says. Says it's against the law in this country to fail or refuse to hire someone. Or fire someone. Or otherwise discriminate against them. On the basis of a number of categories including a person's race color religion sex. Or national origin end. Any arguing that you make here Laverne is that sex should cover gender identity chip cover sexual orientation. Well. If you discriminate against a transfers and because their transgender and that is de facto discrimination on the basis of sex and. Basically they. Assumption is that someone had signed it mailer birds and transmit person like me should present and as this very specific way and assuming that someone should present specific way. Is defective sex discrimination based on six stereotypes which is that Pressler customers that Hopkins Supreme Court president Ed Tate could tell you more about and I can't. But I also is hoping book review could talk a little bit about some of the I'm the characters in this case the courageous Americans who brought forward these charges of discrimination one of which. Is Amy Stevens she was a long time funeral home. Our director Anne and Ballmer in Michigan she had been working for RG NGR Harris funeral homes. After about six years and back mother was twice at thirteen she sent a letter to her boss she said. She sexy Anthony Stephens at the time. And starting on Monday should be coming to work is Amy Stevens in that set off. A chain of events in which she was fired what do you make or her story. And is how courageous was it for her to basically tell it. To us you know with incredibly humiliating and degrading when you've been doing a job for a long time and our success allowed it. To be fired when your when you're just saying who you are and that's really that's what happened here and she had not spent six years. Defending her rights in court all the way up to the United States Supreme Court which takes. A lot out of you so she really is someone who is. Paving the way for all transgender people on it yeah I think yes thank you so much Amy fare being as courageous. That's it's a big deal on MM number a lot of people are aware of the discrimination the trans community faces in this country have you ever faced. Discrimination in the workplace for who you are tell us about your experience. I've overtly back in the day had with discriminating against it health care very specifically. Meant to see you hospital I don't talk of bank it's the U hospital here in New York City because I was denied care because I'm trans so employment discrimination is a really big deal and what we're talking about you when our government sanctioned discrimination against that's. Is it giving everyone in the country permission to also discriminate against that. I just want to get your response to the arguments on the other side all three employers in these cases before the Supreme Court deny. I'm that they actually discriminated against these people on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity they say this was. Now about other things misconduct in the work place in the case of Amy Stephens they say it was about the dress code here's what attorney John burst. Told us she says the funeral home owner testified that if Stephenson wanted to dress in addition. In a different fashion not on company time that would have been perfectly fine. But as long as anybody was at work and an applied to all employees male or female they have to follow the company's dress code. This ban in place for decades in the lawyer says that's based on your biological sex. They wanted to Amy Stevens to address as a man and and needs to say that was the policy what do you say to that. Andy if Amy Stevens case we're seeing a host sort of anti trans writer NA masquerading. As concern at. Just vacations around the dress code but. At core this is a question about whether or not the live at a cover us for many years. I'm should be rolled back. To allow discrimination against Athens I think it's really important that people understand. That the lower court holy rejected that argument in and what is before the court is whether it's awful to fire someone for being transgender full stop. But what will it mean for the LG BT community if in fact the court does come out and say. You know why these firings were all wrong. Sexual orientation and gender identity are protected under the law. It would be incredible victory for us he would be consistent is tapes is mentioned with. Decisions made in lower courts and it'll affirmed that in the United States of America is should not be legal to fire someone simply for being who they are. We cannot live in a country that says it's okay to fire you just because of who you lie that is just. Blatantly wrong and it's not they America that I want and they pan. All right we thank you both. Up to see down here later this week Laverne Cox chase strange a thank you so much for coming and thank you thank cam. And as such as transgender Americans with employment protections on the line here gay and lesbian Americans. I have a stake in this case as well there are. Two other cases there will be heard by the Supreme Court on Tuesday one of them involves the story Arab Jerrold boss stock a former child welfare services coordinator. In Clayton County Georgia. He had been due in that job for ten years until his employer he says found out he was gay. And many lost his job. So I advocated for child abuse and neglect victims they came through the juvenile court system. And my program had not only state recognition but also had national record. And everything was going along makes. And he went out Simon's Tony Hayward softball. That's the moment in my life started to change within months of that decision there were negative comments about my six towards me. They were disparaging comments about the fact that was participate in the days I'll only people actually work. Yes yes. And there were also comments that I was promoted to county program within the gay community of Atlanta. Within weeks of that house fire I was fired for being. What was it like him. Connected the dots exercise my gosh I'm losing my job. And this is why when we would've hugged her to feel. I was devastated imagine heaven John that you were great and successful have been taken away from. I lost my source of income my livelihood I didn't lost my medical insurance at a time that I was battling prostate cancer. I was totally shocked I was totally devastated. I didn't do anything wrong and I didn't do anything differently from the time before had joined the softball leagues in town after. Did you ever talk to leave your bosses at work. You try to explain yourself if you have conversations listen this isn't right and I walk us through what would that challenge was like for you. Tried to fight back. I didn't really have that opportunity did they have not firing I was called out into the court administrators office and promptly handed my termination papers. Looks like in my future since she lost ground. It's been difficult. I've lost contact with friends and colleagues I worked side by side where. And for many many years I had to sell my home with the Clayton county and news on the balance in Atlanta. Again having lost my source added content I had to find work. I couldn't even did an interview with the child welfare industry much less a job offer. So I was a period of time with Alps income. I was looking for work I was still battling them. I am working here on the mental health counselor at a local hospital in Atlantis. That I was still in recovery from prostate cancer which the stress alone. Prolong my recovery. This has been a devastating horrible. When you go before the Supreme Court com Tuesday. In your case is one of three big cases as you know what you want the justices. To know about your story which he wanted to do. I want them to know no one in this country it's willing and able to war. Should go to war fearful of losing their jobs because of who they are how they had enough. Or they. Perhaps they say we grew to 100% true but the law as it's written now simply doesn't covering congress. Needs to write this into the lives need to brains. Still inside did you what would that mean. I'm not an attorney. What I'll what I'll tell you is I'm hopeful and optimistic here. Because what it will tell me when we get a favorable ruling. Is that how did you go back to the eleventh circuit in Georgia and get my day in court that's all up when it from this is to have the truth. Phoenix. You are stepping up for eleven million gays lesbians transgendered. Americans who face discrimination every day what's your message to people on the job right now. Who may be. Porter may be fearful they can get fired. For exposing themselves. What. I say to them is I'm not only fighting for myself but I'm fighting for you too and we're we're gonna make this right. Hi I did beat cancer are now a cancer survivor and I can beat this too. Thanks to Gerald boss stock four that in every we'll have much more coverage on tomorrow's major cases. A before the Supreme Court special coverage here in the briefing room from the court 3:30 PM eastern time we also. Have a conversation with Amy Stephens the transgender woman. Are from Michigan who is the lead plaintiff in that employment discrimination case. A from the Harris funeral homes who hear from her and her powerful story also the attorney and a case as well. Hope you join me then from the steps of the court on Devin Dwyer Washington. Was she right back here tomorrow and reformed.

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