Trump's actions part of an ‘incriminating pattern of conduct’: Schiff

Rep. Adam Schiff says President Donald Trump's Twitter attack on Marie Yovanovitch as she testified "is part of a pattern.”
4:28 | 11/15/19

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Transcript for Trump's actions part of an ‘incriminating pattern of conduct’: Schiff
Just one new sheriff you observations. After the testimony today I think we could all see. What an incredible public servant ambassador Bonham which is we are so fortunate to have. Dedicated professionals like her serving around the world she's served in some of the most dangerous places. And has done so. Always with great distinction. With great courage under fire sometimes quite literally. She show that same I think level of devotion and courage and commitment to country country today. So we're grateful to her we're grateful the other witnesses that have testified as well. Who show the country. What it means to be. A public servant what it means to be a career foreign service officer we're enormously proud of them. That she had to endure yet another attack today even as she was testifying to the president of the United States is just appalling. But as we have observed so often appalling in this administration is not the least bit surprising. Nonetheless. She endured the attack and went on we are grateful for that. But it's quite clear that. I think from her testimony as well as others that. Rudy Giuliani and the president felt it was necessary. To get her out of the way in that notwithstanding. What the president and others were told about her dedication to country. Her commitment to fighting corruption. If anything her commitment to fighting corruption was part of the reason why she was pushed out. Pushing her out made it possible to put in the three amigos but to conduct Ukraine policy. If there were any doubt about why she was pushed out I think the call record eliminates that doubt. It is apparent from that Paul record that the president associated. His bias in favor of this corrupt prosecutor loot Sankoh. With the need to push out the Ivanovic. With the need to move forward with the investigations he wanted to this political rival. That. The US ambassador would be so. Shamelessly smeared in cast aside to further this corrupt effort. Just adds further. Insult to the injury done to the con. Tree into a national security thank you can't. It don't look thin line. Apparently you do you expect me you know. Your. Well we. May have as you've seen we've. Combined witnesses from time to time a different panels. Depending on how long we think the testimony of any one witness may go. We've also tried at times to accommodate schedules but that mostly the witnesses have accommodate us. In terms. Weather. Bastard over the final testimony I'm not prepared to say. But as we have had ever go along we are moving expeditiously but we are trying to movement opportunities. Eyewitnesses. We talked it is. We're thirteen. Reviewed our. Well. I would say that the president's. Attack on the witness today. Is not something that we view and isolation this is part of a pattern the president not states. A pattern that goes back to. Praising Paul man a Ford. For not cooperating. Condemning Michael Cohen as a rap because he wants while operating with authorities. Attacking other witnesses. Who come forward. Suggesting that we ought to. Treat those like the whistle blower who exposed wrongdoing in his administration as we treat traitors and spies. And we used to execute traitors and spies. This is a part of a patter. To intimidate witnesses. And it's also part of a pattern to obstruct. The investigation. It was also part frankly of the patter to obstruct justice. And so we need to view the president's actions today. As part of a broader. An incriminating. Pattern of conduct like yeah.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Rep. Adam Schiff says President Donald Trump's Twitter attack on Marie Yovanovitch as she testified \"is part of a pattern.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67052511","title":"Trump's actions part of an ‘incriminating pattern of conduct’: Schiff","url":"/Politics/video/trumps-actions-part-incriminating-pattern-conduct-schiff-67052511"}