Trump’s comment ‘sounded like a threat’: Ex-ambassador to Ukraine

Marie Yovanovitch testified about comments President Trump made about her during a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart.
3:00 | 11/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump’s comment ‘sounded like a threat’: Ex-ambassador to Ukraine
Now you testified in your opening statement that. You had left Ukraine by the time of the July 25 call between president trump and presents a Lansky. When was the first time that. You saw the called record for this phone call from. When it was released publicly at the end of September excellent. And prior to reading that call records were you aware that president trump had specifically. Made reference to you and that call. Them. What was your reaction to learning that. I was shocked. Absolutely shocked and devastated frankly. What do you mean by devastated. I was. Shocked and devastated that's. I would feature and a phone call between two heads of state. In such a manner where president trump said that I was bad news to another world leader. And that I would be going through some things I'm so I was. It was it was a terrible moment. A person who saw me actually reading the transcripts and that's the colored dreams from my face I think I even had a physical reaction. I I think. Even now works continue. Well. Without upsetting too much I'd like to show you the excerpts. From the call in the first one. Where president trump says even be they former ambassador from the United States the woman. Was bad news. And the people she was dealing with in the Ukraine were bad news. So I just want to let you know. What was your reaction when you were the president of the United States. Refer to you as bad news. Yes. I couldn't believe it I mean again shocked appalled devastated. That's. The president of the United States would talk about any ambassador. Like packed. To a foreign. Head of state. Ten it was me I mean I couldn't believe. The next excerpts when the preference of president references you these are short one. But he said well she's going to go through some things. What did you think when president trump told president's a Lansky and you read. That you were going to go. Through some things. I didn't know what to think but I was very concerned. Or you concerned about. She's going to go through some things it didn't sound good. Sounded like. A friend. Did you. Feel threatened. I didn't.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Marie Yovanovitch testified about comments President Trump made about her during a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67042019","title":"Trump’s comment ‘sounded like a threat’: Ex-ambassador to Ukraine","url":"/Politics/video/trumps-comment-sounded-threat-ambassador-ukraine-67042019"}