Trump's DACA dealings throw GOP and Dems for a loop

ABC News' political director Rick Klein weighs in on the latest in the fight over DACA, and Amna Nawaz covers what Democrats and Republicans had to say about the proposed border wall.
9:35 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for Trump's DACA dealings throw GOP and Dems for a loop
Let's start to unpack some of what is trans hired in the last twelve hours or so. Higher spirit guide on this spring declined ABC's political director we need to set the stage just a little bit because there are some really big issues were talking about here doc and the government's decision to and that the program the deferred action capita rivals program has protected by it. In the building of the wall and a lot of of the things wrapped up into it. Let's set the stage a little bit but extra chronological telling and I understand and correct me if I'm wrong there to dinner last night at the White House. Honey sesame being. Yes that Chinese food served I did it which we know that took over one of these studies is a big fan of bad things but it's okay. Of the two New Yorkers including an Nancy Pelosi of the democratic leader only the Democrats at this dinner at the White House now. Back couple little bit only nine days ago the president ends the program announces that doctors can be phased out as a few days after that though he cuts a deal with Democrats on spending so. These things are in play he is that signaled that he wanted to find some kind of an arrangement the question is how do you. Balance all these different visas and immigration reform and at the dinner last night. A major concession from the president state insisted that be beautiful wall. He is announcing that he'll put the Walt after separate once the deal with doc me clear on Twitter today he has a lot. Compassion and 800000 individuals block yours children. Most of them have jobs and serving in the military who would wanna kick them now while the attorney general ultimately aliens just nine days ago so maybe but beside that. He is able to now he's now saying I'll talk to the Democrats. We will find a way to to to formalize and legalize the status of these 800000 individuals in exchange for. War border security on. On a wall according to Democrat. While the democratic and let's just break that he's back east and after that dinner Democrats basically indicate there's a deal in place right right. Sarah Huckabee Sanders the Press Secretary says no deal says no deal in her tweet which receive right there absolutely they were about discuss port security and doc. But excluding the wall at the Democrats at that was not agree to if you then turned to the president's Twitter feed for any kind of clarity. I'm not sure you would've gotten it this morning they're in a series of tweets about that meeting first saying no deal made about doc. Opposite border security would have to be agreed to be subject to a vote. He goes on to tweak then though wall which he ran on a huge part of the campaign RD under construction will continue to be built at the emergency and that one there. And any begin to tweet as you mentioned about daka. Does anybody really want to throw out good educated accomplished young people who have jobs some serving in the military to appoint his own attorney general basically came out and think yes. We would like to throw out these good educated people with add some clarity since then on this this is alienate image and the president has been talking about this. On the trip in enough Paul Ryan. Has also weighed in I think we have that SoundBite ready to go this of course speaker of the house Paul Ryan. Asked about what exactly is happening what deal was made this is what he had to say shorts short time ago. Or self. There is no agreements. The president and the chipset called from work their first one today to. Discuss what was discussed and it was a discussion not in agreement or negotiation. Let me say a couple of things and I'll say this same thing I've been saying for weeks the president I've been talking about this for weeks. You cannot fix daka without fixing the root cause of our problem. We do not have control our borders. So we need border security and enforcement's. As part of any agreement. I think that's something the Democrats are beginning to understand I think that something to the beginning to agree with. Rick kind. So early much to happen until. So just to unpack what was in the president's tweets a couple of important thing yes. He put up firm position on doc that suggests that even if this expires he's not gonna wanna work I don't see how you. Walk that back repeatedly he says is no agreement on talk well. Actually he then goes and explains what the agreement would be which is. I'll give you the democrats' stock if you give me back border security because critically here. He re defines the border wall the big beautiful wall is gone now talking about fence repairs. Different ball game. Democrat and new big beautiful while it clear Democrats for fifteen years have approved it voted for enhanced border security. They have swallowed a bunch of proposals that they thought were unnecessary frankly that they civil do it because it's part of the buying that we're gonna get to have some kind of a broad immigration reform they are on record saying yes. Fencing yes virtual fencing yes more security workforce of more Border Patrol they're all on board for all that what they're not on board for is the border Paul. The other key thing to understand here on that is that Republicans boasted of a capital privately. Don't care about this border wall this was a campaign slow. President trump as the one that was insisting. Just a few weeks ago we think it would have a government shutdown over the border wall now the president himself has retreated to the position that. He could end up settling for something that is just repairing existing fencing along the border that's at dramatic shift in what he has said. It's not his own base riled up. Look at right art they're talking about amnesty down. There are elements is based that are very uncomfortable with this and your are the if the framework for a deal was reached last night. And ratified by what the president has said today this is moving. And speaker Ryan I think caught on wears on it and is finding a distinction between negotiation and it discussion. That's nice that he confided try to find that I'd like the look that one out. But this is the this is happening and you can see now the contours of a deal where everyone is able to say I got a little something out of this. Critically so importantly these 800000 individuals would have nothing to worry about it goes through. The Democrats the rebels say we didn't give ms. Porter Walt president trump will. Clearly say I got my wall they'll agree to disagree it helps they don't trust each other and they think the other side line all the time. And they move on this has happened very very quickly and and to be clear it's happened because the president has sought out Democrats at these deals not a pop. Wolf this is to keep what you want to ask you about because it does this mean this is the way business moves Fordham you know the president has slanderous McConnell yeah or. For not being able to put together a deal to pass a Health Care Reform and some way. Is this just the president taking matters into his own happens. The answers there's there's notes happily in any in this book we talk a lot about politicians simply put yes they're looking down the war at all these moves. Present from please poker he's played this hand. Right now and he's bluffing and he is calling and he is doubling the pot and in doing everything you can and an open for some law. At on that last part being Turk he is playing one candidate time and this when this works right now it may not work tomorrow. These heal people back on its we wouldn't call that you can easily go back on it I think Democrats. Answer at wide eyes wide open identity to some significant risk here for Democrats they can get played by president. By inviting. By the Indians these discussions not just on immigration but also a tax reform also a health care. Your your putting a lot of pressure on them to to. In full faith but for now they are thrilled to have that bad Chinese food I'm assuming it's and I don't actually know by the current events there have no idea just doesn't sound like like like. Any Chinese for the people trying to would have that's an. For now at least they're happy to be have a seat table on his key issues. And I think they're finding their own way to negotiate with the president which is you talk behind closed doors and that you say publicly what it says before he can come out and backed away from. We've seen as president very consistent as public statements that are swirling on the V tells often. They're trying to box him in but listen to some high level brinksmanship going on right now but the upshot is that there's that that the contours of the deal are actually in view. High level salesmanship also a lot of TV reading also a lot of parsing words I mean a lot to keep up with right now which is this anti apple what exactly is happening not just of people are saying it's happened. Yeah any it is dizzying because it is it's all happening in the context of the presidents and presidencies we million miles an hour in Charlottesville was only a month ago. Believe it or not and storms that have take in the headlines in the president's own actions in just nine days ago to revoke dockets that if he is moved. In a much different direction conceding that point it seeing on the border wall it's been his movement and tell you that's what's frustrating to Republicans that. They see this is a president negotiating with himself. They see him backing down even the spending deal last week that was not supposed to be a time that you cut a deal suddenly he's out there cutting it. Well we've heard from people close at present the talk to is that he's happy. With the fact that things are moving it did this has been a good moment for him legislatively he likes the press coverage he likes the fact that chuck and Nancy hurt our are being nice to him. And he like city that he can stick it to Mitch and Paul and Republican leadership it has kind of an added benefit for him. Out but I don't believe this template all acting is works for the moment. But don't think this is in new trump be fooled by that before we've gone all kinds of up pivots in the likely keep him in the end up back where you work. President Johnson legally was this in the ways consistent because he is always unpredictable. Can't think that we and that's conversation and the debate we don't know what will happen next week highs. Always good having you can take some thanks for being here thank you thanks Soledad for watching as well for more on all of these stories. And any other head of At any time thanks for watching for now I'm on an Abbas you accuracy.

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{"id":49851495,"title":"Trump's DACA dealings throw GOP and Dems for a loop","duration":"9:35","description":"ABC News' political director Rick Klein weighs in on the latest in the fight over DACA, and Amna Nawaz covers what Democrats and Republicans had to say about the proposed border wall.","url":"/Politics/video/trumps-daca-dealings-throw-gop-dems-loop-49851495","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}