Trump's personal attorney explains his takeaway of Mueller report

"There is no question there was no collusion," Jay Sekulow said.
6:18 | 04/18/19

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Transcript for Trump's personal attorney explains his takeaway of Mueller report
We are joined now by the president's personal turning one of the president's personal attorneys. And Jay thank you for joining us in coming out of this right now your first read on the bottom line conclusions of Robert Mueller as it did he had a chance for us or should I say. Two to go through the entire four or forty pages your team at least it. Have no weekly bets as. The horse that earlier today. Under office demographics were pulled them a predictable two to ward off. It skills at the Department of Justice. On Tuesday when did this week we're not we were not allowed. We interfered with the Department of Justice we've been thought it would actually we weren't confident that apply to brief let up to read it at this. But with the public retreated to the department that it. It's so good to. So I've had a chance sol course manages who view it. I think there's two things it did to big takeaways here on number one the basis upon which this investigation be dead. Which was this concern over Russia Russian collusion. With the trump campaign are people in the trump campaign. Was answered very clearly. Couldn't have been any clear and that is that there is in fact no. The losing. And they were emphatic about that. And you could go through the various events there and which I know you have already and it brought this civil labor that it. But there's no question that was pollutants that was no collusion so you take the whole. Scenario together and say okay then they moved to obstruction to you don't have an overarching. Crime that would be beginning of this investigation. Which was collusion inquiry there's nothing there those no no evidence of collusion at all. And then they moved to Icrc access or obstructed but I think what bill bark that today's very instructive on that way and that he has. This was a president that was under a seat. With this investigation we now know dated back beyond. Bob Mowlds appointment would lose this operation crossfire hurricane back when he sixteen. Have been dealing it now for what three years. And he defended himself an independent insult exercising his first member rights and that obstruct the idea that there could be obstruction bike week which is kind in the period were operating under review reported. I unless I have to stop you there because that big you're right that is the conclusion of William Barr that is not the conclusion. A robber Mahler and that's what I want to have you responded yes I mean he says if we could determine the present did not commit obstruction of justice we would so state. Did not determine. Read the next sentence though what it would if you say after the. Based on the facts into and applicable legal sense we're and we reached that judgment accordingly while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it does not. Moderate him. Bright ball but prosecutor George job has not been done ration date is determined that there is a criminal act work there's not. They said in that Internet play got to read the whole paragraphs that they don't have evidence to show that there was a crime. And no that's know what bush said they said they would not conclude that he he committed a crime not the don't know. It's all come close but hold it but to work if you don't include. He threw individual that's subject to investigation. Has committed a crime you don't bring a charge so look out here look if they had an obstruction case. They would have made it. They did not fit that I call us April opting to explanation. Sentence that's what that is it's a reluctant declarations sentence for that wooded areas. And you know so the legal periods they were operating under what the attorney general said was we won't even take the legal theory that. A bomb always operating under. Even looking into that theory. They'll play the evidence we do not find that there obstructive acts that would warrant. Criminal that was fidelity and bars in addition not Muller's conclusion that I got to. But I think but towards to be fair to be fair you cannot ignore that last sentence of that report. What you net city that paragraph you read we're told but not exonerated he could include Bluetooth. It was not their job by the way you do neither demand ignored jump prosecutor to depending north. Last sentence. Oh not not ignoring it or a limited said it several times say another question because there are. There are sections in here where dealing with the president's party in power and I wanted to print present this team because involves. Paul man afford of course he's been convicted now. And his deputy gates and it says that in January 2018. And a foretold it's that you talk to the president's personal counsel. And they were quote going to take care of us. Metaphor told gates it was stupid to plead Cindy have been touched the president's personal counsel and repeating they should sit tight and will be taking care of gates has been a fort outright if anyone meant hundreds of Mars and no one used that word but there are saying. What we're gonna get taken care of and that seems of a peace with the sections that. Robert Mueller has written about Michael Collins. Yet and that thing is there were no pardons given. The bizarre eat with regard to beat Paul metal or discussion men aboard a according to the report says that knowing discussed a part with him or his lawyers. And regarding the situation with Michael Cole and all I want to say about that is really what the southern district said. About Michael Cohen. The Mehdi blames everyone else. And this agenda I stated ought stated on the record and dirt clear that no one Alford. Important. To Michael Cohen. And if that for the presence was an. And the Paul metaphor Sessler that he told gates could be taken Kara. Counseling to know that I know now it's got a little deeper and no idea of what looked at it I think. Added I don't know who is making the context I did have those conversations and they want to stay some decisions that. College may or may not have but I don't know anything about that it doesn't sound like that mr. de thing in my book by the way just to be clear. This whole discussion about party it's not as if the president doesn't have a pardon power. They're wondering in the constitution the United States you can exercise wasn't on the table he did not exercise it. And Jane. That's a big part of your defense correct that the president whether into the firing on officers he added that the president was acting within the his powers under the constitution yet. Jay secular thanks for time today that you.

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