Has Trump’s rhetoric inspired acts of violence?

ABC News’ Kyra Phillips examines dozens of cases invoking President Donald Trump in connection with violence, threats and alleged assaults.
6:47 | 06/20/20

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Transcript for Has Trump’s rhetoric inspired acts of violence?
As a president gets ready to hold this rally in Tulsa safety is a concern but his words will also be under scrutiny. As he speaks at his most diehard supporters in the midst of a pandemic and after weeks of racial unrest. The president's critics have long accused him of using language that drive division insisting his rhetoric. Even stokes violence but we want to take a closer look at that issue. Is there any real documented evidence linking the president's words. To acts or threats of violence ABC's Kara Phillips has that story. In the past two weeks tens of thousands of peaceful protesters have made their voices heard galvanized by the police killing of another unarmed black man and for many of those protesters. Another man was also on their mind. President Donald Trump there's signs branding him a divider. Even a threat to America. It's a question he's faced for years accused of fanning the fires of hatred when you bash immigrants when you bash refugees. When you when you say we want to put up a wall when you say want to ban all Muslims it doesn't it governments are responsible for right. But it does cause this cauldron president trough disagrees. But does it. The president and his words appearing in scores of police reports and courtrooms. After these two Brothers beat a sleeping homeless men and Boston one of them telling police Donald Trump was right all these illegals need to be deported. The victim was in the country legally. And this Cleveland man attacked his African American neighbors with a knife. And then tells police Donald Trump will fix them because they are scared of Donald Trump. And watch this video from Gainsville fla. A Latino man is working outside of his convenience store. When he says a stranger suddenly bashes in in the head. Moments later the victim describing do attack. Perched. After reviewing hundreds of police reports and court records from across the country ABC news found more than fifty criminal cases where Donald Trump was explicitly invoked in relation to violent acts. Threats or alleged assaults. The suspect yelled the word trump as he hit the east African man officials say that he followed her yelling Donald Trump. When she tried to get away. He threatened it killed two members of congress he says he made the calls because he was upset about the impeachment proceedings. Against president trump. ABC news search for past cases similarly invoking presidents bush or Obama. But could not find one in order for something to be used. A day and age charging document a criminal complaint and indictment. Or some other type of court record there has to be substantive. Concrete information. That's supports. We did the information already assertion provided in that court document. Like from this incident at a gas station in Bellevue Washington when police say 56 year old Kenneth sharp each drove his truck toward two Brothers. Threatening to kill them for being Muslim he then tries to explain his actions to a police officer. I think I think you know. Please get out my country that's I don't like to me. And they bits and fly like trump the needs to understand taking a side field while the mother country. That came off. Built that now. This man was arrested after threatening Tim massacre employees of the Boston Globe for their coverage of trump in more than a dozen calls to the newspaper he declares. You are their enemy of the people. A few days ago I called the fake news the enemy of the people and they are. In ten of the cases identified by ABC news defense attorneys specifically cited trump in court. To help explain their clients violent or threatening actions. We begin tonight with the latest on that fast moving investigation. Into a Florida man federal officials now say mailed fourteen bombs targeting president trumps highest profile critics. After Caesars say are pleading guilty to 65 federal charges his lawyer tells the judge. We believe the president's rhetoric contributed to mister sale talks behavior. It is disconcerting to law enforcement that there are people are mentally unwell violence prone individuals in our society who hear a word that the president of the United States. And and view those words as permission to go out and conduct an attack against others. However trumps critics have also invoked his name during acts of violence. In this gruesome king. Or young African Americans in Chicago tied up a white mentally disabled man and assaulted him forcing him to recite races. And anti trump reasons broadcasting it all on line. The country's very angry and polarized. And people tend to viewed those who disagree with them as the enemy. Or as the opposition. But of the 54 total cases ABC news found that 75%. Of them reflected someone echoing trumps rhetoric. Not protesting the Agassi trump supporters editors this. Okay this some of those charged were found to be mentally ill. Others just dangerously devoted to their politics. So we must recognize that the Internet has provided a dangerous avenue to radicalize disturbed minds. And performed demented act. Ex president may not be directly responsible. Authority acts of violence conducted by some of these individuals but his words that do provide damned if validation. Even before entering the White House. Trump recognized the power of of commander in chief's words that. Irresponsible. Rhetoric of our president. Who has used the pulpit. I'm presidency. To divide us by race and color. Has made America. A more dangerous. Environment. Then frankly. I have ever seen. Once in office that trump insisted he deserves no such blame you paint areas I believe my work. No I don't I think my language is very nice.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"ABC News’ Kyra Phillips examines dozens of cases invoking President Donald Trump in connection with violence, threats and alleged assaults.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71356414","title":"Has Trump’s rhetoric inspired acts of violence?","url":"/Politics/video/trumps-rhetoric-inspired-acts-violence-71356414"}