Twitter officially bans political ads

The new policy on the social media site has restricted all political advertisements.
3:20 | 11/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Twitter officially bans political ads
Irate guys and remember early Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced it would ban all political ads he said in its lead that the reach a political messages should be earned. Not vault while those bands have officially gone into effect but not without a bit of confusion which is why we have our air in to terrorists the Aaron it all sounded easy breezy but it's actually not. Its lungs and open the cat videos. It is easy because Twitter has sort of delineated what is in what is and a loud so as of now. Advertising. Candidates. Or elections or specific legislation. Is a no no on Twitter OK but Twitter is going to allow what they called cause based advertising these are issue ads we like. A good economy or we like the environment. Provided that those ads do not advocated for a specific political outcome so you can generally say. Let's have a nice economy. Let's love the environment but you cannot advertise to say. Let's have this particular economic policy or that environmental policy. That's little tricky it is a little tricky and it's going to take a little bit of time for people I think to navigate. But Twitter felt like it had to do something social media companies. Have been under pressure ever since the 2016 election to try and figure out how to rein in. All of that the disinformation. On its site now critics would say. That banning political advertising. Doesn't get rid of the disinformation because you can just has some troll somewhere saying Russia right tweeting out what sound like legitimate messages they don't have to pay. Yet so some are. Social media platforms are following suit I saw Google is doing something but FaceBook still not doing anything FaceBook is not but Google is taking I guess a bit of a half step in between and they are banning. Hyper targeting. Of people based on their political affiliation or their zip code. And I think this is meant to team get us out of them the vacuum in which we often get our information. So if if you're a registered Democrat obviously Democrats want to target you specifically but. Google would like you to get a variety of that CN and so they're going to prohibit advertisers from hyper targeting based on certain categories. Again critics say this is an enough to get rid of disinformation. Which often spreads organically. You have to think like when these CEOs started. These companies. They never would've imagined that they be in these positions now also closely align with what's happening in politics. It's really stunning but it shows you how social media has become so important a multi million dollar advertising business. A when it comes to politics and and of course. And the good old fashion television and radio. Are upset that the social media companies don't have to really play by any rules other than the ones they impose for themselves. Broad traditional broadcasters. Are bound by specific rules when it comes to political advertising they have to charge the lowest rate they have to certify content so there's a lot more policing involved. That social media companies don't have to do and frankly aren't really willing to still a good move by Twitter. Well we'll see if it quell some of the criticism or if it works but tickets and afraid suit if it is airing the terrorist gave Reagan and down as usual thank you so nice to see you too.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"The new policy on the social media site has restricted all political advertisements.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67231445","title":"Twitter officially bans political ads","url":"/Politics/video/twitter-officially-bans-political-ads-67231445"}