UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Trump meet at UNGA

President Trump continues his week on the world stage at the U.N. General Assembly.
6:44 | 09/20/17

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Transcript for UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Trump meet at UNGA
Thank you very much it's great to have frightens me from the United Kingdom and her representatives who are people we know very well. Through which trade negotiations at this. Trading with the United Kingdom and we look forward to it and we have gotten to know each other over the last period of the year and it's a real. It's me. As you say we've had many discussions between. Representatives. Ourselves on a whole variety of issues including trade which will be imported forest but some other issues foreign policy issues. Our security and defense relationship which of course is. The closest you can US's closest we have and it's. Great and that continues. Who accuse. And they had a brief moment. We get to witness between president trump and UK prime minister. Two recent happening on the sidelines at the United Nations General Assembly everybody I'm on the lie in New York. Up to see president trump spoke yesterday delivering his remarks to the general assembly. We're top of it how they aren't landing across the world and down in Washington DC which is where we go live now to my colleagues Rick Klein and Mary Alice park idea today at. I'm so we I was he saw there the photo op which we get to it every now again two leaders that together they can't say everything is great quality and lower court that what happened. Behind closed story obviously how a president trounced words from yesterday landing today across the rest of the world and down in Washington. We'll keep my personal only been a week since president Phillips tweet less than a week since the tweet. About the terrorist attacks it's race and a so upset and warning that it's not really a constructive part of that the conversation. But but but that's speech yesterday is still lack going through the the years of world leaders. You know if you look at into different levels in my mind it was is always very conventional Republican speech the penalties trump isms and go out on the rocket man. In front of that that body. You have some US allies say it was time to Paula now but a whole bunch of other folks were saying that is not the warmest not the time and place it to use that kind of. And I think you have world leaders today maybe not surprised that feeling this way but nonetheless just being a little bit more lonely today for that was a speech full of a lot of big threats. But with very little talk of helping. Your Nate. Feeling lonely today announced fact that worried about had a feeling one Chris we don't have the gap about though it Ronnie and president. Hutson room Hani wanna play a little bit of sound because in reaction to president Trump's speech yesterday. Today a Ronnie and when after him in very very. Latent and clear terms take a listen to what he had to say about president from stated intention to pull out. Of the Iran in nuclear deal here it. I declare before you that the Islamic Republic of Iran who will not be the first country to violate. The agreement. But it will respond. Decisively. And resolutely. To its violation. Bite any party. It will be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics the world. Will have lost a great opportunity. But such unfortunate behavior will never impede Iran's ports of progress. And advancement. Rick Klein wrote new comers broad new comer have we had any response from the White House. While I am anticipating what the possible nicknames because a lot worse mean. Phone calls the one rocket man yesterday and the others and don't dogs unfortunately LC if you were involved. A look at the White House reaction to uranium reaction is basically who cares. They the whole point of this speech yesterday and not just north Koreans Iranians and also the venezuelans. Cubans is out and say look this is not acceptable behaviors so. I don't think it bothers from White House all the road newcomer on opening. A president properly mines that I think much more important is the reaction US allies. And the president also said today that he's made a decision on that Iran nuclear deal that is telling us what is. If he's got a bit like coming up a couple weeks to recertify on that you're seeing a whole lot of pressure from other world leaders including notably the the new prime minister of France saying. This is not it's a tied to renegotiate we should be looking forward disagreement is not being violated it seems to be working at the idea is to keep. Another nuclear and armed nation from joining the world stage. So I think he's gonna come under a lot of pressure actually the heat this and so that's the last couple leaves me. At the same time affiliate and to see what is catching on line because the president obviously continues with these one on one meeting to continue to that in speaking engagements. They were if this luncheon today he was speaking to a group. Of leaders from different African nations he was talking about a lot of economic advancement that they've been making in their respective countries. And then there was this moment that seems to be catching on take a lesson. We hope to extend our economic partnerships. With countries who are committed. To self reliance. And to four straight opportunities for job creation. In both Africa. And the United States. Africa has tremendous. Business. But tensions have so many friends. Going to your country is trying to get rich. I congratulate you as spending a lot of money. Classes at catching on for a number of reasons that any year say. Well first you can tell he stopped reading at hand puppet. And started when we got out here except that positive prepared script. I guess there's there's a level of this you say well we see being honest that people are going and there are doctorate or to try to make a lot of money in. To the president fox mind going in there to get rich is not a pejorative statement. But I think it's viewed in a much different. Area if you were if you have highs Africa are you worried about progress after that you're on whose back here you actually get rich so I think that's one way it's being perceived on the front. And many conversations honestly about what the US trust the Afrikaners and conversations about Chinese development has gone and where Americans have pulled out as I think that part of this moment it's picking up because. It gets to some of that. The awkwardness that child sort of expresses when he's on these Brownstein just in overtime but it I just didn't have foreign policy experience the port. He took on its role and you see some of almost as nervousness when he's up there. China state is can't when he goes off strip is sometimes when he gets. In trouble and he conceded he's just not in his are comfortable skin like we see him in and other formats. Still on the learning curve we see.

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{"id":49989207,"title":"UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Trump meet at UNGA","duration":"6:44","description":"President Trump continues his week on the world stage at the U.N. General Assembly.","url":"/Politics/video/uk-prime-minister-theresa-trump-meet-unga-49989207","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}