Unaddressed U.S. Foreign Interests

While all eyes are on the Middle East, Europe & China loom on horizon
3:00 | 11/05/12

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Transcript for Unaddressed U.S. Foreign Interests
With the US economy making a sluggish recovery from the 2008 recession foreign policy. Has taken a backseat to domestic issues in this presidential election and yet the US remains intrinsically bound to the rest of the world. But with a limited time allotted to foreign policy discussions the primary focus has been on the Middle East. But is this issue the candidates should be talking about are they being passed the right questions regarding foreign policy. To get some perspective we spoke with. It's important that have gotten very little attention one is the Euro zone. We're talking about the single most important -- cannot unified economic space in the world. Which -- In crisis and yet didn't get a single question on -- date and then secondarily. World's second largest economy soon to be the first -- China and increasingly. US ability to make money in China with China -- -- -- against Chinese corporations. Becoming very challenging for the most important American corporations the family that sitting in Idaho right now why -- they need to be concerned with what's happening in the heroes if the Euro. Zone. Really spotters if it really starts the fall apart if the Germans are unable to keep this on track. America's largest trading partner is going to be in very deep recession. And that is clearly going to impact American exports it's -- impact American jobs. It's gonna slow the American economy could lead to an American recession. Without any question in the near term this has to be the economic issue internationally it's of greatest affect the average American it's one that -- candidate has been willing to talk about -- Mitt promised that if he wins from -- -- he would declared China. Currency manipulator said how serious of a threat is that. Look if we want to tell the Chinese if they don't behave the way we want them to do that we're gonna punch ourselves in the face really hard. That that is -- credible strategy. It's not a very effective. Certainly there are very big issues the Americans have with China right now we are fighting with China on security issues with our allies in Asia over contested territory in the south China in the East China -- That's a very serious issue. Our companies increasingly believe that all of their intellectual properties being ripped off in competition with Chinese state owned corporations that benefit from direct links with the Chinese Government. US firms have to operate a free market environment -- not playing by our rules those are serious issues and I becoming more serious overtime. Those not the issues that are being -- right now. Why aren't the candidates talking about this well. One reason is because when you have seven point 8% unemployment 15% real unemployment in the US threat when the average American is not doing as well as they have historically. They don't believe. That foreign policy issues matter to them they want to -- the United States but I think that when you talk about US politics in Washington Americans are so fed up. That they don't want to hear these -- side talking about the rest of the war. When a lot people think foreign policy they instantly go to the Middle East. From a material. What do we get normalize relations with -- Italy's less than we used to. But the fact is that in 21. Given present trends the United States will take over from Saudi Arabia as the world's largest producer of oil. Repeat that because that's this isn't -- -- a lot of one each one. Baseline present trajectory the United States would no longer Saudi Arabia the US the world's largest producer. Those trends are already tremendous America's paper. So the US is on track to become the world's largest supplier of oil by twenty wanting. Another interesting fact is that Canada not exactly a Middle Eastern country. Is currently America's largest supplier of oil and yet there's little discussion about our neighbors to the north or China or Europe. Perhaps it's because these issues don't fit into easy sound bites were there too difficult to explain. Perhaps whoever wins we'll discuss these after the election since these issues will likely shape the foreign policy for the next president. -- popular ABC news.

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{"id":17644030,"title":"Unaddressed U.S. Foreign Interests","duration":"3:00","description":"While all eyes are on the Middle East, Europe & China loom on horizon","url":"/Politics/video/unaddressed-us-foreign-interests-17644030","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}