How Undecided Voters Felt About VP Debate

ABC News' Amna Nawaz checks in with undecided voters following the VP debate.
3:41 | 10/05/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Undecided Voters Felt About VP Debate
I America. Last night the vice presidential debate Tim Kaine and my and facing off for the first and only time this election season. We're gonna call around were undecided voters to see with the Ari. The list a brand what you think. I think that was there really excellent opportunity to kind if you're a little bit more about their policies and really appreciated that. I think overall this to meet meet meet meet me yelling Haq BB step more comfortable. Was putting our Hillary if it came down to it and babies that what is that thinker keep that. Epic and yeah blatantly happier than it. Sounds like they actually have the kind of policy debate. That you have been wanting to hear from the president and yet. Exactly exactly and it appears intent because like I said it's under siege it's really hard to again it. Intelligent conversation telling and I know that you think you could not see yourself voting for Donald Trump and wondering after the last week that news. Had any of the Christians so far away from him that he does that have to vote for Hillary. I don't think I saw you and had Hillary I think I could spelled out it still can't dribble it it. Our next up on to north Caroline Caroline care on teaser public and having trouble getting behind truck check. Are you watch the debate last night with. And if not better and the presidential debate you're lot work prepared. And you know you tell that they've been working on a each other or. Weeks now. So I felt more confident and vice presidents and ain't it. Presidential. It's I've got to ask you the biggest headline at the last week was of course the news about mr. Trump's tax returns. Heidi that's having. I don't. Really I. There they were attacking in their attacking him because he didn't release his forms are way he's still later released and yet. Just something Whitley from ninety mean it's hard. Tickets I first day when you don't have both sides. In ball. All right so at the last night near a little bit closer to think we're running feel better about it and feeling just. Better shram. But what. Show. We'll check in with you after something I'd laugh at its peak the cone in New Hampshire he's deciding between Hillary Clinton and writing and burning and eighteen Mario our men that you watched last night what do you think. It was more exciting than I expected and beyoncé. Almost like Mawr. In the presidential debates that Foley's. It was you guys that we you know it's about who very professionally. You'd bear side and made their points and they left it all out there so. You've been waiting to hear from Clinton the things that you think would make you feel more comfortable voting there. Did Tim Kaine say any of the thinks us. Nothing nothing new movie that really pull me in but I did you know I like professionalism and I liked the way they each other. So where is the needle now. Through tough new people I'm getting more condensed vote Clinton in on a hate to say but a lesser evil saying which are out this election. Thanks by. Pilot just 34 more days ago it doesn't sound like these three guys have made up their mind back we'll keep an activity you need call the next play it on Sunday we're gonna be lights beaming here it's minute penalty. You.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz checks in with undecided voters following the VP debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42600912","title":"How Undecided Voters Felt About VP Debate","url":"/Politics/video/undecided-voters-felt-vp-debate-42600912"}