Unrest in Hong Kong, US delays tariffs, explosion raises radiation levels in Russia

Protesters in Hong Kong continue to rage against police in the city's airport, the U.S. delays tariffs on Chinese goods to December, and a nuke explosion in Russia raises radiation levels.
23:08 | 08/13/19

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Transcript for Unrest in Hong Kong, US delays tariffs, explosion raises radiation levels in Russia
Yeah. Happy Tuesday welcome to the briefing room coming to you for the Washington bureau BBC news I'm Jan Santee chief. And we are going to spend a lot of our show today. Abroad something a little different for the briefing room but there is so much news happening. Overseas starting with what's going on in Hong Kong right now airports close people not able to get on their flight. And just a growing tensions routine protesters that have been happening on the ground. For weeks and weeks and weeks you see some of the footage from our cameras and over they are mostly overnight. Over in Hong Kong right now as the airport has been shut down. For several hours let's go to ABC's Julia MacFarlane who's been watching this. With us from our London bureau Julie a right now it seems like. Still overnight in Hong Kong the airport still closed the protesters not backing down. Hey John yeah eyesight is currently the middle of the night. In Hong Kong this is the fifth say that we have seen protests as gathers. Not the tunnels at the apple it's as pot of that protest against police brutality and a dense Chinese influence in a Hong Kong. In new Hong Kong government what's happened today often Monday's unprecedented. Cancellation of all flights in Hong Kong. It's national ad pointing to get one of the busiest international international apple it's. In the wants more flights would console today eyes unrest continues just after 11 o'clock in the evening local time police. Newsstands trying clip the protest as a riot police ons. With back songs with Tron sends. And at some reports said -- gas pepper spray and take asked to meet pertussis out of the way and some very ugly violent scenes of confrontation as well there was a man. He knew it was. And it's hustled out by the crowds the protest as you suspected him of being an undercover police also say he actually ended up being. Chinese journalist working for a Chinese state run newspaper he's not receiving treatment in the hospital some really worrying scenes but it looks like things. Have not entirely die Don Evans waiting to see of this will continue for a six day in the apple it. He had the images are just striking Julius stay with me I do want to bring in Dali Yang he's a professor of of the university. Of Chicago he's been monitoring the situation expert. Come on Hong Kong professor thanks much for taking. The time this Tuesday afternoon to speak with us be appreciated. And this all started sir because of unrest. With curry on she is the chief executive. All the Hong Kong and amendments. She wanted to make to the extradition bill. A today odd to be signed onto BI about. Upbeat mainland of China so that Hong Kong residents. Could be extradited to the mainland and there is a lot of the speech stack. And this truck of the mainland our judicial authorities are up about oh vote. I did not know on grass and Angola especially among young especially because she tried to push the BL. The legislature you know very strong time. And just explain this to me if you can because obviously. Different countries different political systems the chief executive position. Carey when she's been asked to resign by these protesters she's rebuffed those requests she is remaining. Up on the job but one of protestors here want to see because. If she was to go tuitions are doing is gonna happen they are calling for open elections. Our yes indeed so she is deeply unpopular if there is a popular vote today she went so maybe I'll loan it out. Op are pleased congress is no way out branded Bible's central government I now. Who I'm Molly who used always need us. Through our limited vote who don't mess is presently out opt out of essentially ask special consol. And use a candidate applauded by the central government op and a wing that Ati and up are our process. Both the eight passengers and that's being unhappy with this this town under the basic law there is some problem as bad bears should be out. Broccoli are you don't loan directly by the U Paul. The that was essentially I'll be extradition B I'll. Are in fact ERB. Alternate tax it began to demand Maltby and doesn't. You don't simply lump us all being up at process in the but I. Extradition beyond Bobby bond rhapsody to expand beat democratic process be bombed Iraq oh well it expected the recent. And professor Wesley as I mentioned unity eat you are an expert on Hong Kong you have followed their politics. Four years. What do you believe now. Is the impetus for this sort out rages Julian just said you've now seen the airport there closed for date five. Potentially as were in the overnight hours right now could be going in two days six what do you believe was the driving force. Behind these protests and frankly the wages looking at this footage that we're showing right now on screen. The way they're just growing and growing at and frankly successfully shutting down an airport. Yeah well I think that's an AE RE I'm all I'm process carrier class who has already all but resigned the central authority is. Resigned bush have actually mitigated a lot of upbeat and got. Is that the sensor has backed op as aunt dot com companies so as a result they aren't is that dog and it. In confronts Ian cracking down on the process. An accident the process is behind being out galvanizing. Our public opinion be accidents around a high speed ratio up in mom's. On both sides are out of bonds' agent has netted the end up on and beating out who's up needs of eyes and Olaf. Thought reportedly is a damp ball is merely out in the big east and eastern beat and whose. A professor thank you so much for your expertise and as we do appreciate I want to go back over to Julia. Before we wrap up on this part these Julie as you mention. Could be going into day six outwit the airport being affected what a rehearing from the airline carriers right now. Well there are still powerful. Of planes arriving and Hong Kong even as we speak a couple of long hole. At lions court insists was one that was eyesore that was just due to lions just as we were coming in to Aaron few others a lot that was still constellations but I think they're gonna reassessed to see. What the situation is in the morning eyes you say there are protest is still at the time and but another thing I think we should point out is. Some real facing for the second day running as on just across favorite in the mainland's. In Shenzhen in it in Shenzhen south Guangdong Province we've seen a huge display of military hot black. From the Chinese now they say this is pots. Of a minute to drill and exercise are they carrying out. That was. Expense in monitor is not analysts have been Hong Kong based say this is psychological war fat this is basically the Chinese sort of muscling up to try and get protest says to stay indoors. It's gonna keep an eye on this chilly and make foreign and McFarlin in London thank you presser Yang thank you as well back here at home president trump. On his vacation in bed minster New Jersey getting ready for a trip today he's heading up Pennsylvania was asked about these protest asked that the videos we do show you take us into the president said earlier today. So what is the US doing on this let's bring in ABC's Connor Fannie any BC's Rachel Scott Connors over the State Department Rachel. In bed minster traveling with the president Connor let's start with you what are we hearing from the Department of State right now. Look John the Department of State is doubling down on their support for Hong Kong's protest. And and their support for the movement really again a spokesperson telling me today. That they were means staunchly supportive of these people's right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. That contrasted that with what we heard from president trump president trump. That today issuing some support for the protesters but saying that he hopes this all works out for everyone including China. And so. Will we heard from him later though it was a tweet that seemed to it is threatened that there is a red line for the United States here he tweeted. That that intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government. Is moving troops to the border with Hong Kong as Julia just mentioned and he warned everyone should be calm. And safe it's unclear what the United States red line is and whether or not the use of of the Chinese military across the border into Hong Kong. Would trigger that we've heard from US lawmakers. That that would be a step too far Mitch McConnell and Nance closely. The bull's warning Chinese authorities not to take such action. And Rachel Scott let's bring you in on this conversation because his Connor just said the president spoke about it tweeted about it we know he's been monitoring the situation. What are we hearing right now from officials because there's been a weird but weak right now so far the president trying to run talk about tariffs in our next segment but is Connor points out. We haven't seen him really engage. On the situation in Hong Kong prior to today like he did. They add that that's that's right John and it is interesting here Eckhart talk about their response from the the State Department because. The president's response has been more measured writing it is not exactly pointing the blame here even earlier meeting that some people are blaming him. But a very measured response we saw from the president who describe that situation as tough and tricky again saying he hopes that works out for everyone. And when you compare that to the State Department or even leaders within his own party Mitch McConnell tweeted yesterday by dealing crack down would be completely unacceptable. That's what. People in his own party are staying. It's worth noting that the president's response him a little bit more measured and as softer approach especially as the United States continues peace talks with China right we have trade discussions that are ongoing here than at the leading trade war that is happening. And so why we don't know what that is reflected in the the president's comments but certainly something to keep in mind John. Absolutely we're going to be watching as we have all the latest reporting right now online at abcnews.com. On this a much more town whirled news tonight. With David Newark Connor we're gonna let you go Rachel don't move because we're gonna state. On China and tariffs and I'm watching what is happening right now with the stock markets stocks surging. When the president announced that he be delaying. He's tariffs on the Chinese goods let's bring in ABC's chief business economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis. We've been monitoring this one with us Rebecca stocks. Instantly reacting to this news from the president. Well I and the stocks John have been responding very heavily to all conversations around trade and tariffs and what we stopped. Earlier this weekend last week frankly word this selloff in the markets around the idea that these tariffs would be hitting next month the 10% tariff on 300 billion dollars. Worth of goods today president trump announced that those tariffs that were set to take place. In September will now be delayed until December 15 and in some cases the tariffs won't even take a fact. And the thinking here goes that there were a lot of companies like for example apple. They bring their products into the United States that if the tariffs were to take effect in September it would increase the price of products just as consumers were heading to the mall. For the holiday retail season that would be. A big impact potentially for retailers for companies like apple which is why by the way Apple Stock today is up 5% on a relief rally. In light in this news. And we know that these Terex to some degree are very likely going to be passed to consumers. And so a lot of retailers were rattling the table saying you can't hit me with this right before the most important selling season for our company. And the president spoke little earlier about this changes there that he was laying this because the Christmas and holiday season but take a listen what he said earlier today. Rebecca do we get a sense that and the White House heard from any of these CEO's these big companies mean they've had a great relationship. We're Apple's this. 22 Tim Cook. Over the years he's had good communications and dialogue with a bunker trump and the president. Directly do we think that any of them may have actually touch cease. With the president directly or with any is that his advisors as the deadline was approaching the east Arabs. Every single CEO is reaching out to some degree whether it's them by directly. Or members and their team are reaching out directly to the White House talking to the White House about the impact that these tariffs will have on their business. When you think about planning a business and I I talk to executives all the time in corporate America. There they are saying. Over and over again that they are struggling to figure out business going forward because they don't know what the playing feel is going to look like going forward they can't. Anticipate what their costs are going to be going forward as bars these chairs are concerned at the same time. Most of corporate America believes right now that something does need to be done in order even the playing field with China one in five US companies. Have had their IP stolen. By China. There are major issues with cyber espionage with China and the majority of companies that are multinational that are based here in the US. They are doing business with China are facing these issues they would like to see. A more fair playing field but at the same time tariffs are going to cost them something and they're very likely going to cost their customers something and that's that's for companies a hard pill to swallow because when Wall Street watches all of this take place. Wall Street knows that. When a company charges its customers more the customers often times retreat they're less interest in buying the products and that hits the bottom line. And Rachel Scott we know that this president has campaigned aggressively. On the economy he has said that unemployment is down more more Americans are finding jobs the economy is doing well the stock market he just mention. Doing well but nevertheless he has been saying we need to check China. This does appear like he is backing now eighty heard from Wall Street. ERV a nervous that the president sort of looks like heat you know gave up here on trying to punish China as he had been saying for so long. Yeah Howell jot and an escalating trade worried this is a little bit of a retreat at says tactical delay essentially but again it is Mandalay is just. Temper weary relief as Rebecca said those. Parents would be coming back in December is closer to the holidays feed bin December 15 about it in this game that had been described him who can blink first right I mean you have the president and and hold that terror threat initially imposing that 10% on those 300 billion of Chinese imports. Five laptop not books all would have higher higher price tag right wit them. Blip big you had China respond and drop their currency level and then in the youth dogs and you saw the stocks falling get you saw Wall Street have won a bid worst days. And then all of a sudden now you see the president had a backing away from that again saying listen we're going to wait had to give them relief for the holiday season. Stocks going back up. All of this though farmers caught in the middle the White House offering assistance it hasn't been back and forth ordeal for sometime now and we don't know we're getting any closer we do know that the US and Chinese officials did speak today president trump called those talks productive but are we any closer to a deal. We don't know it did to do I think it on the same page this may be continuing John. And it Rebecca Jarvis this honestly is a true facts here Rebecca every time we see you on world news down here in the stock market. His little group of recitation we look at our 401K today she do it. Should we look today that rare thing it's a rare day worries Simi and the market is that so you could kind of market update look. If you look at the market at this point right now in the S&P 500 is still only about 5% below its record highs so. If you think about how this year has been so far it's been pretty good these last couple of days there's been a lot more volatility I will say that most of Wall Street's read. The majority of hedge fund managers that are looking at the geo political climate and what's taking place right now around terrace they read this as. The US has blinked and there's that connection to some degree. At least hidden in some economists and analysts mind between what we're seeing play out in Hong Kong and what we're seeing play out here with tariffs. The idea being China's resolve that China is resolved to stay at the table. And she you fight this and stay the course. And China. Doesn't have an election coming up in 20/20 the United States does and that is the real question. Because if you think about these tariffs and you think about what the consequence may very well be could be for your 401K John but also for consumer prices. Well a lot of businesses like I said believe that something should be done there's also that reality check if the economy is in. Pretty solid place today and it's not in seven months how damaging is back in a B for this administer. And and you better believe that from campaign is watching that asked well Rebecca Jarvis in New York coming back to United States every one is still. Focused on what is happening with Jeffrey Epstein would obviously know he he died by suicide over the weekend. But now what happens to fit his victims what happens this investigation. We learned just a few hours ago that the warden of the prison now where he was being held has been replaced attorney general William Barr putting an acting warden air let's bring in ABC's Aaron could terse key. Who I don't think his stopped working since this weekend as we've been trying to figure it out so Aaron bring us up to speed eight feels like every second we're seeing an email from you within new headline what do we know at this moment. On the investigation I think the latest John involves as you say the warden now being reassigned into a headquarters position. Warden from FC IA and Otis hill they were Michael Cohen is incarcerated at the moment. It's going to be coming down to New York City to be the acting warden at MCC Manhattan. And that's just one change that attorney general Barr made. Two and CC staff members who were on duty in ants teens unit the special housing unit. Have also been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the federal investigations. They were supposed to be checking on Jeffrey Epstein every thirty minutes in the hours leading to his death but. That protocol for some reason was not followed. And the president Aaron is not resist staying any opportunity to comment. On this case he was asked about it today. Take a listen. Okay sets president from talking about former President Bill Clinton. Before we even diving into a conflict throughout the statement from Bill Clinton's office that was issued right after everything when Epstein it reads in part he had one meeting with Epstein in his Harlem office in 2002 and around the same time meet one revisited Epstein is New York apartment with a staff member to security DTL. He has not spoken Epstein in well over a decade and has never been to little saint James island at Stein's ranching in Mexico or his residence in Florida that is a statement from Bill Clinton's office Aaron. Fact check us what war where where are we on. Well we can only go by the former president's statement right that he had never been too little saint James Jeffrey Epstein so the US Virgin Islands compound where a number of is so high profile. Friends say I had supposedly visited Epstein. Oh you know who was there though as you can see under screen agents from the FBI and detectives from the NYPD because just yesterday. They raided the place and we've we're told they were looking for evidence. Of of others in Jeffrey Epstein is inner circle someone like guns kill and Maxwell the British socialite school. Was alleged to have been at stands madam. And perhaps others who victim said city enabled Epstein sex trafficking and and we know that victims. Now that Jeffrey Epstein. Is dead are are still looking for some kind of justice and if prosecutors can build a case against some of those. Connected to Jeffrey Epstein who may have been involved in the alleged sex trafficking then the victims can perhaps have their day in court. And Rachel president trump has used every opportunity possible to distance himself from Jeffrey Epstein sane that he is a falling out with him. And they hadn't spoken in almost fifteen years. See our hard to remember right as the president is resurfacing these comments and mean Brinkley just conspiracy theories didn't millions of followers back at a president again that he called for a full investigation of the matter but he did not back down in fact they defended the fact that you re tweeting and servicing these claims. He thinks it should be looked into John. ABC's Rachel Scott out in bed mr. New Jersey with the president we're gonna have all the latest on all of these stories coming up on ABC's world news tonight. And of course you can catch latest anytime at BBC news.com. For the briefing room I'm John stand teaching in Washington you're watching. ABC news.

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{"duration":"23:08","description":"Protesters in Hong Kong continue to rage against police in the city's airport, the U.S. delays tariffs on Chinese goods to December, and a nuke explosion in Russia raises radiation levels.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64955209","title":"Unrest in Hong Kong, US delays tariffs, explosion raises radiation levels in Russia","url":"/Politics/video/unrest-hong-kong-us-delays-tariffs-explosion-raises-64955209"}