US Military Chopper Wreckage Found in Nepal

Marine Lt. Gen. John Wissler has confirmed that search teams in Nepal have found wreckage of the missing U.S. military helicopter near Mount Everest. The helicopter was delivering aid supplies to villages affected by the recent earthquake in the region.
7:46 | 05/15/15

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Transcript for US Military Chopper Wreckage Found in Nepal
At this time I can confirm that we have located the wreckage. Of the UH one Yankee Huey helicopter that's been missing since Tuesday the twelfth of may. Because of the nature of the wreckage is unlikely that are any survivors at this time. Marine lieutenant general John whistler confirming search teams in Nepal have found the downed US military helicopter near Mount Everest. The chopper missing since early this week after flying on a Comerica Mann act carrying mission. Following the deadly earthquakes that have recently Brock Nepal. Hi everyone I'm Caroline Costello in New York Sergio Canton a reporter for ABC station kgo is in Katmandu Nepal. And he has the latest. Maple leaves rescuers who were scouring the very rugged terrain up near Mount Everest near the Chinese border spotted the wreckage of the trash. The UH one Huey disappeared while delivering earthquake relief supplies in the Paul. Six US Marines and to make police soldiers were on board the chopper when it was lost after Tuesday's seven point three magnitude earthquake. It was Nepal's second major quake in less than three weeks. The wreckage of the helicopter was found in pieces and there are no chances of any survivors according to the Paul's Defense Secretary. The cause of the crash is not yet known but the weather into rain high up in the Himalayas is treacherous. We will continue to mourn the loss and at and observe the sacrifice of the great soldiers. From Nepal and our Marines who lost their lives. The military has not yet identified the Marines on the helicopter but. ABC affiliate KE AKE in Wichita. Interviewed the family of pilot Chris nor ran his mom Terri got flowers from her son for Mother's Day last Sunday. The next day came word that the helicopter he was piloting was missing. I love you believe in June proud of what you're doing. You've helped so many other people there Chris. And I know you are ready to come home the recovery was called off just before sunset here in part because of bad weather conditions. Said Hugh looking Donna ABC news the Paul. And also following the story force ABC news digital pentagon journalists Louis Martinez. Lilly the wreckage of this chopper know Paul what typical to find because of the remote location. Yes it was Carolyn and we're talking about an area at about 111000 feet now concede. A significant. Height and very remote area as far as we can tell you heard the general are talking about how this was a dense forest. We from the than reading reports from locals nepalese. Who described that if something gets lost in that ours is definitely a faculty spot from the air and from the ground. So that's one of the complicating features that made finding this wreckage so difficult for me days as it's been. But as the general said this was this wreckage was eventually spotted by nepalese aircraft helicopter that was. Flying through the area they spotted the wreckage the fund called in and adapt points in the US anti military team. A team of air force terrorist human. They can. They are trained to you go to areas that are difficult to reach. One of the techniques that the use is always mounted on the side of a helicopter. That lady can insert themselves and are to reach areas and and when they were on the ground. They were able to positively identified this rate gauges that of the marine helicopter had gone missing on Tuesday. So a lot of very difficult terrain which is when we wanted to complicating features actually for why. The general suspended operations tonight because the chemical weather up there because of the LT. And also because of bad weather conditions involving thunder and lightning the search will resume again at first light and pop tomorrow morning. What about the cause of the cracks we are any indication at this point as to what caused this helicopter to go down. We don't have any indication right now general whistler said during his news conference that at this time he could not make an assessment of what exactly have brought down a helicopter. He said that that investigation and proceed. Which is why that he was one of the reasons why that team is on the ground they are there Q outlook for the remains of those that were aboard the aircraft. But there are also there to look for any clues one of the things that you'll look for will be flight data recorder that might be aboard that helicopter. We've seen this in other high visibility crashes involving aircraft. Mainly planes but helicopters also come equipped with this device. And so this will be something that seat investigators will be able to determine what me and brought down aircraft. OK and we know that the people on board were engaging in a humanitarian effort. If it typical for the military to engage in humanitarian efforts like this in such difficult dangerous strain. Yeah 88 date definitely get Allen is one of the things that they train for its in the mid US military trains regularly for humanitarian relief. Across all of the services they use is something that became very seriously because it any Kanye c.'s Kate. Volunteered to assist in any kind of any international humanitarian relief situation. Now we're talking about flood relief tree in Pakistan analysts say retirement quake relief in that pol right now they could be used as we saw the quake relief that this. And provided in Haiti so this is something that they regularly do and they trained for it knowing that it could they're going to be in difficult situations. Actually one of the reasons why the military is called upon his because they are able to go where civilians. Assistant cannot get to. And one of the things that the offer is the capability to go and operate and difficult scenarios. So this is why they were transporting this material he supplies had begun to gather there at international airport in Kathmandu. They were flying out to hard to reach areas as one of the reasons why this helicopter was where it was it was delivering cards and write to you hard to reach areas that have been affected by the quake. And had not seen early in quite some time. So and and what's interesting. Is that as the US military conducted. This search significant search effort to find this missing marine helicopter they also continued. With their humanitarian. Mission funding for delivered supplies and continue to ferry out individuals who needed. To be taken out of their areas you because we needed medical assistance. Or because the area theory were too dangerous. And in the military isn't identifying. The six Marines I want war but what else do we know if anything about the people who were on board this this helicopter. Beat the US Marines that word aboard this helicopter came via from Camp Pendleton in California as Whittier permanently station. What they reviewing is that they were rotated out to Okinawa is as a regular rotation of helicopters and equipment personnel out to a canal in the US as a permanent base. And from there they were flown Q no halt to assist in humanitarian mission. So what we know about them a couple of names have come out because family members. Having contacted by local news outlets. Sent data confirm that their family members were report this so. We at least know some of the names of the individuals aboard. The military they will not confirm the names until after all remains have been gathered. From this wreckage site which could take some time given the difficult circumstances that risky reserve finding out there on them. ABC's Willie Martinez thank you so much we appreciate it. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and storing the story for exclusive updates. On the go. And calendars tellem in New York.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"Marine Lt. Gen. John Wissler has confirmed that search teams in Nepal have found wreckage of the missing U.S. military helicopter near Mount Everest. The helicopter was delivering aid supplies to villages affected by the recent earthquake in the region.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"31075145","title":"US Military Chopper Wreckage Found in Nepal","url":"/Politics/video/us-military-chopper-wreckage-found-nepal-31075145"}