US protesters show solidarity with Colombians over tax reform demonstrations

At least 19 people are dead and dozens more are missing after days of violent clashes in cities across Colombia.
8:49 | 05/06/21

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Transcript for US protesters show solidarity with Colombians over tax reform demonstrations
More protests are taking place in Colombia today after days of violent clashes over issues related to the pandemic and a proposed tax overhaul as well. Colombian police have been accused of committing multiple atrocities against protesters including allegations. Of rape and murder and Victor O Canada has a closer look. Protesting Colombia's major cities divulging it to chaos and bloodshed. At least nineteen people killed 87 are still reported missing. Columbia's play police blamed for much of the violence. Some of it can't on camera. A government agency is now investigating the death of seventeen year old much synod little seen picking the policeman sitting on a motorbike. These new of the incident was shared on social media the police came in response shoots a clear though as he runs away. Colombians took to the streets last week to protest a new proposed tax hike meant to unburdened the government look endemic financial sting. The Colombian economy shrank by 7% last year causing the poverty level to jump to 43%. From 36%. But the wall was met with. Outcry from working class Colombians. Fearing that the proposed tax increase would plunge them into poverty. I'm not. But in this march is the biggest display of outreach against this government against the tax reform. And against the labor and pension reform law the government has gone against the country and the country's responding more than five largest cities. On the streets tensions between demonstrators and riot police quickly escalated. Police using harsh measures to disperse protesters. Some of them pulling back throwing Brooks and Molotov cocktails. The chaos and violence cruelty Colombia's president to reverse course Sunday. It's Sony's seatbelt light on what is so an article you can. Alienate Tito did predict all right cal bottoming he steady US agenda. The move calls Colombia's finance minister to say he would resign with the protests still continues. Demonstrators in human rights groups are pulling up Colombia's way police. Won't accused of human rights abuses most recently for the protesters deaths. This police station involved with reportedly burnt down with the words you were killing us Rafidah one of the walls. The pandemic has also highlighted the two spirits between the haves and have nots. And the protesters are now calling for real economic reform that will be in to close the gap between the rich and poor in their country. K and god gets his deficit problem. A change in social economic system is needed is a simple as that we have to talk about redistribution goods and services as soon as possible. That drew can do three BC news. Thanks to Victor can go for that report and people are also protesting here in the US trying to show solidarity with the Colombian people. There were demonstrations in Queens New York on Tuesday and in Manhattan today people are set to mark from the UN. The kind where. Let's bring in America's director at the Amnesty International Erica or our process from one its Erica thanks so much for being here accuse I just. Just put into words Forrest how bad is this situation in Colombia right now. This is. I'm international 'cause their men are human rights by early on how credible. Into on extra police repression and the raiders. In eighty. April 28. We have right there we the human right or I see these decent of you on the east pressure. And I happen. We're happy in her bid that are we were children who are trying to ancient China Byron. Enron's rating unfortunately these aren't line. I'll probably call and no precedent I'm eating. Shark mansion and all incidents like. These. We hadn't heard from higher authority and precedent. I come and human right eye donation Idi Amin in and you eat or. I that they. Are reading human migration. And Erica these are remarkable seems they're they're disturbing in many ways let's start about the causes this all started. All the this proposal to tax things like everyday food items so. It is this decay a case of the straw breaking the camel's back or is this law in particular. Going to be so detrimental that it brought people out in the streets. I mean are these and workflow and not a not a class. Ultra sound human rights on an eagle incredibly happy face any problem they kind of movie wanting to be Qaeda I don't need to remind ourselves and has been working with. A devastating our. Decent video life in many Muni is our territories. Indigenous people. Mutiny the queen and I rarely. A little. Community legal owner. An unending. Hanging mainly at East Asia and then in May. Making money and he. They're not hot and you are identical in our. I aiding these out tensions. Are. Social unrest that of course Backstreet or west won't eat at last raw. And Erica there has also been Internet destruction in the city of Conley Vera and mideast protests summer voicing concern about censorship so. How do we make sure that the reality of what's happening in Colombia. Is being translated and being broadcast to the world. I mean. A lot of information that he's going into Ronald let me show me yeah. Amnesty International has been right but I am our media wrapped up we'd be happy now we haven't every issue court and of course. And she'll let you all I'm not related Columbia county late getting written years writing yes ladies and Canada in cremation. And art and then they are EE one three got it all week fourteen. Owned Colombian a forty days old human rights violations happening under crouched many human right we're gonna say why a man. And it annihilation. Nino will be around. As well we're not Alice. In Ireland under or be summer rain independent Jordan screens and also. I don't look at least. And I know little or not he's sending the ocean almost all and they you know we're all these. I'm not be on O'Neal a human and human rights and our embassy he. Would know that day international community it. Happening in Iran on a key house and you when he noting that high commissioner for human rights studies on the ground. Trying to duck in relation in 9% a better share of what happened. And Erica oh. For Americans who are watching this in concern about a looking people here in the US do to help. Close up there isn't a liberal the US many can play it right who made eight cannot be eight in. Any happening. Columbia the US administration. Ascent and in I don't spotlighting the finance and around. Menu. And have been bid hated was ready and at least. So it is and a united they sure all of them own their own government and there are you that they are Mia intervention. I mean. John idol between Olbermann and he is and it is important under the Columbia. Goldman he and the international community apart from Goldman and I don't work and in. How hard it is an important story and America's director at Amnesty International. Erica goal of our Ross us thanks very much for helping us now.

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{"duration":"8:49","description":"At least 19 people are dead and dozens more are missing after days of violent clashes in cities across Colombia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77544824","title":"US protesters show solidarity with Colombians over tax reform demonstrations","url":"/Politics/video/us-protesters-show-solidarity-colombians-tax-reform-demonstrations-77544824"}