US reaches tariff deal with Mexico

Stock markets gain amid reports of the U.S. reaching a deal with Mexico on immigration.
27:43 | 06/10/19

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Transcript for US reaches tariff deal with Mexico
And. They're pretty welcome to the briefing room on Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Monday allotted used to get T today we'll hear from. One of the United States mayors who was at a summit in Mexico would Mexican leaders on Friday just as president from. Averted course and those tariffs will get his reaction firsthand from on the ground they are also today we're going to be two members of congress. Who jumped out of airplanes together last week. A Republican and Democrat you'll want to hear their message about why more veterans. Are needed on Capitol Hill but first today we start with the big news. Those tariffs averted why does that matter that would have been a 5% tax on all of us tariffs on Mexico the president calling. The plug on that inquiry known as our immigration reporter Ross a joint. Primaries McGraw I threw at the White House today Meredith. The markets are signs are breathing a sigh of relief fund that's right now the market's drop tell us what's in this terrorist deal with president trump. So in the deal I'm in Mexico and the United States ingredients you haven't increased presence. Mexican National Guard down at the border between Mexico and Guatemala they also agree to its. They and part and the migrant protection policy. That was announced by a former DHS secretary Karen Pearson Nielsen back in December. And that would allow for a silent seekers to go back to Mexico and Mexico says that they'll have things like health care. Education and I job opportunities available to his visa silent seekers while they await adjudication on their cases. Back in the United States. Hey commemorative coin and I were talking earlier about this that some of these things that were announced today and actually bend announced previously that met on the table before. How much of the agreement that was reached an announcement big fan for the weekend is actually new. Leno president trump started off by declaring that the than major victory but any of the quickly changed his tune and go on the defensive after. I ever but he started the put things together and it seemed that these Burgess reaffirmed mean. I agreements that were already made between Mexico and the United States for example this migrant protection policy that I talked about earlier. I'm this was already announced by former DHS secretary Nielsen back in December. And this is just more or less an expansion of that and then today Mexico's foreign minister went on the record and he's sad that. This. This increase and National Guard troops by Mexico they've already agreed to not a while ago dozens long in the works. I'm and so they're really at wasn't anything new here at all. He and in Quayle and the president vigorously defending this new agreement with Mexico and I guess. The half glass full argument here is that the president did leverage a good bit. We've mixing depends some sense of urgency here but the real proof will calm. On the numbers will they go down. Bright and you mentioned markets breathed a sigh of relief I think Republicans over the weekend. We're also breathing a silent sigh of relief that these terrorists didn't actually have to go into effect today weird reaction from them over the weekend saying yes you know while. Blue mixed reaction from the Republican senators on the Sunday shows that while yes. And this that was a good outcome implementing terraces doesn't sound like it's we have something they want. Business community seemed to be mobilize in almost to the point of revolt against the administration on this one. I'm Meredith we're not done yet with this terrorist threatened first of all the presidents today threatened. I knew tariffs potentially against the French over wine new tariffs on that shiny piece idea also teased what what could be a surprise. Aspect. This Mexico agreement what do we know mug back. He had this morning president trumps weeded that there were undisclosed. New parts of this deal with Mexico. That haven't been revealed yet now when I asked White House officials on that they were mom and they wouldn't say what that why is. And again Mexico's foreign minister sad that not seen in this agreement has been kept behind closed doors but still president from sat at this acts factor part of the deal which we still don't know what that is. If that isn't revealed her and that in the green CEO and ratified by Mexico's legislature. That he's going to impose even more Terrance and if you like you sad president trump he's been on the defensive this morning he even called in to CNBC as he was watching television because he went and defends his use of tariffs as a negotiating I tactic. And me he who went on to say that even things like French wines I can be subject to tariffs and things like champagne Bordeaux that we all out from France could be subject to those as well. I don't know I don't love anything that get a benefit. You can now lofty figure so I suspect. Meredith McGraw force at the White House we should say over at the State Department right now Quinn secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Is addressing holding a rare press conference in the briefing room let's listen in. Yeah and the United States. This full blown effort and the migration protocols is a big deal and well some in that we worked on very fair very diligently with our Mexican counterparts over two days. And wool pursue other cooperative efforts to. For much of last week foreign secretary prior to his team were axle partners in all of this we worked alongside them weather team here State Department. I've seen some reporting that says that these countless hours were nothing that they amounted to a waste of time might I can tell you. That the team here at the State Department believes Walter reportedly. That this is an important set of agreements. Our and that secretary of state might Pompeo at the State's former giving a rare. In person briefing on the status of the agreement Quinn and we were just saying that the numbers. Here are have been extraordinary we have reached unprecedented levels of migrant showing up at the southern border it is a crisis and so. It's just sort of depend on whether the Mexicans in in the deployment of their troops on their southern border. Can actually stop these flaws. Oh that's exactly right and we do you know that the numbers have been record setting we know that the administration has looked at those border crossing numbers as kind of a metric of success. And it was a big part of the big DHS shake up that led to the ousting. Former Homeland Security secretary Kristine Nielsen. So if they're gonna continue to look at these apprehension numbers going forward as the metric for success. It also might be worth noting that. During the late summer months border crossings tend to go down. Just a seasonal change that we see year after year. And if they're looking at those numbers as the sole metric for how are we doing with these policies house the agreement with Mexico going. It could be more of a circumstantial change then a real result whatever that we the the United States agreed to with Mexico in these in these recent. Pox as this deal was going down as the president was pulling the plug on his terrorist threat a delegation of United States mayors was actually in Mexico. Holding their first ever all on inaugural summit of US mayors and Mexican mayors they were downing cobble. They were talking about collaboration and we're talking about trade and in fact the Mexican president was even there on Friday. To meet with these US mayors one of them joins us now the vice president. Of the US conference of mayors Bryan Barnett of Rochester hills Michigan joins us. Via facetime mr. mayor thank you so much for for joining us in the briefing room it's great to see you so. What was the reaction there at the summit when you guys for Scott noon is that the Mexico terror threat had been averted. Thanks for having you know obviously it was we have this summit planned for a few months prior to. Some late breaking terror news. And so we're prepared talking to talk quite substantively about. Economic development tourism in and and trade and so we're obviously we did with the threat of terrorist. And that particular. Discussed Washington with their part minister being in Washington. Most discussion senator migration. And the impact of terror since we can imagine. A date to win after. President. And AptarGroup. Later on that you are not that and had reached there was. Sort and mutual excitement about that deal that's that's an update previous talking about the impact Easter both. I'm Mexican cities represented they're certainly on cities like mine in metro Detroit where there's a huge impact. If you industry. And it would that impact to banner mean we hear so much about the auto industry and auto parts coming from Mexico ha how damaging would it would these 5% tariffs have been to Rochester hills. Well who properties in Nevada Michigan and a retreat treading part written we're at Mexico. And and largely that's mostly automotive. Most of my I don't want government relations folks. Accounting and his senior must immediately once there are about that I leadership on this trip. And talking about how much the impact would be 22% of General Motors vehicle Max 17%. Of an SE 84%. For certain as a substantial numbers that the impact will be felt. Pretty quick here and so obviously and Marshall in many other six Ali we reach only California Texas terms the product business view. Mexico. It was a major deal tariffs. Have you been troubled that the president and your Republican and mr. mayor and even trouble that he. Has it seemed seemed to grasp the arguments that your making and so many in the business community are making about how damaging this could be. You know I I don't pretend to have all the information that the president has when he's talking with these. Bilateral and trilateral agreements. Obviously on the ground in my job misrepresent the residents businesses might community and they work. Unequivocally. You know going to be damaged by these terrorists and so I went there with a message that the that this policy was apparatchiks policy. Generally Republican city that supported president the last election itself and this I you know I am Republican guy dying. Person Lisa countless free trade and so the terrorists are something that are our our personal passionate are they are personal passions news network. Or. If that means a waste that does not disagree with with the president. I'm grateful that they were able tunnel that Eli all plastic. And obviously Michigan writes Israel's utter or. Yet it certainly was need to see as it did the bridge building between some of America's mayors Mexican mayors in fact. Are we even spotted I don't know we had a picture but we spotted some pretty amazing socks that you were there at the the inaugural summit mr. mayor. That was our those are my patriotic sacks obviously missed its officers and imagine that there Canadian mayors and all as well the first. American. A summit and of course I'm here not too far from where I live in the meat not cereal was was there representing the interests of our nation as well. You know it's interesting and you know there's a lot more that brings us together and that prices are often. Let's just covered are some who is now being challenges by brawl. No matter the size Presidio location. North and south of the Rio Grande brawl and really trying to do to create places of economic opportunity car accidents. All right mayor Bryan Barnett mayor of Rochester hills Michigan also the vice president of the US conference of mayors just in Mexico for the inaugural. US Mexican mayors summit sir thanks so much for joining us today. And let's go back to the White House were merit McGraw is is standing by because. Meredith wore it good the president is also cry keenly aware of the politics of the midwest Michigan Iowa. Two states that he knows are critical to his point one eBay and as we transition our. Our show today to talk a little bit more about politics he's headed there this weekend. And right into the ground zero if you will love of opposition to his terrace. That's the rain and you know president tram tweeted over the weekends that. Take in Mexico had agreed to buy large quantities of agricultural. Products from the United States and this way is a big concern from farmers in the midwest and places like. He highlighted in Michigan places where IA eased that he's golly you know I'm. Now these terrorists have hit them hard and means potential Mexican tariffs could also. I'd be in addition to the tariffs that people in face. Out there from the of these Chinese taxes while I'm. And then so I'm four a lot of these farmers they may have breathed a sigh of relief. When trump said he wasn't going to enact these tariffs I'm but still there's a big question as to what exactly he was talking about. When he said that Mexico is buying. More agricultural products. And we know your pressing for answers there at the White House Verron McGraw on the front lines Forrest thanks. So much Meredith for different perspective on this big story today we're going to go down. Are to Honduras the point of origin for hundreds of thousands of those migrants that are showing up at the southern border a reporter. I Victoria mall Ramirez is down in Honduras in the country's capital doing reporting meeting with migrants in fact she just met with some were deported from the United States. Vick it's great to see is so. Our people they are paying attention to all this fight about tariffs and what. Might they be saying about potential changes to asylum rules in the United States. I honestly. Scarce or not a conversation here. Because the people don't realize on the ground there is people fighting to keep this country together so. It's going compact call regarding. Mexico. Stare us right. It's not all will point of people here because people are worried about their content. And are also worried about why that's my call the a lot of (%expletive) up to its eighth. Yeah I was asked about the violence because we hear so many stories. From those migrants in those families. You mean embarking on these very dangerous journeys out to the southern United States border in days claim they want to you know they're Seeking Asylum because they're claiming violence and very dangerous conditions at home what have you seen firsthand there in Honduras is it how bad is it how dangerous is it. So the best in this situation here and it was all you're. This country feel that it's being strangled and that strain it is that you can't see the hand that's why. And that's perceived by people. Doll you mention I did you all some migrants who actually got more. It was a fourteen year old boy. This fourteen year old boy cut crossed the border with. They spent fifteen month that they were expect some private detention center they weren't San Antonio. And upset of Pontiac issue. He still aren't good English only sparked. And I. Want to say that the United States deep you're right but we deported because what you Diddy the people. And he said we're not people. We just want opportunity. We're not nick over you're due that day. And Hank that wall what do you want to be when you grow gray and that. I wanted to be Asher. But you know it's due to university and that's happening right out spot him. So you're telling you no longer want action not opportunities. And that now I know not a lot of cash. And I followed up it. What he went back this Yates should be watts astronaut and Annie say yes. People aren't hope hope is that and that's why also see he old bat but that I it's go ahead and feet five year because they feel that he's not trying to protect them that he ready and on the country eased yanks would be. Half fat so fascinating to hear those stories of of people. Fighting to stay in their country fighting to make their country better there are folks there in Honduras in many parts of Central America doing that that's a fascinating perspective also. Totally. Interest and in that story from the young migrant deported dreams of being an astronaut. In incredible we know there's much more are coming from you Victoria you be down that in the country are for several more days. I you're also we should say a fellow with the international and women's media foundation sir appreciate all your work Victoria among Ramirez from Honduras thanks Kirk. Eight. And back you're not a Washington and some breaking news from Capitol Hill there's this standoff between Democrats and the White House. Is over at least temporarily is it can raise a relates to materials from the Muller reports that Democrats are demanding they be handed. Our justice reporter Alex Mallon is here Alex after weeks of stonewalling there's been an agreement. Help us break this down the Justice Department says they're going to be giving some of these costs for materials to the committee. So yeah that's exactly what the breakthroughs the Justice Department is now agreed to cooperate with the House Judiciary Committee. And allow both Democrats and Republicans on the committee to come to the Justice Department. And reviewed documents to underlying documents that contributed to Robert Morse report. On obstruction of these are yet to interview transcripts sent army an email us. Yes all of that and this is something that. Democrats had initially requested that Justice Department said. More reports paper speaks for itself and that's actually. Pretty much what Moore told us when he spoke at that. Press conference two weeks ago but what this really does is kind of puts on hold all this talk of Democrats wanting to hold him in contempt of congress now what Democrats are going to be voting on. Tomorrow is the separate resolution. That brings all of these disks subpoena fight into court. And so the essentially their demands for things like time against testimony. Come for other underlying evidence that that will probably not be a need accessible to them through disagreement they're still gonna try and fight for then bring that to court. Essentially the only movement that that would create is if a judge rules that they have to hand over them again has you're testify before congress. That bar has to hand over these these documents that did he so far not agreeing to handover and and they can be held in contempt of court first contempt of congress. Focus the contempt fight goes on but for now a rare breakthrough in this standoff an agreement to turn over some of the documents. That Mueller used to form his opinions on the church and a smile thank you for an edited out from the Justice Department. Always a big weekend are on the campaign trail especially in Iowa nineteen of the 23 democratic presidential candidates were barnstorming the state. With the largest gathering of so many democratic candidates in Iowa at the same time yet this season. We know the president is headed to Iowa tomorrow Ross it two weeks out now from that first democratic primary debates are for more on. Where things stand in this race when bringing Kristen not always or political reporter joining us live from Cedar Rapids, Iowa also joined here at the rim by Shane Haslett she's one of our reporters are covering a campaign as well first wanna start with you because. Even as the candidates swarm to this state we were getting a new look. At where people stand in Iowa. In Iowa voters minds that this new do more and register poll give us the top lines. Hey Devin is so as he descended to Moines register and CNN released. A pull over the weekend of likely Democratic Caucus goers in Iowa showing. Former vice president Joseph Biden leading the pact with about 24% of support. And not too far behind him there's a two statistical tie for second place between. Senator Bernie Sanders and senator Elizabeth Warren and South Bend mayor Pete Buddha jets all of the bad. 151617%. Of of caucus goers support. The big story out of this giant was the fact that. Warren included church of basically caught up to Bernie Sanders if it in this one poll that's really stunning beauty if you go back just a month ago. Absolutely and and you saw both. But a judge and Warren on out there this weekend and I are talking about for Warren saying structural change and for people who digests that. To make America great again and we'll not work anymore because as he sat. Normal was broken hand and that's what got president Donald Trump collected so. I you do have to two candidates who like Bernie Sanders argued for change change change change and down. One really interesting thing about this fullest that. Fighting is in the lead clearly and then you have by the second tier that's shifted around a bet. But voters who were asked in this poll about what age they prefer their kitchen he said only 1%. But obedient vanished a B seven B or older and I know mostly you have that. That's favorable to only one of those. Four candidates summertime not right now I'm here keep hooded judge she talks lie about being a new generation of leadership. Bringing a satin be sad days Biden is 76 Elizabeth Warren turns seventy at the end of June. And trump try within 72. Trump is 72 a lot of older candidates in the race this year but not an advantage at least according to that poll for snot out. You're out there though making the rounds of the bunch of these candidates. Global voters' interest to name what was the turnout like at some of these events and no one of them was who has been likened to speed dating. Tell us about it. Bullet you mention of the couple seconds ago DeVon. Just down the road at the DoubleTree hotel nineteen of those when he three candidates showed up and they each have five minutes to speak and make that pitch their case to eyewitness. Congressman Tim Ryan even likely be events he has candidate speed dating. They had their five minutes and whether they were ready to get off stage or not music started playing to get them off the stage but the supporters lined the main street. Just down here in downtown. Cedar Rapids showing their support it was a really. Loud and energetic scene all day long starting. I drove by at 4 in the morning and they were so. The senator cloaked her supporters are already lining the street all these candidates have meaning it. I'm really mini rallies and gatherings outside. Bernie Sanders even shutting down the road Burton all while marching down the road with them on striking mcdonalds workers so I think it was. We're in full swing as they're Chris zero looks like it looks like a beautiful day in Cedar Rapids good luck traveling around the state Kristen out of forest. From Cedar Rapids great stuff thanks Chris great to see you shy and thank you so much for your reporting as well finally today. After an extraordinary week commemorating the 75 anniversary of plain out over in France I get a chance to catch up with today with the only two members of congress who jumped out of a plane together. As part of those commemoration in festivities over the weekend Jason Crowe democratic Colorado. Michael Waltz of Republican of Florida to veterans. Who told me. They think we need more bipartisanship in congress and veterans. So what was it like congressman crow second you. Took the leap out of that plane over that we can was going through your mind. Well you know I I gave us an army paratrooper in the army Eamon you jump out of that plane you count. Count to five and you just wait for that that shocked when the parachute deployed so from the shock came there's always that sign of relief when you know the parachutes there. You're not free fall anymore and then you just look out over the fields we saw the same fields and you see the coastline that is our thought about those paratroopers have to five years ago that saw that the same site. There are some Waltz and this was an extraordinary anniversary an extraordinary show. Solidarity between Americans and the French when you jumped out and were in the air looking now look what really think. So yeah I had the honor of jumping out a one of the original planes that left the 101 airborne. Invasion that the C 47 Dakota. So that in itself was incredible actually use this was indeed actually use it not just used a lead it was the point plane the number one plane for the 101 airborne so did just to be in that plane was incredible. To jump out of it of course throw is glad pair chute opened. But then my immediate thought why is to our forefathers who did it at night. Under fire. Landing in those fields not knowing where everyone was the Germans deliberately flooded some of them so they drowned. Upon landing in just an appreciation for. What they went through and how momentous that task but a walk in their footsteps was incredible rumor has it congressman Waltz you you jumped out with a couple little extra grid goodies in your back we asked that Jackson show and tell back here so. Of course the helmet that we jumped with vintage world war two and the back. We had in there. A bottle of French wine. Rap so that it survived this was given to me by the host that our French hosts the night before. We stayed in at 800 year old manner near share forward. And their relatives were there win when the invasion occurred and they are just so grateful to America. And then of course imports soldier burba and which is distilled by some retired green berets from the and they that we're and the invasion of Afghanistan. You were to a very rare breed in our congress. Right now to veterans who served you know what it's like to jump out of that plane not a ceremonial occasion I say the more veterans in congress the batter on both sides of the aisle. We are focused on mission. We're focused on our country we're focused on finding common ground to get things done and taking it back to the jump that we just did you know on those planes rolling into. Nobody cared about. Party or race or religion and it was about survival is about accomplishing a mission for American for freedom and that's what we're trying to brain. Back to the table. We have a lot in common as veterans we have we have background we served our country. You know we we disagree on policy and issues and that's fine you we can have a disagreement we come at this from a different very different perspective that we were sent here to Washington. To try to find common bonds to kind of refine where we can agree that common ground. Where we have traditionally historically used to move forward and that's what what level we're doing we're working very hard it from to try to find that overlap in that area of agreement to work together. I think that the importance of having veterans in congress with some dirt under her fingernails is not necessarily the technical aspects of the military or foreign policy. It's the ethos that we bring. We truly have skin in the game we have lost. Classmates and and Brothers and sisters and arms for this country so we are focused on getting the mission accomplished. And I think that part frustrates me when people or hear for the wrong reasons. Buy it again the more veterans on both sides a dollar batters. And we salute the 96 veterans that serve in the 116 congress and all who served and have sacrificed we thank you for watching today in our thanks again. To Jason Crowe of Colorado and down Michael Waltz of Florida. We're here 3:30 PM eastern time every day at ABC news live on Devin Dwyer Washington cynnex on the African.

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