US-Russia Businessman Claimed Ties to Donald Trump (July 2016)

Sergei Millian, in a July 2016 interview with ABC News' Brian Ross, claimed to have connections to Donald Trump.
4:25 | 01/24/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US-Russia Businessman Claimed Ties to Donald Trump (July 2016)
What to do is so we help. A Russian American businessmen businessmen. The work together. The distance from the together for the transactions together and among the businessmen you work was is Donald Trump. Yes correct how did you meet that struck some members of his team came to visit our event and upon the Georgia. But because it it was diplomatic procession with some with the four months. And they asked me to come meet ms. don'ts from in Miami. So. I received an invitation to meet with him in the gulfstream horse racing events so it was thin and his privacy. He went his privacy that there at the racetrack that's correct and why did mr. trump want your help. Because. Trump team they realize that we have local connection with the Russian investors. And they notes is that we'll bring a lot of investors from Russia. They wanted your connection with the heat and lineage my assistants he has tool. Cell purposes and sell some of the essence the Russian with us so you became the official broker for Donald Trump. I became the official broker for trump Hollywood's. And how many interested to sell. That's because they cannot disclose disclose the financial sense that we have an excellent we can of this flow of about. Nice percentage of all the units sold out of 200 units. The muscle to Russians to Russians do so the Russian money was heavily invested absolutely and have that and other projects to. About might some of my colleagues they were involved some other projects but overall. Trump host on significant business with questions and the level of business amounts to hundreds of millions of our that he received of the results of instructional Russian businessmen hundreds of millions dollars from Russian businessmen. So he likes Russia because there's money to be made there. He'll like stress because he likes beautiful worsened latest. And Felix looking for them off growth and that he likes to be able to make a lot of money was rushed through. Critics are you involved anyway it was a question intelligence agents have slipped and all. You've heard that right of birth. What do you say. So most people not enough he ever report back to them both of them do they ever ask you questions are. No but you have friends in said the government should of course do they ever ask you what's going on American politics. Yes. Because usually if I meet. Help people in the Russian government then by the middle of say that the Kremlin for the reception so of course I have a chance to talk to those plumes from presidential advisors and some with the people. The voters you're saying you're you're not a Russian spy person you got an American citizen yes. And what you're what do you think is your ultimate goal in the US in terms of US Russian relationships. I'm one of those very few people who have insider knowledge of current and politics. Who have. Ability to understand the Russian mentality. And two. Who have been able to successfully integrate the American society. And it's I believe that my knowledge and insider information and connections and what I have done so far. I was doing business deals with the Russians. Who translated into grade benefits for the American administration because. I can help their of them to the way where they can have their successful issue. And was very important will never face a nuclear winter.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Sergei Millian, in a July 2016 interview with ABC News' Brian Ross, claimed to have connections to Donald Trump. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45022871","title":"US-Russia Businessman Claimed Ties to Donald Trump (July 2016)","url":"/Politics/video/us-russia-businessman-claimed-ties-donald-trump-july-45022871"}