New vaccine efficacy concerns raised as new COVID-19 variants found in the US

Highly contagious U.K. variant now found in 26 states, and Minnesota has reported the first known case of Brazil variant, plus, more on President Biden's race to fix the vaccine shortage.
5:42 | 01/26/21

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Transcript for New vaccine efficacy concerns raised as new COVID-19 variants found in the US
Let's bring in ABC news medical contributor epidemiologist doctor John Brownstein. Thank you so much for being with us this morning doctors so let's talk first about these vaccines right with these new variant how effective are the current vaccines we have at giving us immune protection against he's very hands. Yeah good morning that you Barney I think that is the big concern right now we have these new variants that are emerging we always needed and teachings would happen the more you parents are out there the more we teachings. It accumulates and so conversant that we see out there how these mutations and despite approaching which is away the entry into the cells of virus and and because of that arm it's more transmissible and concern we have is that we easily Haitians began diminished efficacy of the vaccine so so far and indeed it looks good recent data from a Daryn and others that the vaccine. Have a great amount of buffer there was a study published yesterday looking neutralizing antibodies although it does show that antibody levels against the south African Gary whereabouts extends lower that is concerning cash and what's great is that Garrett is now considering adjusting some of its vaccine strategies right we haven't Sheehan dose vaccine. Four weeks apart but yet he is what about it I. Adding in a booster I need a booster would be just a third doesn't exact same vaccine or meet one that includes protects against this Daryn and so is all of adjusting our vaccination plans to where the virus is moving on and so hopefully our. We will be able to think about future vaccine strategies but currently it is more important than ever get vaccinated when it's your turn because more this virus is around the more it will mutate. Let's talk about those mutations has variants this highly contagious you came variant has now been found in 26 states. Minnesota and now reporting and case said the Brazilian Mary Ent. With these different strains becoming more transmissible. Sending me doing anything differently. Should we be preparing ourselves emotionally and mentally for future walked downton when he think is in the future for us. Yeah listen these candidates are concerning and in this 100 Brazil we call Keiwan and has been circulating in announcing results since at least December NBC new rapid increases in Keyes is even in populations that we thought had general community. And so you know the concern is these parents will spread more quickly but it's. Really about communication radically different it's about doubling down on the things that we know work right so Max. Asking has been at this hour her response but we don't do it consistently so and we've known that if you can increased Palestinian community you can try transmission down. But maybe it's about double masking or using better so it's taking the same things that we know work which is doing slightly better social distancing hand washing. Let me ultra gatherings he's promising precautions but we just have to be more vigilant as we can do that we can appoint a lock downs that we see in other places like you change. But we heard doctor found she and Stephanie is peace talks he had out the distribution of the vaccine and how it's not exactly even some places have tons of magazines some. Don't have any what more can and should be done with the Biden administration try to fix some of those supply problems had these states are having. Yeah it's really sass the suit challenging his CDs bottlenecks that are current and it's really about better coordination between federal government and states. Clearly there's a lot of confusion about supply chain. There is excess supply but it's and some of the wrong places some hospitals and nursing homes have your mark announced but that they have access to figure out how to shift. Those doses into the community I'm obviously it's about opium were vaccination sites hiring people are additional supplies like syringes and then of course it's going to be all of allow small livery how we get to those are harder to reach its of course improving the infrastructure. Potentially brilliant team but fear other types of innovative strategies are mobile clinics and on demand services. And finally you know there is attack issue and digital divide you know the issues that people care products focal point and I understand eligibility. And then also course combating. I hesitancy that's out there I think we can get those things aren't we can start inched towards the one point five million vaccines delivered a day it. He sends hundreds and I think that he had talked to sell many older Americans 89 year old to just struggled to get these appointments on line. We also heard from doctor fab team that he thought and that's meaning America likely won't finish until the fall. So I think the question everybody wants the answer to his way and can we expect herd immunity so that we can go back to some sense of normal. Yeah it's a question that's on everyone's mind of course Kirk community is that in certain that magic number that we get the port proportion of the population either backs needed or actually search do you guys through you know infections of the virus you get that number hard enough we think it's about seventy to 80%. A lot of people to 20300 million people. -- vaccinated or had your previous infection. I think if we can wrap up vaccines we genes that's our -- approached that number by this summer. You really depends also needs you Jerry and how that changes the game but it didn't even have to remember you know what we're trying to do is bring down hospitalizations and asked if we can do that but. I think we can you got pretty quickly over the next few months because we're targeting those at highest risk. I think begins to allow us to see that light they end of the tunnel even that's who we're not quite act herd immunity unfortunately I think restart after Gregoire brains you know does Barnes is going to be circulating. Out with us probably for a long time but as long as we can sort of control the impact our. In hostile nations and doubts I think he should start to live a much more normal life again. Some optimism this morning doctor Brownstein thank you so much for being went past.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"Highly contagious U.K. variant now found in 26 states, and Minnesota has reported the first known case of Brazil variant, plus, more on President Biden's race to fix the vaccine shortage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75490130","title":"New vaccine efficacy concerns raised as new COVID-19 variants found in the US","url":"/Politics/video/vaccine-efficacy-concerns-raised-covid-19-variants-found-75490130"}