Val Demings says Dems aim to wrap impeachment probe ASAP

House Intelligence Committee member, Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., calls Republicans defense of President Donald Trump's actions "baffling."
4:55 | 11/20/19

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Transcript for Val Demings says Dems aim to wrap impeachment probe ASAP
Haven't I am good TV round and he just had an interview represented. Felt innings this morning a Democrat who we've been hearing from mobile question what installment let's listen of that. Congressman script is here thanks so much like to be way so this is a huge day ahead of us cordons Tomlin is safe to say your biggest witness in this inquiry. Well it necessarily call and the biggest witness I think we've had a lot of good witnesses before a committee but certainly. Ambassadors Tomlin made it quite clear. That he has this direct line to the president he's appears to be the only witness that could just pick up the phone. Any phone anywhere and called the president and get him. On the phone so we're gonna hear from Republicans today and have heard already from forward Solomon that quid pro posed in foreign policy happen all the time in fact. To a certain extent Joseph Biden was trying to lean on on the ukrainians that came in during his time the White House to get something done but. This is different right because it's their political investigate it certainly. If and that's absolutely correct we know that. Our foreign policy is based on give and take right we certainly understand that. But nowhere. In any of our foreign policy does it say that it includes. Conducting investigations. Of our foreign power. On the president's political rivals sold that's the major problem that the president has an all of his defenders. Don't seem to be able to get him out around that problem what he wanted to know from where it sounds eagerness. You know we're glad to see ambassadors probably come in today and give this testimony that was there we need. It is testimony I did his death was deposition. We know that he came back there were several things that he did not recall he came back and refreshed his memory and his testimony. But you know I'm reminded today of a quote from Doctor King this is the time as always right. To do what's right. And this is one of those moments for ambassador Sam song we expect him to come in and tell everything that he knows. Up to and including. The phone call that he met with the president. On July when he states. Where he was overheard by several feet do you think he would never really trying to obstruct hold back information during the deficit I cannot answer that I'm sure he will answer that today because he'll get asked that question. Let me just say this. When you have selective memory look you might not everybody all of us Tomlin or may not be able to remember everything and every time. But when you have selective memory. That is the same thing as being an untruthful. And so today. We expect the ambassador to come in and tell us all that he knows that will help us in this inquiry. This inquiry now is in its second week. How how do you expect this to go do you are you in your fellow Democrats on the committee looking to take these interviews in these hearings past the Thanksgiving Holiday Bowl we can't. At a time plan on it because you know we said from the beginning we wanna be complete we want to be methodical and we want to be thorough. The American people do third that. We'll see where your want to that's absolutely right we want to wrap this inquiry. As soon as possible. And then turn it over to the judiciary committee to take a look at the information the testimony the evidence they consider articles of impeachment. What we never know each day might bring a new I've witnessed look at mr. Holmes who no one knew. A week ago or two weeks ago. But it's the main person who overheard this conversation in the restaurant went in fassel's comments so we're not gonna leave any stone on unturned but we do want to be expeditious in this. Investigator last question for you as this process goes forward it. It doesn't seem yet that any of your Republican colleagues have sort of change their minds and come around on this past. And does that trouble you how how problematic is that if at the end of the day no Republicans. We're joined Democrats to impeach president you know a lot of my colleagues. I've of course worked directly where on a lot of important issues. A lot of them I have the utmost respect for it has been baffling to me to see them tried to defend the indefensible. We've seen them waffling over the last two weeks none of them have really engaged on the substance of the complaint. The president dropped used his power to extort. Our bribe a foreign power and to purchase of aiding and our political elections. I am hoping. The evidence is pretty overwhelming it's clear and it's convincing. Ample. That my colleagues on the others out of the now we'll look at the avid if they don't make the right decision. You know what I'm gonna wait until all of the evidence that then and we'll see what hap Arnold let me get damage from Florida thank you so much thank you.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"House Intelligence Committee member, Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., calls Republicans defense of President Donald Trump's actions \"baffling.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67167289","title":"Val Demings says Dems aim to wrap impeachment probe ASAP","url":"/Politics/video/val-demings-dems-aim-wrap-impeachment-probe-asap-67167289"}