Variety Editor Ted Johnson on the Conventions

Johnson talks celebrities, endorsements and musicians with ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson at the RNC.
13:44 | 07/21/16

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Transcript for Variety Editor Ted Johnson on the Conventions
Abbott now tonight action day three of the R&D Al hunt your way up look at duke it out on the up here we're joined by senior editor rob ID on them at air thank you very much for having me you have been following the convention sort of an ankle right ineffective. Pop culture itself little bit about that what. Well yeah what I've noticed so far is an item lack. Group entertainer who are here here's Donald property probably state showbiz connects so far we've seen a few celebrities up Arenstein but. You know its design Clint Eastwood he's not. You know they're not. Leading a major Hollywood action yeah Eddie Moore. Why hasn't that celebrates that racked for a celebrity's. States while its Xbox that. Ward right celebrities. Oh. Here a year with me last copter candidate. It's difficult to get then. It's. As. It's. As if you're conservative. He now. I held against you answer. This out. On future employment. But also. That an outspoken Republicans they're very public about it people like John boy. They are here either me eyes gently had a scheduling conflict. Showed great on it. So it's it's kinda interesting in also attacked some industry conservatives did show up because. Like Donald. May yet there is still occasion it is entertainment industry net best ball of slot but deputies report that. Yet to yell I act act of what he said I'd despite the rustic. You know it didn't see you mention that and here at the pageant I never thought I would say in. Average I was talking to heat involvement about the election. And he would O'Donnell a supporter he with our Celebrity Apprentice he would hear something or mr. trump. I imagine how difficult it could be because they're small group targeted and Hollywood. And as you mentioned that the topic that is a controversial and even among mr. So it's hard for them at a rally I. Yeah there's a group called friends and me in Hollywood high and it's eight got a bath ballots yet that conservative. It. He needs Gary very popular. In recent years especially as President Obama. Has been an opposite Donald Trump actually came out in. Express them last lying the first few weeks of his campaign protesters there. Get very very well with the crew. So let's don't care marketplace that was the status at that it's believed that he was actually go all the way to all the distance and then abolish it. Executives. They are the national Republican state worker reports. On the basic Atlanta adding new business and had. When you look at the puritan witch creek or reduce the intersection of Jewish you know by a provided more places where it's a celebrity its north that actually gave -- mr. At the half of the deposed and I don't Wikipedia but concedes the reverie the politicians to get to talk about the program actually. It was a separate acted like real success by whether Hillary Rodham Clinton value of popular. Wells IE it's very few voters here you can get the eight bit allowed voting for someone because lady got got. Keep the north and you'll see at the democratic and that she's actually. I I think that they are being the entry point in the campaign. Would bring is often cited. As the biggest example of someone actually had its lights but I think it was organizing. A lot of camping out there dialogue. Oprah came out its but he spoke to president outlaw errors but to. Or Barack Obama. They were gathering all this material on the that the nations that help them as Iowa it's just a couple weeks in the pocket. Those are rare instances I think more often than not a celebrity. It be distracts you can't. Especially if there's surrogate end up that goes say something. It's got up off color art but art if we can't needs that's. Walk us through summit that sort of anecdotal things be seen over the last cup. Couple days and was that her awful last night at third act like yes yeah tell not that would happen there. Why it was late asked why behind that high and I think they can't keep on this neat about 130 but. My client would walk you're at this charity that's worthwhile mission it's not all. It was sponsored slide to recording industry association. This at every index slid next week or not yet so it's not if he political. But lately get you know leaders there is this the same party of the host city's convention. That wasn't the case this year there right mind he'll leave sicker got up there in any statements about. Local army meets the that's about tolerance for gays and lesbians in exit points. Yet it certainly. At the at ease that he's getting a lot of really good reaction from liberals letter. Slide it was probably a little may have an awkward while most of these cots that are happening this week is there on every single night. You have an entertainer either eight political whores conservatives that rate cut way. It's like every port yours refiner recording artists and it's being used in a campaign trail who looked so we're products that don't agree US. Usually in its exit artist. Precedent. Complaining about Sheridan. I would say that its outlook 98% of the time it took Republican. Or conservatives. Getting a complaint. Artist it's not you know just the other night McDonald dropped here. We are the champions. Absolutely click here well. What. He's actually complained about music and music campaign. He easily licenses with music so they haven't already exist but. At least they look a lot and a lot of attention they may claim that they have some not a legal claim. Over politics using their song. I'm just. Going up our act comment on eight that anthology got their territory at eight live stream. In some support aren't the actions by third Atlanta at my house you had I'll analysts say about a legal rights Frontline right now. Well and it's funny because I guess had a vote went last night there ain't lying when Willie yet. Consider if he got out the Earth's at this said. The entertainer I'm italics not here right whatever I'm plot he didn't see it notes words the accident at yeah. Roberts can't use it lately. We're at their public event and obviously next week is ever attic and REI. RD yet but it. Had different beat them that art that it our. That speaker handled and that he looks up there have gotten lately it C Philadelphia. Yes I hear courtesy Nagy got. At the hearing gets his next start to know if your income net. It sees it could have yet but Specter celebrity presence I don't see. Still dog. As a casualty company that if that's senator. And traditionally this you see it emperor entertainment personality. A lot that's a thought check. Now but he entertainment. It break out and about 80%. 1%. Percent is still somewhat but that's it but he is a lopsided marked. That you have. You have entertainers. Catering Democrats. Just as well you know eighty when he number eighty there when you look at the criticism in the film industry it didn't admit that the dirty little. Platform. You have coaches. Actors still thought about the year for crocodiles. You are white minority actors actually a social roles for minorities so while. What the actual plot it's their nuclear conservative that a company. Yeah you hear this it's a business that I can be very socially liberal but. When it comes to business they can be very conservative. They not like taking apps and it's a different it's a whole different equation. What's funny consideration guards involved. Usually cedar ridge staking out. Rob independent movies at the those are theirs are financed by hobbling to gather any different finance here's new. Get their bodies and projects are Clinton out of labor supply out. What a cubs and major studios. You know an action star in action stark company now it is still thick grass not so hot to the United States. Like egg shells old movies that are actually they wanna be able to have that appeal and some of these other countries where. Religion has. In the tournament that equipment at about. Figures in shock announcement is going over very well. McCartney but audience look at it very excited that you get a peek at yet thing. I'm very excited I sort of work the politically Bethany that's still don't have a question for you. You've seen a lot of appearances that a lot of celebrities. Who have about updates beautiful forbids foreigners streets as a celebrity's that political youth are well. To say at any time we're seeing an opt out supports the candidate I haven't seen inadequate exit the next unit that campaign rallies. It. I'd pick at but he's also. He's got about level up there you know I need traditionally supports Democrats he's come out he's not Kerry. Barack Obama. He gets the crowds I think people listen when it's him. Just because you can't crack that there are around campus it really has helped the Democratic Party because he does have a lot of class. And that I that he audience that speaks. Setting excited about Somaliland are accurate and they'll want politicians. Other Eaton been speaking on atypical act a couple of days they added that you. As when he made that market as Canadian named for the county say I am I. Block. Well I actually think Donald that your last night I found his speech he delivered likely owe us when it then. In previous election cycles. I think that you know I don't think he likes news Miguel where Hollywood's. But I think yet. It certainly like to speak to someone who has. At that bought. You know maybe I happen through politics as well. Is there any actor or actress that includes the scene a pilot this at a local like the Ronald Reagan who went Hollywood the White House. Well they eat. Billy you know with a lot of it and bring it to recruiting. When it's your summer. Like your acting major audience is it good example someone. You can help an endorsement as well because he answered very high approval rating. High popularity Colin accuse gore. But I just don't think that they have given any indication. That they are ready to go from. Someone who endorses to someone who is endorsed. That they're ready actually step out of state the big part of that is. They know they've seen it up close enough. That the scrutiny is that a whole different level than they get. In their team acres. At. Well I'd see him the last two nights. Ian it's been area again. Right now like kind of attributed to. The fact that these perched right. You know keep on because. It to him in seem all that. Read it was. You know they couldn't accommodate every. I just please. You know I did last last night. Especially in the last half hour that it looked out what in the gallery that night before or after you speak. Stroke there were a lot of delegates who are gone well it's it to street. That's rich in terms of who planning and how how. Police these speakers and agree it expects. And yes that and I is. Picky picky it.

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{"duration":"13:44","description":"Johnson talks celebrities, endorsements and musicians with ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson at the RNC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40753149","title":"Variety Editor Ted Johnson on the Conventions","url":"/Politics/video/variety-editor-ted-johnson-conventions-40753149"}