Vice President Pence tweets all-male picture of lawmakers discussing AHCA

"The View" co-hosts discuss if there are enough women deciding the future of women's health care.
8:21 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for Vice President Pence tweets all-male picture of lawmakers discussing AHCA
Today is the day the Obama carry placement gets voted on. And as the great Rosie Perez once said that white men can't job and sometimes you win sometimes when you when you really lose. And sometimes when you lose you really win the book and it looks like the Republicans are going to be that big a loser parents. And not that I'm floating or anything but I enjoy this not. Speaking of white men chickened out how many of them are deciding on women's health care in Washington right now look at this misses her mark this is insulin they still deciding birthday straw. Hair that's remarkable you know which they know what happened today I said to the research department I said fine a picture. Of women all women. Doing it. They could not find the picture. Recently and we haven't ranked team over here and they even went to Norway an I and I think Iceland because they have many women in italics there. But it wasn't like this with us and giving anything away from these these while capable man but I think who's that was my champion in the room if there's of forum on prostate cancer or prostate health in general and its own wind and I think cement -- raising their hand and saying who's got my best interest idea and I think we need to be asked in the life. Is is not and is not going to be covered they don't want it to be conflict it's not going to be mandatory that everyone's insurance coverage but it. This pick and choose thing is what the discussing right now right right they wanna get rid of these fees but Blatter is covered under Medicare. If yeah. If you have a president they think he's. Also part of what we pay into it but before it regularly and that's going to be covering that is part of that that's already covered in a lot of insurance means the screenings ends up but the one thing that confuses me earn it feels a little bit like it's. Duplicitous is the idea that ate it won't cover birth control. They also Republicans want to take away anything to do with abortions. As they are anti abortion unless you know. But they also want to cut spending on and parent I don't know where women are supposed to goal because you're taking away money from everything about. Our bodies and our natural function and what are what are you supposed to do what you think they. Unlike that would give me an empowered what what the problem relates to them it's interesting I was reading yesterday that that men over sixty. Are saying that you don't maternity care doesn't apply to that but what when you what happens when you are on your third wife like our president and had a baby in his six. Didn't he need maternity care from a Lani and so what. Why don't man's we'll light that they needed that's a great actually idea my answers that felt would be that Ben. They can opt in to a system that has got I think look if you want women's may ask decisions are ready to sit well look if you want women to make these decisions first off I agree there should be women at the tape. Well that's our responsibility we have to vote and then we have to get out there we had to get women around the country who are. Good citizens who care about these issues and yes. I think the public what conservatives are trying to do I don't like this bill I think has major problems with this Philip most of them. I that they don't lower costs they're promising to localize build I don't that desert but in terms of options if you have a 22 year old guy out there. Cool who's struggling to get by. I don't want the federal government telling insurance companies he has one option he has to get a plan that ball's return any care he has to get a plan in a ball comes to birth control. That's not what his wife looks like rock or not it doesn't look like that I'm right now but the problem is what happens when he gets the unexpected cancer and hits. Prescription drugs aren't covered then it becomes a delegate a lot of satellites at a hot and motors yeah if you have options in the system than what at last war is transition. So that you have a thing to market the pre existing condition at a dozen top why. I've got out as I could. No one is enjoying the Republican flop sweat right now what that is Nancy Pelosi who could barely contain her glee. When she gave tribes some professional advice watch. I don't know if you want to call this one Trump's part are rookies error. But you don't find today and failing to pass a bill. He -- of consensus in your caucus and when you're ready he set the day to bring to the floor. So she's basically calling him a rookie with just another word for incompetence. Half can't close this deal he's the great dealmaker and how much will that damage his reputation as the great gimmick or. Not just his reputation in bed he he he ran on yes the art of the deal but he also has to fulfill his promises you've got. You know Paul Ryan's neck on the line here you've got Republican unity they're so much an online but I will say. The one thing that does restore my faith there's not in the bothers me more than partisan politics people just. Voting down. Democrat mine or Republican liked the idea of quite a while I am happy but I do it if anything this is restoring my faith because I do like. Then you have conservatives that are calling out all right this is not this is not right we're not gonna vote. Down party lines just because we're registered Republicans so I do like the fact that there's some negotiating on at and it has restored. As Richard my feet a little bit of politics in this and it's it's not right now it's not like America. Ask a question if insurance not about let's say I wanna get flood insurance and ends in your house floods and I'm like why don't wanna paper her house because that's not my house and a should not and I outside flag and my point is that like with health insurance rate now these essentials that they have is that what they're called yet. Isn't this guarantees that were not eating out people with mental health issues this character he's set in this old the only crisis were happening across the country you have to Wear making sure there's rehabilitation and all of these things and I'm not at are you your brother's keeper or yours. Christina I may feel like that are you accept my brilliant actor sounds Clinton if everyone had a pot of gold and Randall a ton of money that's sounds but the problem is that when you do when you mandate and insurance companies cover all these things. You raise costs of people have to decide. A cost important she is if you want cost to going to count there's not an endless supply of money somebody has to pay your. And debt while universal why can't it when you say it costs have to go down somebody has to pay for it. But Republicans and you can never say take a little more from the top in the OK I haven't had a bit of the most likely he Columbus hi everybody it's solid and every other country people could. In tax breaks look I've never been rich but I have a lot of rich friends a lot of money so what about and those people work wants and they struggled to get where they are and not only are paid any taxes as we are now confident hostilities where the fat bald and analysts. Stating the obvious the pharmaceutical companies you've got companies better meet keen. Cost on to some of these medicines to cure people that each RG and Harman a lake fork. If you fight scene product this is intra party candidate you might know the scene product for your dog this country if it that animal medicine that's exactly the same chemically. You will pay less commutes for your dog. We're letting pharmaceutical companies get away with murder yeah. That I have with this bill. Is that it is dependent on our insurance companies and our pharmaceutical companies be good corporate citizens. What is the last time you would describe one of those companies as good corporate wanted to I am I I also wouldn't consider the government affair equalized a lot of times O Bob Perez it's part of government involvement and regulation and guess what. People's costs have gone through the world's that's what her. Under the Affordable Care Act. At a Harvard study just recently came out I want to say. Just a couple weeks ago it has say tens of thousands of lives primarily what type. Hot if this wasn't a hot issue if you didn't have people saying I can't afford this would have been a hot election issue Republicans wouldn't have to come to the table with an alternative they've noted I don't know if he paid a lot of people who voted this are gonna get screwed I'm just saying the got helping to track how can.

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{"duration":"8:21","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss if there are enough women deciding the future of women's health care.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46355324","title":"Vice President Pence tweets all-male picture of lawmakers discussing AHCA","url":"/Politics/video/vice-president-pence-tweets-male-picture-lawmakers-discussing-46355324"}