Vice president, secretary of state arrive in Turkey

A U.S. delegation, which includes Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo, is meeting with Turkey's president to try to negotiate a ceasefire in northern Syria.
3:45 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for Vice president, secretary of state arrive in Turkey
And speaking of Syria were moving over there where a US delegation including vice president Mike Hanson secretary of state. Mike Pompeo meeting with Turkish president Aaron a want to try and negotiate. A cease fire in this comes after the Turkish invasion against Syrian Kurds. Happened after president from basically green lit this operation so. I want to bring in James Longman who's on the ground in northern ire act. James you know it seemed like the president is trying to distance himself while his team is over they're trying to put his own fire out. Yeah that's right you know he he spoke about that un rules and as Burma to sense. Sometimes and people talk about Middle East and their own rules that are inevitable and that somehow. The tax in the cousin who weighs destined to fight. And it's true that there is enmity between these two periods it goes back many many games into the sit well worn fight went. Who'll lead back the borders that was drawn in this part of the love we decided in. Because of basically left down today and the PKK in techie is a terrorist organization it is designated as hostile. But does just like to keep up by the United States and other countries as well I think what president one is doing its. Conflicting the issue by calling pool of those kinds of northern Syria. Terrorists as well and it's in that context that you say Mike Pompeo. And Mike Pence up here trying to negotiate some kind all of cease fire I think the prospects lot of very very soon and we've seen pictures this little steam I'm insult. Mike Pence having held his meeting with president one who spent the last ten minutes seals did AT. Between the two of them together looking pretty stony faced denies and then novice and expanding bilateral meeting left president vice president pens is that alongside Michael pale and then. The entire Turkish delegation including the tech is vice president and others say. We yet to hit just exactly what that result of Battier is but president one has been very very clear he will not negotiate with people he regards as terrorists he wants to crates say a massive buffer zone in New England Syria which would essentially console there were no more cuts that. That's his critics say is called ethnic cleansing. I'm so you what we've been seeing here now the sort of nice day of this. Play out in front of us the fighting has continued is not slowing down border ross' Elaine a very strategically important border town. Tech case continuing to bomb ball about wind artillery that finding it very difficult. To dislodge. He's battle hauled in cuts from uptown. Yet and James. Before we go I just want you to talk about or rather strange letter from president Strom. To president aired on. That was absent any extraordinary as well as things were you really think. This is going to be fake and then you realize that it isn't. Seau just totally dumbfounded by all the more he wrote to president two on only October 9. Pulsing him Knowles to carry out this offensive. But the tone of the letter is extraordinary says did Mr. President let's look at a good deal estimation month something that. President said trump is an unemployed says it won't be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people do and I do want to be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy. And I will and in the end of that I think he says history will look upon you favorably if you do get this done right and humane way. He said to be a tough guy to be a full estimation Markkanen the end of it some reason he writes I'll call you make that. And Alexa as though last perhaps a text message this that. Did not do the job it was presumably intended to do to stop president went from launching this ministry offensive so less fat first effort out diplomacy. Presumably fan although we can we now see it has failed we'll see whether or not this latest effort made the vice president and section of state has any more luck and it. All right James Longman right there on the grounds in the Middle East thank you so much for the updates.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"A U.S. delegation, which includes Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo, is meeting with Turkey's president to try to negotiate a ceasefire in northern Syria.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66348669","title":"Vice president, secretary of state arrive in Turkey","url":"/Politics/video/vice-president-secretary-state-arrive-turkey-66348669"}