Vice Presidential Candidates Share Plans to Unify the Nation

Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence made their closing remarks at the vice presidential debate.
4:09 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Vice Presidential Candidates Share Plans to Unify the Nation
I do have one final question for you both tonight it has been a divisive campaign. Senator Cain if your ticket wins what specifically are you going to do to unify the country and reassure the people who voted against. That's a really important one that may be in a 64000 dollar question because it has been a divisive campaign and again Hillary's running a campaign about stronger together. And Donald Trump and this is this is not directed it at this man except to the extent that he can't defend Donald Trump Donald Trump has run. Campaign that's been about one in salt after the next but we we don't have to bring the country together. So here's what we'll do. Hillary Clinton was first sliding then senator for eight years and secretary of state. And I serve in the senate and I'm really amazed Alain as I talk to Republican senators how well they regard and respect Hillary Clinton. She was on the armed services committee she was on other committees. She worked across the guy when she was First Lady to get. The chip program passed so that eight million low income kids have health insurance in this country including a 150000. In Indiana. She worked across the aisle after 9/11 to get health benefits for the first responders who bravely went intent on towers and into the Pentagon. She worked to get benefits for tri care benefits for National Guard members including hoosiers and Virginians in the National Guard. She has a track record of working across the aisle it's make things happen. Funeral and I have this contract record I was governor of Virginia with two Republican house's. And in the senate I have good. Working relationships across the aisle because. I think it's fine to be a Democrat or Republican or independent but after Election Day there will always worked together and Hillary Clinton has a track record. Of accomplishment across the are now that will enable her to. Do just that when we work with the new congress in January. Are howling unify a country funeral. Well thank you line think thanks for great discussion absolutely cannot thank you senator. It's a very challenging time in the life harnisch. Who we can. America's place in the world. That's the leadership of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the world stage has been followed. By an economy that is truly struggling startled by an avalanche of more taxes. More regulation. Obama care of the war on coal and the kind of trade deals that have. Put American workers in the back seat. I think the best way that we can bring people together. Is to change. In Washington DC. You know I served in Washington DC for twelve years in the congress of the United States. And I served with many Republicans and Democrats men and women of good will the potential is there. To really change the direction of this country but it's going to take leadership to do it. The American people want to see our nation standing tall on the world stage again they want to see a supporting. Our military. Rebuilding our military commanding the respect of the world and they want to see the American economy. Off to the races again and want to see an American combat. And Donald Trump's entire career has been about. Building. It's been about it's going through hardship just like a business person doesn't finding a way through through smarts and ingenuity and resilience to have to fight forward and and when downturn becomes present in the United States. We're gonna have a stronger America when you hear him say he wants to make America great again when we do that. I truly do believe the American people are going to be standing taller they're gonna see that real change can happen after decades of just talking about it. And when that happens the American people are gonna stand tall stand together and we'll have the kind of unity that's been missing for way too. All right gentlemen thank you so much. This concludes the vice presidential debate my thanks to the candidates. The commission and to you for watching. Please tune in this Sunday for the second presidential debate at Washington university in Saint Louis and their final debate on October 19. At the University of Nevada Las Vegas from farmer Virginia I'm linking Han are CBS news good night.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence made their closing remarks at the vice presidential debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42574781","title":"Vice Presidential Candidates Share Plans to Unify the Nation","url":"/Politics/video/vice-presidential-candidates-share-plans-unify-nation-42574781"}