Does the Vice Presidential Debate Change the Election?

ABC News' political team on whether the debate between Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence moves the needle in either direction.
6:09 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Does the Vice Presidential Debate Change the Election?
Six times tonight I have said to governor has I can't imagine how you can defend your running its position on one issue after next. And in all six cases he's refused to the families friends and I don't know who works doesn't it. After that. Moment Mike Pence did start to defend Donald Trump in the last thirty or forty minutes of the debate one of the big moments there of the debate. But Matthew Bellamy come back this whole idea of how much vice presidential race matters as we see the candidates still out there. On the stage greeting their support you see Tim Kaine I know Mike Pence is there as well. Historically they have not matter all that much this is the only vice president should make coming into tonight. It was pretty clear that Hillary Clinton as we talked about had moment she's picking up in the national polls picking up in the state polls. Mike Pence may have had a circuit breaker but he was able to at least make the point CKE set out to make that doesn't change the race. Well I think this was a pause button on the race and I think Donald Trump was gone downhill slide dismay with this may do tonight is like oh my gosh the whole take it's not a disaster. And Mike Pence seems like he could hold this office and doing well in tone in style and strength of leadership in this but I think this was a draw. I last week was very clear Hillary Clinton won and you knew she was gonna gain some momentum from this I think it's objector I think Tim Kaine did what he needed do I think Hillary. Hillary Clinton partisans are going to be very happy I think that trump partisans are going to be very happy. About Mike Pence and we move on. To the next huge thing which is the next big debate between Hillary Clinton. But I think their end result of tonight it's a pause and we'll see what happens develops tomorrow but it's a draw Jon Karl. I think it's a little more than that from Mike Pence frankly you know what pants came in here I think this was very reassuring. Two a lot of conservative Republicans org deeply uneasy about Donald Trump they sought. Mike Pence come out and in a way not getting distracted not taking the bait. Able to go out there and articulate conservative positions on economic issues on national security. In a way it is is more lewd language they understand and I think it. That they came coming in being so aggressive and all those in eruptions. Will be something that will work against him again I don't think this'll have a major. Cheats the dynamic of this race. But parents did accomplish something here he accomplish something by being able to reassure. Conservatives reassure Republicans. This there is a steady presence on the could. I can firm up Republican attack I take that point take appointee reassures conservatives with the test Cokie Roberts. It this partner at this point in the race when your. Behind our you can read any new voters drunken message and I and the answer that is probably not. Look the only way this would have really affected the race. Is if either one of them tank Dana did something disastrous or if either one of them just shown so brilliantly that people who are on the fence. Or who have been nervous about going for their the candidate they think they gonna go for. Said all well I really like him that that'll make it easier for me to vote for her vote for him and that didn't happen did it one of the questions I sat watching mrs. Is Donald from watches this and we know that he watched all ninety minutes what foreigners what does he learn from this debate going into Sunday. And I think you have to look at this especially here in the trump campaign and think this was a victory for Mike Pence in it certainly in one way which was he was able to turn almost all of his answers particularly early on. Back to Hillary Clinton which was something that Donald Trump struggled with during that first debate particularly when she. Start talking about his business affairs and and his taxes to start talking about himself as a turning its back on Hillary Clinton pence was able to do that. But tonight. You also saw the rate in the beginning Tim Kaine knowing that honest and trustworthy was a key issue right navigate he talked about in his opening statement about how he trusts her to be commander in chief. His own son is in the military further from him before we suspect if you would bring that up tonight right in the opening statement. But Mike Pence made that argument over and over again that they have weakened our country Hillary Clinton. And Barack and Anne and Tim Kaine also read of the boxing is proud. To be with Hillary and I also noticed Byron Pitts that is first answer just as. Just as Mike Pence is re trying to reassure conservatives you had. Tim Kaine talking that the birther issue right out right of the bat talking to Latinos right off the back talking to single on women at the end as well. Trying to get to those voters who haven't been as enthusiastic show really currently live they think they should before frightened his message wasn't part. On minorities women if you weren't listening to the first debate let me remind you we're Donald went on from set about these things and thus help pinched didn't. As if nothing was said penchant have a response don't like this wanted to go Tanya honest and I even talking Kellyanne Conway campaign manager for Donald Trump. Yeah I just spoke her she says she got off the phone would Donald from falling to debate that he was very. Very excited about his running mate performance she also told we don't she acknowledges it's unclear. How much this will actually move the needle with voters though they were very happy with governor Mike Pence they are acknowledging that. It's it's hard to gauge the impact of this one vice presidential debate. I did ask about a moment though at the beginning of the debate when governor Mike Pence chose to address the camera. He looked right into it to talk to voters and she says that was classic panty somebody who spent so many years in the media he knows what it takes to reach voters and that was completely his call was not having get scripted before this debate and tell me you've been covering got to turn from the start let me answer the question I guess that's David Muir what do you think he takes away. In this debate for his own performance on Sunday. Look honestly it's what I said we're right where was talking you before I honestly think he says he looks a governor Mike Pence he says he was all the defense the entire night. Tim Kaine was relentless in his attacks constantly interrupting him. And we'll go over Mike Pence does that he never lost his cool and we're remembering that first debate. Don't from losses cooled the moment Hillary Clinton brought up his father and that fourteen million dollar loan she got under his skin and after that it was just. An avalanche of attacks that really bother Donald Trump to drink they're real quickly I would think the Clinton camp we hearing from the top managers there. Well there Claire declaring victory George you can see these signs are behind us both sides in this room trying to spin it very narrative is they want and George this just stand there already fund raising office Tim Kaine just sent an email lot of help by major routes about tells do you.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"ABC News' political team on whether the debate between Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence moves the needle in either direction. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42575003","title":"Does the Vice Presidential Debate Change the Election?","url":"/Politics/video/vice-presidential-debate-change-election-42575003"}