Vice Presidential Nominees Debate Law Enforcement and Race Relations in the US

Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tim Kaine discuss the growing tension between law enforcement and the minorities in America
9:47 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Vice Presidential Nominees Debate Law Enforcement and Race Relations in the US
After the Dallas police shooting police chief David Brown said quote we're asking cops to do too much in this country. Every societal failure we put it off on the cops to soft not enough mental health funding not enough drug addiction funding schools fail. Let's give it to the cops Julie ask too much of police officers in this country and how would you specifically address the chief's concerns senator. Candlelight I think that's a very fair comment. I think we put a lot on police shoulders and this is something I'd. Gotta watch partition experience on I was a city councilman a mayor enrichment. And when I came in we had one of the highest homicide rates in the United States we fought very very hard over the course of my time in local office with our police department and we reduced our homicide rate. Nearly in half. And then when I was governor of Virginia we worked hard to. And now we did something rare we had really wanted to do for the first time ever we crack that top 1010 safest states because we work together. Here's what I've learned as a mayor and a governor the way you make communities safer and the way you make police safer district community policing. You build the bonds between the community and a police force build Bronson of understanding. And then when people feel comfortable in their communities that gap between the police in the communities they serve narrows. And when that gap narrows it safer the communities and it safer for the police. That model still works across our country but there are some other models that don't work. An overly aggressive more militarized model Donald Trump recently said we need to do more stop and frisk around the country that would be a big mistake. Because it did polarized as the relationship. Between the police and in the community so here's what we'll do we'll focus on community policing. We will focus time and and Hillary Clinton has rolled out a really comprehensive. Mental health reform package that she worked on with law enforcement professionals and we will also fight to scorch of gun violence in the United States I'm a gun owner. I'm a strong Second Amendment supporter. But I got a lot of scar tissue because when I was governor of Virginia there is a horrible shooting at Virginia Tech. And we learned that. It's through that painful situation that gaps in the background records check system should have been closed in a kind of prevent about crime. And so we're gonna work to do things like clothes background record checks. And if we do we won't have the tragedies that we did one of those killed at Virginia Tech was again and live you abreast you. He was a set any pressure on remaining in holocaust survivor. He survived the Holocaust. That he survived the Soviet Union takeover of this country but Benny was a visiting professor at Virginia Tech and he couldn't survive disgorge. Of gun violence. We couldn't support the Second Amendment and do things like background record checks and make us safer and that'll make policing for two. You know my uncle was a cup career cup. On the beach in the downtown Chicago. My heroes grown up and we grew up to visits my dad's family in Chicago. My three Brothers and I would marvelous spent my uncle and he would come out in his uniform side arm side. Police officers are the best of us that men and women white and African American Asian Latino Hispanic they put their lives. On the line every single day. And let me say it. Okay at the risk of agreeing with you our community policing is a very I do. Its work in the Hoosier state. And and we fully support Donald Trump and iron and make sure that. Law enforcement have the resources. And the tools. To be able to really restore law and order. To the cities and communities this nation is probably probably why they're 330000. Members of the fraternal order please endorse Donald Trump. As the next president of the United States of America because they see his commitment. Through them they see his commitment to law and order. But that they also they also hear the bad mouth and the bad mouth thing that comes from. People live that seize upon tragedy. In the wake of police action shootings as as a reason. Two to use a broad brush to accuse law enforcement of an implicit bias or institutional racism and and I really has got to stop. I mean when an African American police officer in Charlotte. Name Bradley Vinson. All star football player who went to Liberty University. Here in the state came home followed a stand in the law enforcement joined the force in Charlotte. Join the force in Charlotte and twenty. Fourteen. Was involvement police action shooting that that claimed the life. Keep Turkey from Moscow on if there was a tragedy. I mean aren't we we mourn with those who mourn we we grieve with those who grieve more satin. At the loss of life but that Hillary Clinton actually referred to that moment as an example of implicit bias. In the police force were. Where she is was when she was asked in the debate a week ago whether there was an implicit bias and law enforcement should her only answer was that there's implicit bias. And everyone in the United States characters think and I explain what we ought to do is we ought to stop seizing on these moments of tragedy. We are assure the public it will have a full and complete and transparent investigation whenever there's a loss of life because a police action. But senator please. I think you know enough of this. Seeking every opportunity to do mean the law enforcement broadly by may ally accusation an implicit bias every time tragedy. Only people shouldn't be afraid to bring up issues Abbas is law enforcement. And if you're afraid to have been perforated Britain out of if you're afraid to have the discussion you'll never solvent. And so here's here's an example heartbreaking we would agree this is a heart Britain's ample. Being beat the guy find a Casio who was killed and Saint Paul it was. Worker of valued worker and a local school and he was killed. For no apparent reason and and and sent the will be discussed. And we'll and we'll be investigated. But when folks went and explored the situation what they found is that plan to cast you who was they called him. Mr. Rogers would threaten Watson the school minority kids loved him. If he hadn't been stopped by police forty or fifty titans before that fatal incidents and if you look at sentencing in this country. I'm African Americans and Latinos gets sentenced for the same crimes have very different rates we know I can't handle and justice real well armed but we do and I his press criminal but I I just wanna say those who say. There is no you're not gonna that we should not be able to bring up and talk about bias in the system the senate will never. We have Barack Obama passed an. African Americans police officers involved. In a police section shooting involving an African American why would Hillary Clinton. Accuse an African American well serve I guess I can't believe you are defending the position that there is no biased since it's a top we don't have. And I haven't filed in on that knowledge that statement audit. Our Republican governor panel senator Tim Scott who is African American. Recently spoke on the senate floor he said he was stopped seven times by law enforcement in one year. US he said I have felt the anger the frustration. The sadness and the humiliation. That comes with feeling like you're being targeted for nothing more. And being just yourself what would you say to senator Scott about his ex. Hansen well I had to have the deepest respect for senator Scott and then he's a close friend. And what I would say is that where we. We we need to adopt criminal justice reform National Guard are signed criminal justice reform in the state of Indiana senator. And we're very proud. Our work when I was in congress on a second chance act we we have got to do a better. Job recognizing. And correcting. The errors in the system that they do reflect on institutional bias in criminal justice. But what what what what Donald Trump and I are saying is let's not have the reflex of assuming. The worst. Of men and women in law enforcement we we truly do believe that. Law enforcement is now planned for our bases already and in our country governor law enforcement in this country it is a force for good they are there. They truly are people who put their lives on the line every single day but I would I what's suggesting it. What we need to do is is is assert stronger leadership at the national level to support law enforcement you just heard senator Cain. Rejected a stop and frisk block I would suggest to you that the families that live in our inner cities that are besiege. I currently like yeah. I lent I lowered lumbered intact and Reuters I if I could jump I heard senator spat back that eloquent plea and and and look criminal justice about is about respecting one being respected by the loss of there is a fundamental respect issue here. And and I just want to talk about the tone that set from the top. Donald Trump during his campaign is called Mexicans rapists as criminals he's called women slobs pigs dogs disgusting. I don't like saying that in front of my wife and my mother. He attacked an Indiana born federal judge and said he was unqualified to her a federal lawsuit because his parents were Mexican. He went after John McCain a POW. And said he wasn't a hero because he'd been captured. He said African Americans are living in hell any perpetrated this outrageous and negative lied to present Obama is not a US citizen. If you want to have a society where people are respected and respect lost you can't have somebody at the top who demeans everybody talks about and I just. Again I cannot believe that governor pence will defend the insult driven campaign the Donald Trump as Ron.

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{"duration":"9:47","description":"Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tim Kaine discuss the growing tension between law enforcement and the minorities in America","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42573614","title":"Vice Presidential Nominees Debate Law Enforcement and Race Relations in the US","url":"/Politics/video/vice-presidential-nominees-debate-law-enforcement-race-relations-42573614"}