Vietnamese students view Donald Trump as 'cute,' 'very powerful'

ABC's Jonathan Karl found fondness for the American president among students in Da Nang, Vietnam.
3:10 | 11/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vietnamese students view Donald Trump as 'cute,' 'very powerful'
I'm Jonathan Karl narrative and the largest city and the most economically vibrant city in Vietnam. We're here for the visit of Donald Trump and of course the big question. One of the big questions what are people here. Make of Donald wrong. So we're here outside and university of economics. Want to talk some people particularly college students. About what is it comes to mind when we hear the words on cultural plan with my guide here song. So I thank you very much so we can go here. Talk some folks if you would they make of the leader. United States and Vietnam right figured out. Thankfully we'll that ABC was made him so yes there was conflict. And to legalize up they had an hour. What will. When you think Donald Hall was the first. This cute. The first yeah. You. Very good at. The controversial wall. The thirty. He's threatening OK we'll. Very warm president won't act until president phone President Obama yes. Very different. All he's. You like old and living. It like full Barack Obama. Threats at night. You really admired but all. Yeah. Talking to students here can hang economics university through things strike me first of all. This is a college campus were Donald Trump is actually quite popular. The second thing is there may be the only place that I have gone. Board find people genuinely like wolf Donald Trump and Barack Obama. All quite popular Obama made a big splash when he came to Vietnam president as well. Poppins can be quite a visit. A place where did. People genuinely seemed to admired the American presidency that president is Donald Hall.

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{"id":51061546,"title":"Vietnamese students view Donald Trump as 'cute,' 'very powerful'","duration":"3:10","description":"ABC's Jonathan Karl found fondness for the American president among students in Da Nang, Vietnam.","url":"/Politics/video/vietnamese-students-view-donald-trump-cute-powerful-51061546","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}