'The View' discusses Michael Flynn's resignation

The co-hosts discuss the surprise resignation of National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn.
6:22 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for 'The View' discusses Michael Flynn's resignation
Michael Flynn. Yeah are. And the club this morning he cannot feel loved them he resigned his national security advisor. Three weeks after the Justice Department warned. Though why patents. Then he could be. But honorable to blackmail thwart talking about sanctions when the Russian ambassador. Really easily gotten Mason did M Saturday nobody analysts. Mattingly is what it well my front got a degree why did he asked yes it they got our act and a president instead don't do that right. But he is what I'm. You know he's sad about it on Friday. And went shopping yes and what Kelly and Conway said just yesterday a lot. And leaning toward that general yeah. Were you this morning. And seeing its general plan does into the full confidence of the president and the big week for general slaying. Yeah that's a big week. So this wanting. Bellingham was all over the blaze claims she's not sure why and you're not a guy was notified in this conflict. And right before we went on an act he to win it the real story here is why have they are so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington. Will these least be happening is ideal on not that can't high. Not everybody. I just has been an upcoming. I mean is he really is he dodging the real question and I mean work Abby let's not remember this guy is the same guy that started to chant. Walk around that's right. Wooden handle this list yeah I complaints started and they said that Hillary is a national security threat yes and you are now hit Obama fired at. Yeah that's what's adjusting to meet Obama fired him because he was in support it because he failed to follow guidance of his a furious and so. They were on notice that this guy was rogue that this guy didn't follow. Up you know protocol as to why would you put him in charge of national security is he's a bit later Russians just like Donald try it. Really rare military could Scully it's all based on rank and file but one thing he used as an excuse was he is quote. The fast pace of events that's why he might have forgotten thinks this is someone that's been board's gun to tell people about what plains said that the fast pace of the fence was white meat being left out. The sanctions conversation with Russia yeah last. Here's a military he and he's he's in war zones like act fast pace is not a good excuse for you you might in the eighty worked a lot going on the spot you just showed about Donald saying I don't know I didn't know anything about it I could no more than the generals he knows everything else. No way that he didn't know about it because it wasn't as nice that warns it was James clapper it was John Brennan is you talk about Director of National Intelligence CIA director everyone went and said look this could potentially compromise our national security. Because this guy may potentially get ride and that's what happens now Kellyanne Conway has a responsibility to be informed this is falling on the heels of her having that huge controversy. Promoting a bomb because why now she's out they're talking about why I now know you it's your job to know it's Donald Trump starts know there's someone. In your administration that could potentially jeopardize our national security. That becomes our problem and it's your job to protect debt got another. Yeah it is yeah yeah now not know when when you don't. Lecture people correctly when you put a man to (%expletive) people off and you know and president Barack Obama did that yeah that president Bannon. Yeah because he's been trying to get him out and out for a long time and supposedly president Madison you know did you walking papers get out because when you're not what it's. If you were in the present. You wouldn't know what was going not this is your right but since these are not is picks these are people picked or am. But president keeping president band in new opt out yeah. And then really mean names did the Russians hand the presidency to the yeah I think so I'd I'd say it again I've said it before. Do it over just two local election over it's not a parent got sick. The other question is why I think what was that conversation that he was speaking about sanctions those sanctions were imposed because president Omar I was saying. There are consequences if you remember when I election what was that conversation between Flint and the ambassador involving our liquid and don't worry about that endeavor and are normally I want Larry Adler went in Ireland and stated no. They throw him under the bus because he was out there defending went it's oh well I think they honest I believe the raw complex yes I don't hitting my I'm. I believe. I don't because why do you have been solved when you don't win you and vice president. And you see. That this person is not are so mark choice when you see all but he's is subordination. Senate threat you can't. Sanction that yet so he went along what and I say this to all those Republicans. This is all want you got that you Russian follies now. It can't come back and lifestyle and is what I don't care because while all this is going on. Paul Ryan a the rest of them are slipping through their written they're a reactionary agenda to unload to overdo it overturn Obama can't just texts us heat a little too sensitive to Medicare to get rid of all of this the safety net and environmental controls all the things that they wanted to out you know I mean they could create jobs tomorrow they just have an infrastructure. Now I disagree that Republicans don't care I think a lot of republic I care very deeply O'Reilly he's let them while I don't even MMI. I I I don't know why I say might present out there aren't in school shaved right now I can I don't know why the bill he knew that he knew it didn't he notice and I can't all of them do. They also know we're not gonna go along what there's and then they all can't why we aren't hearing any of the Republicans coming out. I'd say this is glad there are all taken their wives are up for a black sport the Alec I'm.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"The co-hosts discuss the surprise resignation of National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45487968","title":"'The View' discusses Michael Flynn's resignation","url":"/Politics/video/view-discusses-michael-flynns-resignation-45487968"}