'The View' Co-Hosts Discuss Donald Trump's Controversial Comments About 9/11

Donald Trump made comments about President George W. Bush and 9/11.
3:18 | 10/19/15

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Transcript for 'The View' Co-Hosts Discuss Donald Trump's Controversial Comments About 9/11
So we want to get it's you we talked a little bit about pulpit politics but let's get in the meat of what happened politically this weekend Jeb Bush Donald Trump. It got to do a whole lot of trash talking he admitted it all started when trop took a shot. He jabs brother George W take a look. When you talk about George Bush admin say would you want to the World Trade Center came down during his time. If you log on and that you can't blame George for. He was president OK when did don't blame them or don't blame them but he was president the World Trade Center came down during his reign. And they sorry there's a lot of things to be the label 9/11 on. Right so that the Clinton foundation had some mishaps here and there you also they said back in the seventies we were funding. Oh Osama that lot and people like that. But you kind of have to just. Not it's not fair for him to say that at the same times wet your finger at the person who's the head of what other questions cheated lot of conspiracy theories therapy and looks like Donald Trump may have dial that back Jeb callables comments pathetic and Donald. Did seem to take it back a little but on Fox News yesterday that much particulate that's. Jeb said we were safe. With my brother we would say. Well the world critics are just felt I'm not blaming George Bush but I don't want Jeb Bush to shake my brother kept us safe. Because. September 11 was one of the worst days in the history of this country. And granted we know you just to comment but you guys please Teddy crossed the line by hinting that 9/11 with the failure of the bush White House. I think that part of what I I don't I think it was the little harsh for him to blame. George Bush for that because he did do some stuff he did you know the country got united after this. He did do some things he has that Patriot Act and and other things but I think being a president there are things that come along with being the president if something good happens. On your watch Osama bin Laden you get the credit for if something bad happens on your watch the oil spill and they blame you. So it on there's people in the industry who blame George Bush I think everybody thinks that it better be on hand when I became chief Jack and I know what this is doing for trump. I don't know why he asked to bring us up. Or or talk about it because at the and one that is that is looking at the Republican candidate and think your act imports within the party. And sweater and I'm Twitter until just sounds childish. I really want to hear what your opinion on the things that you can indifference about yeah. It. He said if I would well but he added I wouldn't read about it if I were president it would've been completely differently at times I don't eat at stake out plenty for solace and I'm I hate the trump is making me defend George Bush. But you know here I go. You cannot point a finger at George Bush ran for occupancy but they that he was sort of be. Pops you the republic after a kind of controlling and so let me point of the puppet master of over bush she could not control that that was something that was planned. From waiting administration. Don't quite quite a singer Jeff let me tell you why because when movies fail you blame the main story don't blame the writers don't blame the producers you don't clean the directors in the public got hold different couple different analogy. Just say that they points set. The character. Of the trunk and he's seen this town but all candidates I want to see what you stand for like I tell you I did not about a little bit later a little Lillian and I think one thing we can agree on is that the country did unite the country is among the worst disasters in our country did unite us afterwards.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Donald Trump made comments about President George W. Bush and 9/11.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"34583598","title":"'The View' Co-Hosts Discuss Donald Trump's Controversial Comments About 9/11","url":"/Politics/video/view-hosts-discuss-donald-trumps-controversial-comments-911-34583598"}