'The View' on Trump-Russia connection

The co-hosts discuss the new reports of the Trump team's communication with Russia.
8:39 | 02/15/17

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Transcript for 'The View' on Trump-Russia connection
Michael Flynn wasn't the only one who had Russia on speed dialer app. Farm records. And intercepted. Calls cell that members you know whose presidential campaign a had repeated contacts with the west and intelligence officials. Now. Apparently this does I'm here before the election. Now he called it fate rooms and now he always does that. And added information is being illegally demon. Seemed not failing New York Times and the Washington caused by the intelligence committee NSA and amp B. Well just like rocks at. You don't eat questioned the integrity of the intelligence agencies wouldn't expect to see expect them to love him and not leak stopped. Because he started this war with the intelligence agencies and this is what you're getting now. It is a little scary though to be at because these people are on elected so what you basically have is now I'm not saying the contents of the leaks aren't important these bureaucrats NSA the intelligence officials are unelected that summer a layover from the Obama administration that the concept that they can act will decide. That if they over here this information let's keep in mind that they always over here interaction between American politicians and foreign officials that's part of their job to oversee that. If they can at will say you know what I think that people have a right to know this and leak it to the public. That can be a little bit concerning homicide that's not to say the content is an important though don't need this I eat this is assuming that there was really what this is not the Google is not the issue. On the phone with Russia is a cash the issue because. Blaming it you know the surveillance video for the crime that's right the checks or any yeah what it's like you still something and you get caught on surveillance and you don't expect him surveillance video. We got the top administration is doing we all talked about the leaks so when the when he came to wit yeah accent always saying that the potential is for these leaks to be on verified unsubstantiated we don't know what he's we don't know what that these are at least. All we do know. Is that. This information. Has been out there for a while map wins gone and the fact that they were aware that these issues work. Residents when he took office apps they know this was a problem so from may I just you know I I actually tweeted something this morning doesn't. Op it doesn't office like really fake nose. And so say it is great no it's not so fake mr. Flynt is not. Wow does this mean that off well. You know they tried to blame. Obama administration mission and what does look remember Obama put the sanctions end and the Russians did nothing. Can't just say no little kid then we'll want to be at a glance I'm commitments or whatever is insane. I was asking jet about the speed for the Shelley's the first thing that jumped out at me about this was that call me felt it was so important leading right up to the campaign. To let us know about some emails were they didn't know it yet. Yet if they were duplicate emails before about the FBI never get our highlight ammunition and artillery site I eat helping need to come and speak out about eating up in the last ninety days about emails they didn't know yet if ever duplicate if they had seen him there was anything in and I have to let people know. When I asked Ted was why is this not the same problem because if I knew leading up. That there were information about our democracy. Possibly being toyed with by Edwards or question that's one that I would think they should speak up about you want to get a map. What's bothering me is that the Republican Party is not stepping up the way they shed. They will sell that's sold down the wherever. Cell democracy down the river so that the rich can get tax not through yet that's would be I don't think I. Then there are grappling and a lot of meadows member from North Carolina here's a quote I would rather accomplish something with distractions that not accomplish anything with smooth sailing. They don't can't you say don't AM Mitch McConnell senator want to embarrass senator Mark Warner titled porn here editor Roy block they are all out there and daddy hey Joseph you adjacent take it's now investigating are a lot Kelly did not. At the bottom line is when I look at this from the prosecutor's viewpoint this is treason. This is truth. I'm if putting your enemy before your country they Ressa has been our number one enemy for 65 years and the the question really needs to be what is the overall connection between Russia and this administration went away we get around that it dot com taxes because that's where. All other. Hi how. And so you wouldn't mind what are they have been basically quit wearing has yet. So some a mix and we didn't that was Nixon involved in the break and did he know anything what did we know so. All these people were dropping like flies Ehrlichman Haldeman John Mitchell and then John Dean came in and he testified because he knew stops. And then they found the tapes and Arab was the smoking gun now what is the smoking gun in this situation outlined his mommy got action what they even investigations. That we want they finally and I think it. So what they need a separate group because that movie that's in right now I and you know I don't know how conservatives feel but I would not feel. Comfortable. With the group that's in not investigating themselves I understand that the Phillies Saturday. Do not hate that name liked what they kinda like what they're saying. But I don't believe that because after all the bitching and moaning they did they've done. Although what. Democracy is and what we stand one blob blob lot for them to sit back. And allow this seems crazy to me. And so I put it on you Republicans I say this yes that's right I put it on the Republicans picking up because we can't act you know new name some bags we name faults Lasme. So who was saying listen there's a problem and they're standing up the rest to you all right and the rest of you. Should get up. Or how America had decided America throws but what does not want to begin what's I don't think it's. And it's accurate and the reason behind as the market for special prosecutor went into Hillary's emails they argued for a special prosecutor and copy may not get let me let rock shows is that all of these politicians are entrenched with each other so you do need someone from the outside real conservatives can't compensate. The system in order for what you gotta get up we know it's funny that if somebody. He's going to get track maybe it'll be potent. Now we know that they were discussing sanctions has got Clinton right and sang probably saying what are we gonna get rid of the sanctions collapse and OK they would and so now let's say. Let's say trump decides he's going to get rid of the sanctions well. The Americans will go crazy on our side and he doesn't get it is sanctions that's gonna take off potent so potent may turn on Donald. It's into the intelligence communities the Republicans or potent summer's gonna get Donald I say they can't. Six we have two things going on compensation with plan we have wiretapping on that we know what we sent the sanctions were discussed. These other conversations we're going on during the election. We don't know what was about that's where the investigation. At lake Renwick bridge sacks would be I found out. Randy Phillips is what he had and before the election what it's all out when have a way. And after having it's like they're collusion what we have ever say that the administration has denied all of these out as you well know administrators. And well isn't fake knew was that all the think they are registration also. After the election they cannot Sydney didn't speak with anyone from outside now we know that cat eyes as if this is a big surprise now he's alone he does. You know when they say and when he when I was up. Then send them. He unattached one must have a lot you know may be out it doesn't but make it funny. But they made enough of a stink to say there's a problem and nobody tell us to look at it so now. It's a big problem. And it's a growing. It's a growing problem at an attendant I 35 days into this can you mentioned that I only did you know that Republicans need to step that they love this stuff up stand up this stuff that I not the opening up an investigation I did to.

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{"duration":"8:39","description":"The co-hosts discuss the new reports of the Trump team's communication with Russia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45514232","title":"'The View' on Trump-Russia connection","url":"/Politics/video/view-trump-russia-connection-45514232"}