Virginia Voter Opinions Over Donuts After VP Debate

ABC News' Charli James talks with Virginians about their debate takeaways in Farmville.
14:33 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Virginia Voter Opinions Over Donuts After VP Debate
Back here on long leg camp then. Code debate party and now I'm late to be right now I'm camp it. Not a good thing off but at the after party it will quality doughnut. Say they're hosting a little breakfast and after today ending. Yeah. And laid them down here do credit time. About how they seldom. Let's try to grab a couple of things like okay hang. Okay. Don't. Each app through. A little bit of an emphatic. What do you think about. Here is your life. Screaming yeah. Bill Clinton. I'm climate that was Linda moderate Eric. No I didn't understand. Every other day. Tired. It. More him. And Sam but what it's. Back yeah. What you think. I'm what you learned. Obviously they weren't about. And that's interesting news. They live VP candidate. Acts warrant the attack dog. Here than them that McKinnon of the top of the ticket happy song little. Personally hair then but my friend and I eat you know little mark. Dad love. When Donna thank you back. We're. Of the doughnut situation here. Who doesn't like look I'm in doughnut at 11 o'clock in. Yeah. I'm Yang. I didn't realize that they me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Don't go. Where was on land area bonds might become an. When you live now on the road. It comes in must go on our and I lit you know if you. The world. If you and so lovely era overall not about. A little. Behavior odd thing. The last for the good of the late Bob Barr. It would make. At least make some good points. Ten have a favorite. Intel you why you don't have to help wherever it is. I'm very honest man and that we don't love him very very well he was our governor and now look. While they are so we have a respect for the accident and. Really it's. Time to lose we just came back from really Helen. In the last. Would bring in Alaska Alaska is on the hit and run. Thank you yeah right right it is like Karl Malone. A lot of ball hit. Yes a lot of do. Not very candidly and lay out everything that people. And we appreciate you sharing your thought particularly like I'm. Act I'd act out here before the debate it will hurt Manhattan and don't. In the yeah very area as well every time. I am happy event of the season and grabbed a Bloomberg. We'll follow. The longer run over here on the other side of the comedy. Night yeah. I'm doing a live. You got the as far. Sap your. What makes you think. I'm the debates pretty cool we'll bring and prayers and observers president of V I thought the song. A little bit more brilliant. Thoughtful candidates. Palmer and on the other subtle jabs. This immigrant and someone else where that you an eyewitness the think they weren't enough. Every day state more. There's pizza. Although he did girl several light hearted jabs. Well again actually addressed policy and record a track record and oranges. Nodding in agreement yeah. The area. We analyze it wasn't nothing. What I. I think there are a lot of eyes. Yeah I like it infected pregnant where every question put together is that in lovely Betty and I didn't think and eat but yet they're now overrun. Let's hear anything that you are you look out either. No I notes McCain is known more here in Virginia. That no idea how many elected positions here military. Home. Nice to be quite honest I wasn't. I the most attention. And I did learn that. He did have been no heat though we try to ride right three sacks and Dallas. He never is and then we'll hands on kind of learn nano. He's more zone like what she's alluding to seem like he's definitely more so like Donald Trump's body harder and but not necessarily like housing related goods. And if this seems like parents with an indefensible the whole time and on. I'm memo. Now it as far as what you Wear it everything from the it was and I was thirty. Interactive. Are you pay back your boyfriend. But overall it was better than that actually. And anyone line any favorite. One line are my favorite line. Same name cards. And I want to say Mike Pence and that's little words you and Hillary Clinton that I haven't been ugly thing if there's been all kinds of data from both sides. But in the sale let's go for youths like we've already been there have been. How little else funny. There was a line that got a lot of attention online and later all of loaded. And it says that. Pretty much that. Yeah you're running mate at. Reagan was talking all right Ed thank you so nice and so you might also hear PE music in the background. They don't like on this. Favorite meats and today up there. It was anything. Again that's. For us identify bad. There won't Bryant flying. Today. Without a day getting. Yeah. I'm making. Businesses are doing. Thank god it's. What they saw him. What got it back. I'm back I'm. That would in effect think that they. Feel like hand is worth. I give up his. A moment that. Any. I like. Ryan and they're not. I did that Leno I'm. The winner than. Not even let him. Here. Head about how one of the biggest and want line here. I'm me. You know you can hear them on the street as. Let us. Don't. One act. Yeah all of the line in all of England now. Though it looks like the winner. Don't let contests apparently. They are intent yeah yeah. Thank you yeah. Your canyon creek and it that people on fewer people trickling in here covenants only nine. There and think it is going to check out via the camp Murray and see how the outlook. All wrapped up there on my next check out jam party with a the doughnut area near certainty. An out a little net. But there where a lot of people here tonight isn't considering the good. The population of the town there's only about it we're not even longer lived here. Plus them as good students make up another about 5000. But. There are hundreds of people here tonight that was a big turnout and. Interesting to hear from people. Saying that they felt like they are. Defending. Top of the tech and then Jerry narron idea now opt out every parent you are yeah. It is denying. A irony is not at. Mom I'm headed out here and I hate. He continued to plot and Allen this recap. On And I am I'm I think the the debate and a different baby have been a lot of rap pop. In that manner tomorrow morning at about that how. From Longwood University. The lots were unfairly get him that I got it done and it now indictment. Against him. And thanks for watching tonight it for the blasts here at my omelet and we don't. And say look let four is Sunday night. Second presidential. Here on today.

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{"duration":"14:33","description":"ABC News' Charli James talks with Virginians about their debate takeaways in Farmville.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42576410","title":"Virginia Voter Opinions Over Donuts After VP Debate","url":"/Politics/video/virginia-voter-opinions-donuts-vp-debate-42576410"}