The virus is “under control”: President Trump

ABC’s political director Rick Klein breaks down President Trump’s handling of the pandemic and Joe Biden’s possible vice president pick.
5:03 | 08/04/20

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Transcript for The virus is “under control”: President Trump
President trump is defending the US response to the corona virus pandemic in an interview overnight again pointing to expanded testing as a reason why the US reports so many cases. But the high number of deaths in the last few weeks is a sign of the country's doing much worse than most of the developed world. Here's his exchange with axis. Well don't we get. And because we do more tests we have one cases in other words we test what we have. A tough one that's a good thing not a bad thing at the top Janet if if if if hospital rates were going down and gets what going to I'd say to brief think you deserve to be priced. An old going on in her mostly. Dust Americans are in hospital who watched. There's usually talk about new cases new cases new cases. I'm to conducting would you look it's not death is way down from where was its 2008 day was to the top house and went down to 500 now it's going to. Excuse me where it was is much higher than where it is right now went down the satellite. But now it's the. That a pandemic is a key issue for our health and the economy and also a key issue in the election which is now less than 100 days. A way ABC's political director Rick Klein joins me now from Washington Rick. What make of this interview. Bull's eye and I I think it's a remarkable window into a couple of aspects of the president and how he. Manipulates information or how he receives information. Statistics that. Did his chosen narrative. I and I think he's seeking out of of praise of credit for how corona virus has been handled is is another kind of constant that we've seen for the last couple months even as confidence in his leadership is seriously deteriorated. He has confidence in himself in his own handling. Has not wavered and I think in the face of some tough questioning from Jonathan swan are back COC saw president who was trying to still create his own reality. Around what this disease is meant to the country. And I need an hour expecting to learn who Joseph Biden will pick as his VP when do you think that announcement will come and any thoughts on who it'll be. It Diane its interest thing just last week Vice President Biden said to be the first week in August will cure we are actually though. Biden aides have had told me that they're looking more to the latter part of next week right in the runup to the convention that would be more in fitting with how previous picks have been announced. And there are couple innings getting a lot of scrutiny we've heard a lot about cent of that senator Connell Harris and another California congresswoman. Karen bass both of them have had a whole series of bruising stories out there in the last couple days which could signal that's a lot of Democrats are either interest sitting in stopping her or and boosting her. The other person that you. Continue to hear a lot about his senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois she's a combat veteran who has close relationship to. Vice president Biden's son Bo and I think obviously an. Any of these women obviously would make strong compliments Joseph Biden has the religious decide who was the one that the checks the most boxes are right. And today is Election Day in some states including a titan GOP primary in Kansas. With some unusual circumstances explain what's going on there. A usual with Italy's that's it it's a familiar names of people watching that the trump saga over the last couple years Chris call back who just lost the race for governor he was on the president's. All election reform commission he's trying to win is Tennessee and Kansas but it that he doesn't have the endorsement though president trump and that's a large part because there's an establishment candidate Roger Marshall the Republicans think has a better chance of keeping that seat red. And in this race. The Democrats are actually spending millions of dollars to boost Chris call back. Even as both Republicans try to profess their loyalty to Donald Trump. The Democrats are weighing in because they think that actually the nomination call that would give them a chance to win a senate seat in deep red Kansas that is unusual for sure. All right Rick I know you're busy but before you go we wanna play on the ground of our favorite political trivia game stump Rick flag and are you ready. But still it's Greg first question for you if Joseph Biden wins in November he would be the second ever president born in Pennsylvania. Who was. The first. Wow I got nothing on this one I do not lose Pennsylvania and who who is who has been elected president I it. I don't I don't even I don't even hazard a guess on this I know it's out. Lou we Eisenhower has a place outside Gettysburg. And button up up. The answer Rick Klein is James Buchanan but I like being through and people extra little extra in there. Our next question area. When was the last time Kansas elected a Democrat to the senate. Wow you're just you're just bring in the high heat today Diane I was not prepared for for any of these I don't think I have a good answer on this one Dominic go. I'm gonna go with nominee go with 1984. It was ninety. Too late 1930 due senator George Miguel was reelected Rick find. Thank you reply another tough lesson this I don't I Diana as is this is this is a bad debut on your program I apologize to the viewers you will be back annual redeem yourself I'm sure that's. Red color and having a thank you thank thank you get four.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"ABC’s political director Rick Klein breaks down President Trump’s handling of the pandemic and Joe Biden’s possible vice president pick.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72167832","title":"The virus is “under control”: President Trump","url":"/Politics/video/virus-control-president-trump-72167832"}