Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown – Dueling presidential candidate town halls

Plus, the facts about the Trump administration's handling of immigration.
27:42 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown – Dueling presidential candidate town halls
Yeah. Hello everyone thanks for streaming with us on your voice your vote breakdown. I'm Terry Moran in Washington. And I'm Diane Macedo a New York in any other election year immigration would likely be one of if not the key. The issue but today we will examine president comes promises and policies and how they affect. Thousands of Americans. And potential America. News in order to begin with showdown in prime time last night the president and former vice president facing voters in dueling town homes. Take a look at just a few of the highly. I was okay with some masks I was doing that but I heard many egyptians usually asks when a president doesn't Wear a mask or makes fun of folks like me when I'm wearing a mask for a long time. Now I'm divisional people he said my god must have their we have done an amazing age. It's rapidly slaughter and we have the sexiest thing any therapist who think he said he didn't tell anybody because he was afraid America. There's a presidential responsibility to lead. And he didn't do that he didn't talk about what needed to be done because he kept worrying in my view about the stock market it was a big threat. At the same. This country I don't want to go out and say everybody's going to die I know nothing about it. I do know they are very much against its pedophilia today's fighting very hard but I know nothing that I believe you do not. I don't know you like him. I don't know. No matter what answer I gave you. If I say that's the headline tomorrow. It won't be about what's going on now. He improper where they're proceeding but don't voters have a right to know where they do have a right to know they stand now have a right to know our staff before they vote. See you'll come out with a clear position before Election Day yes depending on how they handled it. I wish I did okay I'm sure they'll ask Israel white supremacist question should I do this white supremacist I'd tell you want to hear from elected president. Norma here merely stated no you re divide evenly trying to unify. Right a lot of big moment there is so let's unpack this solid our virtual roundtable joining us today BC news political director Rick Klein. And Washington Post political correspondent Mary Jordan thank you both. For beer in here I'll just start with a really broad question marry you can start us off what stood out to you from each of these events and then Rick I'd like your take is well. I don't think we've ever seen Donald Trump so much on the defense. You know he really was in the hot seat. Announcing that's when he image and him you know who was pouring out. He didn't have control. He said rather bizarre things at one point they were. Yeah a reference to him re re tweeting any absolutely crazy conspiracy theory. And he can't fumble that the answer and we're talking about you know. You know somebody said and you're not crazy uncle also and I got speech and by contrast the Arnold we're talking about the crazy uncle. You know he was completely different tone when Biden he was calm and he was more like that comforting uncle. I think that last night wasn't. Being being turned for you can steal the momentum today on the on the trail actually Biden. Seems to be soaring as he's in Michigan right now we're talking to people. It was a big moment. What do you think. I think you learn more about these candidates as she bowl and is zionist leaders and ET Wendy Rossi stage and just because this shout fest and OECD. I think. Oh or was he able to watch. Most or all of those tunnels. Got more out of it in all likelihood and it would have a if candidates have been on the scene because they're forced to confront questions of a real voters are real people that have real concerns. Their forces beyond their own out there and for his injury time he saw just a sharp contrast. I don't as well as substance between two men and one impressed us. And that contrast. Ya lends itself to a question I'd like to ask about Joseph Biden in particular. But which is he has a very different approach. He doesn't do make things up as it goes along it seems he's got pretty prepared answer have been present from firing from the hip. One of the things that he does have made up though is his position on court packing still percent to dodges that because it's the last night. Oh he'll know before you vote well 1718. Million Americans have voted. Mary walked through he hears such a careful campaign what's wrong with him on this issue that he can't just answer straight questions. Well I think that's obviously his decision they've decided it's better not to me listen to a strategic move. And he adds he said stick depending on what does donut is certainly looks like we're gonna have another woman on the Supreme Court before November search. And then he's gonna say what he's going to do and I think makes 66 cents for him because she you know he can just see all else would come abused packing the court. By the way historically. That's happened that they didn't change the number on the Supreme Court there's no magic that it has to be nine. And I think everybody now is that there step partisan games here again the polls just ask mayor Garland who. You know many people believe should have been on the court but faith stops. So I think that fair move but I think Rick so does she. You know he'd finally got to see these people and people always say you know it's important in a debate not just what you say. But the feeling that people take away from it and you just stealing. And I've talked to a lot of different people in my home state of Ohio and Pennsylvania which really matters. And you resist saying well you know I just we just geek com we need somebody who's standing. And that fuming as what Biden hands in the same time it really trump was off his game last night. The Ricky no then people may want common steady as a general rule but people put Donald Trump and office four years ago because he is not generally those things and so. How did yesterday work for people who do like trump did he and galvanize his base last night. There's no question if you if you wanted to see Donald Trump in his element you saw it didn't just remarkable consistency. In the style. And it calculation the president has made about a kind of country got a ring in a kind of president than people. She has not changed fundamentally who he is to try to fit a particular moment in time. I and it goes downhill now the same way he genius and I think for a large portion of the country. A third of the soul of the country that Constance he's he's beast they want less so yes our guys are fighter and he's still innocent woman. All of the rallying cry all the talking points all of that generic and his regime against the debate hosts an NBC that's what trump dust and he is not change really at all when it comes to contain another is that enough. When the president Zia second time. I've got is a much different issue we recognize. What the political Steve using right now. What the country is fundamentally different place and it was four years ago he was also the calendars out to become American Airlines jets. I'm sorry to Rick's point debt this afternoon in Florida. Lot tribe people came out to maim or raven legacy lives in Fort Myers and and he definitely is working Florida and it's good to remember what Meehan days left here. There's really a very small number of voters in place. And that's why you see right now as we speak but trump is working hard with seniors and vote he desperately needs in Florida. And at first Joseph Biden is bobbing back and forth between Pennsylvania and Michigan and he needs those votes. But it is only a small band and Rick absent my debt. You know she didn't trump still has strong support. He has a base. Will he get enough to move over and we're hearing all kinds of talk about record turnout. We actually are expecting a lot of people are expecting. That we may have more people voting than any time in this century. There's a lot of big things happening in twenties funny. Not not just a pandemic innocence and voter turnout. To this country. And who knows what battle due to the polls but I want to pick up on something that that Rick set aside the style. He's in the year two candidates didn't different visions of the country different understandings of who we are as a people. I think every campaign is about that a guess but how would you describe that what America does Donald Trump city. What America's Joseph Biden said. I don't think either couple exchanges last night that really tell that story I think the president's not refusals condemned the QB that's our right guy and and downright scary. Conspiracy groups human not. I think speaks a little bit too. How he sees the country a chip on his shoulder are buried on trusting authorities are very much the outsider who music suspicious so he didn't need DC or anything it might suggest government hour. And you don't like his previous point but I think we can get back to where you were talking about the potential for unity to potential harm Republican lawmakers along. Lot of people don't directs are excluded. That is an outdated concepts that the countries who've gone but. You know what Kenya and some of the some of the ratings numbers from last night that you're more people squash ought to do the Biden town hall on ABC and one presidential hopeful Ron NBC. Nady is that people were looking for a more soothing. Calming presence a tangle a piece and the vision that he sees which frankly it is very consistent through the primaries into a lot of these Joseph Biden had a sense of where the country is in he's been right so formal immoral and wrong. All right Rick Klein and Mary Jordan thank you both very much. Thank you please the thank you so these big events in the last days leading up to the election. Are of course big opportunities for each of these candidates make their closing arguments to voters we check in with an undecided voters voter who watched both town halls. About his takeaways from the night. There you watch those things DVR and so raw and both candidates are much improved performance and we'll relieve the previous day. So I was happy to see down. Well forced. President truck also had a town hall when I was able to participate packed hospital was much improved over not a swelling from the visibility into question. No emergency call vice president fines for warrants. Not a tax study get a really good job do you know who it is very articulate and we'll work our student even talking and listening court. And the arts which he was asked Muller did not answer the only thing that we give us an answer closer the election. Number problem when that is just three new business. Contradictory and she's saying that women on the other hand we're talking about saying we can't put forth day. Supreme Court nominees because the election has our story. The election already started competing here's your positions that we can find out why I don't know this. Nonetheless looking forward to this next debate and people walk in my decision and going into Election Day. It's. A rare sighting there and undecided voter Election Day now just eighteen days away but. Early mornings already started in several states you can go to 538 dot com to find out. How to vote where you are. An issue of immigration dominated the 2016 election ended when he eighteen mid terms but it pushed to the background lately now of course that doesn't mean anything. Is is still impacting people in this country every day so we're gonna hear from both sides about how president comes immigration policies have affected their lives and businesses. For better. What worse plus what Americans are saying about legal immigration for the first time he might surprise you stay with us. We are going to take care doctor. We're gonna take care of her dream and we think we're getting right now. We're negotiating. Certain tests except immigration and emigration law. We want people to come into our country adapt to come in legally we are working very hard on that doctor program. I'm back to adopt the program. No new applicants are allowed and it's fast the top recipients now to review each and every hear had opposed to every two years selling fast. That dot com program had been well curtailed by your ministry. President trump last night talking immigration policy and throwing his administration would quote take care of the Dhaka program but it's not so simple really. This administration tried and failed to and that Obama Arab program which protects undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as children. From deportation. That's one small part of the president's agenda for curbing immigration both legal and illegal so let's check a look at. At the trump administration's efforts so far from two very different perspectives. It was president Trump's signature campaign issue in 2016. And well while that. Promise for a massive new wall on the southern border to be paid for by Mexico never materialized. Donald Trump's administration has succeeded in changing American immigration. Cracking down at the border and around the country among the most notable the zero tolerance policy in 2018 that separated thousands of undocumented immigrant children from their parents. And inspired protests around the country. We saw images of children locked up in what looked like cages at this facility in McAllen Texas and and we heard the excruciating audio first obtained by pro public of a children's sobbing for their parents. In cities. Thousands of immigrants who have been living in the US unlawfully for decades have been deported in massive sweeps trump building on an Obama era policy. Those raids continuing even during the pandemic and Trump's incendiary rhetoric striking fear in these communities believe the car. So is this what voters wanted a Gallup poll this summer showed that for the first time more Americans want immigration increased rather than decreased. We talk to two people with very different perspectives on this issue Dan Vander tease runs a small dairy farm in Brussels Wisconsin. I like getting up a working outside. Time series ride is completed my way tonight you know the week we go to work together Chrissie Rivera per lunch isn't dreamer an undocumented immigrant brought to the United States by her parents when she was eight from El Salvador and now. A medical student studying at brown and Harvard university's. I got my entire childhood and on. Essentially living in shadows fall below the current. Dan vanity says the influx of undocumented immigrants provided cheap labor to big farm operations and it's made it tough for failing businesses like kids to compete. If we have a lot illegal immigration. We have now. A lot of cheap labor cheaper labor available for a larger orange. Which are able to expand solar supply is greater. Means our milk prices less. Which means that my Jack goes Don own. Dan says he's not happy with either political party or the divisive this in our country but he credits the trump administration's tough policies with stemming the flow of cheap labor. The hourly wage. The workers are getting and I'm d.s and not these farms and bad news. Are not quite quite today. And what do you attribute that to you move probably because they're ready to go across the border solely lasts a few you know less workers you going to be more did you do once he got. Before Chrissie Rivera parlor could trump administration's efforts threatened her future as a doctor she had been protected from deportation. By the Obama Arab program dot com. Because float them from their life changing and I auctioning the state it's on the scenes role has also then. On sources asked firm. And I think the reason for it says. I was into the. In the fall of 27 changed her fears were realized president trump moved to terminate the program but his attempts to. And uncle were overturned by the Supreme Court this summer the day you heard the Supreme Court decision came down. RD field. Elliott a grace and it actually in not pre war. When the news went out and I dis on my phone ring. Warning signs she hopes immigration policy will one day take the uncertainty out of her life. I think the momentum has learned plus homes not going to go all questions about it or sudden. Both Chris CM and Dan empathize with the plight of the immigrants crossing the border I want it leaves home. And and placed it on home because they want to permit their didn't force that is what would be the situation in slow the. They're just trying to better themselves like get it understand it and I won't go more wish you all well. But there is a legal way to get easier but Chris Sears says a legal path to the US is just not on the table for many families. How would you answer people who are on the other side of this issue that they say you know Lee it we have laws and and you and your family. Came bill without the benefit done under those laws. The bottom in his. This notion. Getting enough insulin five cents on her bike organization is. It's not a lineup really says fair individuals coming from the bunch is. 22 perspectives there restrictions on illegal immigration have in fact made it tougher to come to the US under president trump those travel bans and visa restrictions refugee camps. Changes to asylum rules. Dell slowed migration way down and all of that was before the pandemic. According the Cato Institute which favors a more open immigration policy more than 90%. Fewer immigrants came to the US in the second half of this fiscal year compared to the first half past the fastest climb recorded history. Obviously because that pandemic for a closer look. At where we stand as a country on this issue we're joined now by professor of law and migration studies bill hang pressuring thanks for joining us. And I just ask you general observation after three and a half years now president trumps rhetoric and policies on immigration gonna impact. Has he had and what could the Democrats digital lasting impact sure when the Democrats have they got and be able to change. Well. From the very first days of his administration. Than the fear level to be honest with you an immigrant community. Just fight. Even before he's just warn him. I was getting calls by people for presentations. On who won an African and it is important that perhaps acknowledged. Those from the very beginning I am and of course since that time he's implemented so many administrative changes. From the Muslim band to the attempt to end daka. To get closure of the border even before the pandemic. Through the difficulties for people cult of death on temporary protected status. From all in parts of the world from El Salvador Sudan Haiti. So. Most of those things. Work done administratively. And so most of those things done administratively. It could be scaled back. By indeed by an administration. And it looks like most of those things are on Joseph Biden's first hundred day lists an office. Of addressing. And professor and when he sixteen voters and I Gallup poll listed immigration as one of the most important issues for the next president to deal with second only to the economy. This 20/20 campaign season it ranks tenth so what do we know about where the public is on this issue. And what do they want to see an immigration system look like. Well a fruit fly I want to address some of the things that were in the video before. Isn't the gentleman farmer who is complaining about undocumented migration. The truth is. The numbers of undocumented migration. It was under the client's. For ten years prior to this. Donald Trump taking office so we were all time low in terms of the number of people and we're just trying to answer according quote he legally. The border. Snow in contrast to that there was an increase in people trying to seek asylum. Also at the southern border Google Earth to different for very groups and so believe factories. People see demographic changes happening not citizen California or New York but in the south. Bob that. May pose challenges to many folks are looking around him hearing people who don't speak English and so. I think that's what fallen Tuesday interest in immigration because Donald Trump use that as his primary Plame case. He and his campaign and twenty sixteenths. And six your callers answers. Suggests on this segment before telling you. There's so many other issues on the table right now beginning with a pandemic. And the economy. That Donald Trump hasn't been able to play the immigration car and as strongly as she did in the past. Well thanks for that lesson on the recent history there and I want to ask you about that decline in people crossing the border. Without. The authority of law and ended question that I have as it was that partly because of the deportations. The raids that we know took place under the Obama administration that that have been harshly criticized. And how at a Joseph Biden administration you think do it differently. OK so I I I eight I want different what you want to and was in the video and you just appeared it. That the raids happened. Under the Obama administration that's actually not true okay. The bid raises you have in your unit. I happen under the George Bush Administration. It's true federal Obama became known as the border in chief but it wasn't because of the types of Brady's and it did you have in your mind. Most of the people that got deported under Obama were at the border for people who have been convicted of crimes that are cracked and I have long path. Would be. Full bottle administration. It's the treatment of asylum seekers out the borders so in 2014. And 2015 huge numbers of unaccompanied minors. And then. Couple later what's women and children fleeing from Central America to the board they can. Tens of thousands and 2014201526. Into a San did you bottom administration reacted. By opening family detention centers it's all right that's my breath put the Obama administration. And and that was so. The basis for a first some of the cruelties that we have seen featuring the administration engaging and at the border. All right we'll thank you Berman is very important bill hang thanks very much for helping us out today. Finally and a lighter note we started off the week with the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Amy Connie Barrett now the hearings were contentious at times. But there were some lighter moments and insurance when he joining fashion. Some technical difficulties we bring you our Barry hearings blooper reel. The doctor to sever abilities what what does it mean. Push push the red okay. No I can't you know. It's and that clearly there are good. Concerned Durbin. Colleges and lake. Apology I've got color it is allowed inside at 9 o'clock shift the senator Harris. Okay. Still. Very much senator Grassley. Don't stop there don't started climbing in. He's not ready. For five bucks won't stop tens. It didn't look like that. But that. The cantina bar scene out of star would force. And I'd like to talk about the Houston Astros who are miserable cheaters. Sorry corn and and cruise but tonight it's game four thank goodness the First Amendment protects that right. We're gonna arrest federal his opinion if you if you wanted to defend seating that is certainly the prerogative of the senior senator and the junior senator from Texas now rushes into the room is a homer of some who's going. So well. He was speaking of judge heart women's opinion which was. I'm from. So strong temporary. Give them their raids. Thank you sir appreciate that. I'm sorry about the interruption there. They're Tillis. A senate your town's. Senator Blumenthal. Thank you mr. chairman. Tenet but you Michael. Is it working now death. Okay good. Plus you made it through that's for sure of course a very serious issues but the Senate Judiciary Committee last week as we said was. Kind of an example to some people's frustration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's admonition you can disagree without being disagreeable and that technical issues as well as the disagreements were handled. There with good humor. I had to push the button on my microphone there Terry took totally agree totally brain. It brassiere and your voice your vote to break down hopefully get a little cloudy with that one I'm Diane potato in New York. And I'm Terry Graham wash and we'll see you back here Monday at 3 PM eastern have a great weekend. Yeah.

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