Vote 2020: Cory Booker launches bid for president

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker talks with ABC News Live about why he is running and why his roots are so important to his campaign.
6:08 | 02/01/19

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Transcript for Vote 2020: Cory Booker launches bid for president
That's really great to be your thank you for having me and bomb I just from one of those folks that knows in this country either a lot of folks who losing faith in this nation to be alone solve more problems. There are a lot of people were feeling left out and left behind affect as lot of folks. We're beginning to believe that forces Tarrant supporter stronger. The forces holding us together I don't believe that. And so I'm restoring I'm running to restore that faith in who we are together and what we can accomplish together and frankly. That we can be a nation where lines that divide us spark stronger than ties that bind us we could address the injustices and inequities and lack of fairness. To make our country live up to its profits so I'm excited about this road ahead to put my energy ideas. I'll before the American people look at we we in Newark know that our city for years was demean degraded. People given up why people thought we couldn't accomplish anything. But when I was mayor we pulled the city together and we not only accomplish things but. Distort things the biggest economic development period in generations. Jobs coming in crime going to our schools elevating now with a number one city. In America for BP on schools kids with in poverty who were achieving achieving and achieving so. I downhill test case that we can do things other people. Don't think we can do when we pull together and and that's our history American history is that perpetual testimony to the achievement of impossible things. When we do them together and we need leadership that's often divide us but unite us not denigrate solemn but elevate seek to elevate all the what was great to see. In your video you you did point out that you're the only senator who goes home to a low income inner city community. Com and you make of that a point of pride you talk about it a lot do you think your peers that are running for the presidency. Or sort of out of touch with the experience of America's inner cities not busing them at all what what but I'm the only one in this race who have to run. Managed thousands of employees the city. In the middle of a recession which is a depression for inner cities. We managed through crisis and we achieve things people so they couldn't do. And I stay put in that in the neighborhood where I first got my start. And will never forget the people that believed in me and got me give me my first chance and I do live with a sense of urgency. You know I had a young man shot with an assault rifle 01 my block to the top my block last year. I had a young man I go to my corner bodega or the big around the corner from me and and see people work full time jobs and still use. Food stamps every single day I live with that sense of urgency to we've got to solve these problems and the knowledge. We can't solve them divided against each other we have to find ways to come together to solve these problems. And I want to ask about that you prided yourself here Washington certainly with the reputation of being your kids conciliator someone who brings people together you're not afraid to work with Republicans in fact. He just achieve some pretty historic legislation a criminal justice reform working hand in hand with the White House to give that true. And you talk a lot about the need to love your enemies love Donald Trump as part of that. That plan to work together how do you plan to do that with Donald Trump and take him on at the same time how do you love trump. But also challenge try. What you and I told her here because in the face of farmed Hayden. People stood with on arm love whether civil rights marchers or suffer jets. We have com by showing that law has an easy it's hard it's tough. It takes courage and the willingness to make yourself vulnerable. I think Americans have had enough. Trash talking Twitter trolling demeaning and degrading pitting American against American I think that we want to be called yet again. Tora higher principles on higher. Ideals two or moral imagination we are at our best. When we look up and can do big things you know presence and say hey we as a people that moon is not a dream it's a destiny we're gonna get there together. When Martin Luther King says he stands on the mountain top and sees the promised land he didn't they were to get there by. Beaten those hate field people know he said we're gonna create a beloved community and we will get there together. So we are all products. Of a rattle Kohl called Regis love and that's the story. Of America's overcoming injustice over coming in equality overcoming hate. And I'm sorry you don't fight fire with fire that creates more fire. Bob you you can fight don't fight darkness with darkness is king would say you bring the light and that's what we're bringing to this campaign and come to put that before the people. I believe in solving tough problems addressing issues affect all Americans. But I believe that the best way to do that is finding that common ground as part is this some times but telling the truth. Calling out injustice but finding ways to work with people to get things done it we there's no one. Leverett a poll in the city changes you've got to focus on the on people and and the quality of life of people that includes. Into related issues health care is into related to kids getting a good education. Not struggling with lead poisoning which is environmental justice safety going back and forth the school we need. The comprehensive approach that deals with the real issues affecting Americans. From the great plains the Great Lakes from the sea to shining sea. We can do better and we all know it we know we have common pain. We need to get back to is that sense of common purpose. Your apparently also a big fan of marching bands. You know what I thought of a former football player brother and head where there is a Stanford band. Fall or in the or my high school a bad. By that music has always got my energy flow and I'm glad that's what we used to this subject is there is there a story behind that group you using your radio look we are a city in Newark with incredible. High school marching bands. From we quick to should bat I'm I'm just proud of my city in my my young people so. Getting them involved was really a delight senator thank you so much patriots are rams ha ha ha ha I hate status but the saints and they show how. There should be in the super ball are it to a thank you very much for your time senator broker can't you thank you.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker talks with ABC News Live about why he is running and why his roots are so important to his campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60789859","title":"Vote 2020: Cory Booker launches bid for president ","url":"/Politics/video/vote-2020-cory-booker-launches-bid-president-60789859"}