Voter turnout soars as Democrats take back the House

Democrats win control of House, GOP keeps control of Senate.
2:49 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Voter turnout soars as Democrats take back the House
And welcome to debrief let's get right to it the Democrats have taken control of the house but the Republicans and increase their majority. In the senate we have Rick Klein here are political director to break down the big picture fourth the first you wanna get to Johnson to chief at the White House John what does this all mean for the president. He Elliott Diane deadly a big night over here at the White House for the president. He was here late last night with his friends his family his top advisors -- some of his top donors joining him as well and we heard all night from the White House that the president was thrilled happy with the results and really have to bring that down to where the president spent his time he was out campaigning for many of the close senate races we saw last night as a result we're coming in we were hearing from sources close to him he was very happy with the results out of Indiana where he had just gone the last couple days and North Dakota feeling that -- Kavanagh fact was summing it worked very well in his favor the other state the president was watching for quite a long period time last night Diane was Florida the president considers that his second home his family had been down there campaigning when he wasn't. And sometimes even crisscrossing the state on the same days on the so he's a big big big watch her what was happening down there. Obviously the governor's race is gone his direction handpicked candidate there an congressman Ron Desantis did very very well for him. But it's over in the senate race with Rick Scott his longtime friend one of the first. State elected officers came out and supported Donald Trump in 2016. That that's the race he's gonna wanna watch because that would clearly be another big win for the president. No one of several that still outstanding to close to call it the moment. And China what it was about the governor's races having those breakdown. For the president how the White House spending that. Yeah though the reality for this White House is that they are taking the winds where they feel the president and the family and other members the administration actually gotten involved so in the governor's races on the like is an example in Wisconsin with Scott Walker that was only one stop. That he when they are whereas Florida we source several stops the last couple days Missouri with the senate race the that is obviously flipped and Claire McCaskill losing. He had been several times in the last couple days so and the reality here is that. Donald Trump was there this worked well for us I think you're also seeing that the fact that even though Diane they've lost and we're still watching the final numbers but it does look like it's gonna be upwards of thirty mid thirties somewhat house seats. They're re the picture for them is that you know what the president didn't go there. There aren't fair enough John San Suu Kyi from outside the White House thanks John thanks and the president will actually be speaking shortly but sources tell us he is thrilled with the election results.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Democrats win control of House, GOP keeps control of Senate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59033092","title":"Voter turnout soars as Democrats take back the House","url":"/Politics/video/voter-turnout-soars-democrats-back-house-59033092"}