Voters in Baltimore React As Results Come In

ABC News' Lauren Lyster talks to voters at a democratic watch party in Maryland.
8:08 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Voters in Baltimore React As Results Come In
And I'm aren't scary eerie apparently wearing Amy it is predicted Hillary Clinton won the democratic primary here while Donaldson on line at the Republican primary. Are they need heat index is based on exit polls now we are here and watch parties for one of the dozen democratic candidate in an Angel held primaries they could imagine a lot of voters here yeah like supporting Hillary Clinton in waves and that's something we definitely you weren't out at the polling place today now it's not just people that are here to watch out. Their mayor on Hannity aired in the local rates that there all the celebrity parent want and ever this is an actress you had very pleasant Baltimore tonight. Her name is dying is sounding CE is that best known for her role. As detectives seem to Greinke documentary earning gravity theories of why air waves with sank in Baltimore illness in Baltimore and she is here. She worked community and six in this is not all newborns until his that it let's stick to what's not to our cameras and he is working. Z is still can't carry this sign here saying it HBO is teaming. A documentary about Baltimore in advance you're guarding Allen gave the US cents the crowd here this bothering his film that's been my sister and take a little look around I know you're not going to be ugly here Mary wells I'll I down the numbers the last. You can see we have a bunch of higher higher they're all out war. Time and feed and a lot of them have different groups bearing a pre teen's parents. Basically everybody is milling around here that close. Close game EP and pain in Baltimore area's primary and its handling fees that kind the end here. Due to a court order that his ass or my landing gaining in the senate primary care. And then the car and they talk every give you a little laying the ground and then we'll step back outside in all talk to some voters even get a sense. And how Baltimore voters are dealing. Okay. Okay. I let a couple hundred feet why they think Hillary Clinton into it so much support. Hearing airline I think I can eat out. The leaking and a little better quality. Higher ranked so I am doing I ain't shot gains and Larry games are those that voters here at this party and guys first did you vote for in the presidential race. Let's go to you look very. OK so Clinton is projected to win in Maryland she is it's protected she did and whiny pain I have I'm gonna get security scanners apart but why do you think they Hillary Clinton enjoys so much support in the state of Maryland is within easy went for her she bot support among. Minorities and whites winning name him like evening that is happening. I mean having narrow valleys according Hillary. It was no brain ever higher early years like yeah and yeah I mean. She's as good at me thinks is good for this day and that's good busy having seen. For the people who know and I think really though it's just been hurt by them from the Clinton administration I think probably. And now you broke rank with yet they're Clinton supporters seniors Dayton what like that Aggies according Bernie Sanders. I'm I just like I came into the community. Arab communities and it's really pleased now to the guys in the community it's not they'll get some uprising that to keep things movement. If that wasn't the blackout whether I'll let it would have. I was supposed to just because it is online office desk don't be able to take down prices and I think you know everything's. A price of trump ABC is projected trump won the Maryland primary for Republicans. Why do you think Maryland voters on their public and I gave him their support and what do you guys think the time. I don't think there is a lot of is so good because something like they need another day. In office someone that believes what they believe they've been on you've got some got to say you know what we've got to have good evidence that. John has the attack is gonna do exactly what needs to do might mean that's so sometimes you know it's like. You need it independent Katz the last pandemic flu. I don't see this enemy will know ahead of I was aren't you guys up aren't connected. I'm willing it's interesting because you Hillary Clinton enjoys. Pretty widespread support I in the African American community still you know if there's any specific amount Bernie vs Hillary get made you can and that he would be better for your community. I'm just glad that makes an attendant and one the people that I looked up to. Those guys were you know convinced that he was the guys don't know just little type of thing. The information out to get those guys I felt like it was definitely. It was honestly baseball moment of. And then ABC also lad found an exit polling results they seek saints and voters and Merrill land. Wanted to continuation of Obama's policies do you think that's one reason why so many voters supported Hillary Clinton to she's campaigned on. Supporting an amber of a pop up on. Yet definitely thinks I think a lot of Obama for the latest magnetic continue to thank you agree that had them. Her backing of. And the highlights you guys go back to your party it's a year out run the protests in Baltimore that are rotten day in the week and great great to at least that's still something is very relevant in this city to voter isn't some people. Come on out there look at them like he went through this I can see everything has gone it. That he would ever did expect it they still. Let. By actually got to stop the Evansville you know mark a lot of businesses that clothes that houses and I'm just back try to be billed as it. Look do you think it played into voters' decision in this election how involved they wore. I think it was definitely got involved more young people the you way. Now they have no recount it will mean making it made them. And just on the local level. Twelve Democrats writing in this race on the democratic side that's just the democratic side for that mayoral primary how do you even picked line. And that's it. An achilles' heel yeah. How much it would try to hit nobody on about it you know light. Up as a whole plot that it is our greatest president in the community. Liked that convinced me that run. At the next glee that gets me Larry and we knew and when we knew you went. You guys think you and I are talking to us enjoy your party. I and let's tenants to take a little walk and senior wells. We might adds let's let's let's talk to some folks every year highs and I talked tuber streaming with ABC news right now pay their stepped away from us but you're not unproven. Nobody but are you guys here for them watch party. We are in the us. Thanks guys. OK so it's a wrap up here but at this with a big night after Hillary Clinton ever went on the democratic side. Donald on the Republican side I enjoy widespread or Maryland at Baltimore certainly. Here with these folks as well as polling place attacked him eat and we're gonna go ahead and send it back Ian.

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{"duration":"8:08","description":"ABC News' Lauren Lyster talks to voters at a democratic watch party in Maryland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38693692","title":"Voters in Baltimore React As Results Come In","url":"/Politics/video/voters-baltimore-react-results-38693692"}