Voters react to Georgia special election

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks speaks to voters as Karen Handel campaigns in Marietta, Georgia, ahead of the state's special election.
9:48 | 06/19/17

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Transcript for Voters react to Georgia special election
Ceremony Mary Alice and the ABC news and I die you're hot you're decked out it's easy you know what's. You live now again. Can you tell me your name yeah they'll run them. Read outright and regular friends these can't OK and you are saying Rick delegate the national convention in Ohio and I'm summer Allan Donald Trump okay. They want a delegate or. Q are you surprised that this race is as close as it is hot rental of the they're not on. Confident we're gonna pull it out. It out of here but to slim margin New Orleans. But still so we'll former Republican congressman Tom Franks won back in November by over. Twenty points but the fact that it tight back and think about your home town. Now we're changing and I think getting a little. No. Carol I've campaigned for her over the years for a variety of positions. So I know overwhelms you like this don't conservative Republicans also offers everything we don't need. Putting an adaptation of puppet for publicity. And he's just pretending to be. Moderate right now could. It is not only. Democrat but also the Republican. I don't think he has anybody who. There was vocal Republican chair. In the district over just next door yesterday that sent that he office shooting last week. In Alexandria Virginia where congressman who is shocked but could help parent and to win. I was eating sort of said the victim. I think the Austin. Did you think that that's sort of talk is it appropriate adding is it true that packet the packet and really impact politics I'm here. So blunt everything they one go to war politics and pay their not long time ago that statistic. Aspects of politics one has to get elected the other is to serve and the two don't have all the luck due to. So you do what you gotta do to get elected and we switch here Hugo and the office and you'd you'd be the best politician that candidate to represent your district. That's mine. Do whatever it takes you know and Clark do whatever it takes intellect and look what injuries. There was there's a super pac ads that got some blowback to that talks showed footage of the shooting and talked about Democrats and that they weren't somehow. Complicit if they had sort of helped by allotment extreme last you think that's true. Well just look around the country it. I'm curious single continent of college campuses this a liberals that are starting the protest in the riots and ruined property in the injuring people. You don't see many conservatives doing. Hundreds and and a city job. OK so what does it look like for you ready candidate who aren't going around and. Endorse a phone call it IRA well. Well let's get hot CO where's there's been a bit ABC news. Where do you make it easier I'm Karen can't. Leaving reading. Yeah yeah. This race for them seen it is. Asked that question are the media this I don't know I'm definitely running in the cannot read and not. They represent them in that made not a referendum. Yeah level yeah. That is really interesting there issue and Aaron Carter in this race to be a referendum on president feet. And she was very emphatic saying no to that is something that can. Media covering but it has raised about the sixth district any like last night about earlier that's exactly the same thing you're hearing from the Democrats. They're back some other you know. More progressive within in his district that CNN Democrats should be talking about Donald Trump they shouldn't make this race war. More. The lately about the White House and and and and the uproar in DC and instead easy candidates are trying very hard to keep the issue of local. And they believe that that hasn't happened to victory not on either side. Yeah. Yeah. Let me tell me tell me your name. Program so wet if anything she's going to be here next congressman Glenn makes you so confident. Power we're working in the great room blue bird somewhere. Burke. This this election. Is really about the economy. Pollard. Well. Reputed. There have into the background. What do you get. Yeah. That's kind of volunteer together. You are volunteering to and I he's I didn't raises close evidence. Might look at that diverts money so much money. There have been more money than any other house maintenance Mario. The pros and that's from. It's ridiculous and it's likely he night. Not that name. Carlson to those like yeah. And then hops and we're good luck. Brag thing. Murder alone. It's like an arms race in some way the Democrats and that is how much. How much yeah. Okay. The Republican says he needs ratings so much my name and yet Hartmann. We're we have on the hard ground who can. Okay. Coach an appearance into the whole lot differently. Build a bullet. Burned. This quarter so the captured. I thought about that she can't have a lot of good name recognition here people have known her for a long time and she's really agonizing to watch TV. In I don't know her last night I was surprised at how hot and Avant. On TV again Diana and her opponent can't imagine handing mention Nancy Pelosi and progress as it happened. It's fair though he's from here I thought the money and volunteers. Who are from clear he's Paxil carbon handing. Boston you part of both Democrats and Republicans. George and cotton. And here is anything tanking. Six they can't keep hot. Nice and with enemy donations came. I'm the area. We can't. Well I think the majority and his attorneys still are both of them are still local but it is an unbelievably expensive race. But what are you going to be doing it today after the bank bought the waived and resigned anyway. I am not. And everybody's welcome. That show. We're. Here at night we are yeah. Right rally just. Well it was great to meet you thank you for talking. I appreciate it thank you Gary. Yeah. So you. And that is how much attention this great yeah. I'm mediator in the two of them saying he was from the BBC. There is that no shortage. Spotlight right here on this district and it's just in watching you. You can't it's really happy to answer to that pressure living up soon a big moment and satin and and and it's not a resident and it is this race is not downright nasty there have been security issues. Both candidates now perhaps carry with them there and stand up attack ad after attack patent and likely to talking about all thanks so much money. For incidence rate. I'm going to jump up now and raced across town to one at John I'm not the democratic and then been talking a lot about. He is also wielding campaign events out throughout the district as you can imagine so we're gonna try to bring you some live coverage of one of his events. We are covering every bit of this race here at and organizations around the country an activist in Georgia really look to send the message either way tomorrow when they go to Poland. Primary out cracks are watching ABC news dazzling keep watching we're gonna bring you more live streams the rest of the day and all day tomorrow.

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{"id":48136927,"title":"Voters react to Georgia special election","duration":"9:48","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks speaks to voters as Karen Handel campaigns in Marietta, Georgia, ahead of the state's special election. ","url":"/Politics/video/voters-react-georgia-special-election-48136927","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}