Voting shifts to Southwest, where there’s more diversity

About 52% of Nevada’s population is non-white, and candidates are focusing on black and Latino voters.
2:15 | 02/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Voting shifts to Southwest, where there’s more diversity
All these developments playing out with Nevada one day after. From the cock as we've been tracking the early vote all week here at ABC news live the candidates now making their pitch to a far more diverse state then either Iowa or New Hampshire. 52% of Nevada as population is non white and candidates. Has spent their time in the state focusing on black and Latino voters trying to earn their support. Rachel Scott has more for us com. Across Nevada the race to get ahead in the west is kicking into high. The candidates are blitzing the campaign trail in this break to the caucuses. When reaching out to every last voter. For the first time this election cycle the primary turns to in racially diverse state. Minorities and play a critical role. Former vice president Joseph Biden stopping by this black congregation on Sunday. I voted podium yesterday haven't had devoted so it just. Some hasn't gotten much OS and voting and I think I did the right thing even after Sunday church service we got up and gets intolerant and and she explains why she's skeptical of some of the camp. Senator Klobuchar yeah. C. Seasonally sue last week she says one thing and there's another thing inside the black community is concerned. Diluted six. He's made some comments that he should be an inside Phillip but maybe apologize. I didn't go to let stand Brinkley has died at the top of his list. Joseph Biden oh mark computed says the buyout Obama biting back today is that those two two term trend but the board some of them at stake here. Oh think that some of the candidates get wrong when they're trying to do to help reach simply to black voters Hispanic voters and Latinos. Don't just overwhelming election season. Listen what means people now. And we gonna take them. That was not the work so you wanna fill. Two black people people coming to be president you know stand up when they should get child. Do what people of color do we get back I'll who could. Go to senator work. Hello and talked to check do whatever you need to do become popular. New mobile. Are.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"About 52% of Nevada’s population is non-white, and candidates are focusing on black and Latino voters. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69137524","title":"Voting shifts to Southwest, where there’s more diversity","url":"/Politics/video/voting-shifts-southwest-diversity-69137524"}