Voting ‘super centers’ set to provide alternate 2020 voting option

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer explores the stadiums, arenas and convention centers that are being turned into polling places to allow for safer voting during COVID-19.
5:17 | 09/15/20

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Transcript for Voting ‘super centers’ set to provide alternate 2020 voting option
On Friday Minnesota will be the first state to open early voting places for the November election. While many voters plan to mail their ballots this year millions are still expected to turn out in person. He's Devin Dwyer reports more than two dozen major cities for the first time are for parents so called voting supercenters in an effort to make it easy. And safe in a pandemic. As the beginnings. Aimed voting super center right here. At the DC elections warehouse stockpiles of voting equipment are ready to roll there they are. Tabulated voting machines Bala preachers drop boxes and lots of PPE every voter. We will wipe out. Every time somebody votes through the news away. There was a lot of lights the pandemic is testing election officials like never before giving rise to a new phenomenon in 20/20. The voting super center. We'll be able to Connie Moore voters. At a quicker pace pretend we can get through and have more bit more of big machines more of these machines and Morgan's case. And more faith in dozens of major American cities across to at least fourteen states. Sports Arenas stadiums and convention centers are being converted into voting megaplex is. From Madison Square Garden in New York City to Dodger Stadium in LA. Venues that would typically be packed with fans now MT an idol because of cobra nineteen. There are those Arenas there are often against their animals as a ball in their own and now lunch if you will the voting public offering that our shinning a place that they understand. Now all that's community Lorraine hated and then also has giant space where you actually do adequate social distant scene is frankly critical. Point thank you Michael Barry an IRA. ABC news got an inside look at Capital One of Reno in DC is officials prepare for voting booths just steps from center court in center rice to the gonna check in right here. Under the Bud Light sign. I'm never gonna continue Canada's. End of their credit capital six and then there didn't these are going to be voting booths all the way down this kind of course you've got yet. What the typical precinct has often just a handful of voting machines. This super center will have doesn't he with the process thousands of voters in the day with plenty of social distance. Once they voted. They will come further them the coroner. And who put their put their ballot in eight tabulating machine. Get there have voted sticker and they can exit from the one directional floating if people want a president floating if you boom and the net debt that alone. We'll end up driving you. Patience and the efficiency of big sell for poll workers who've been harder to recruit this year because of health concerns the convenience. Potentially enticing to reluctant voters. Who might otherwise stay home. Our players are incredibly motivated she. Encourage people to use their voice and vote and they have been fishing boat passes that you can ask employees to game day. Players across the NBA and other pro sports are pushing to make polling places more accessible. Forces. We heard our vote is being counted and you know instance there's a huge push for us as a nation. Through to take their right. NBA superstar LeBron James leading the effort. In part as a response to national protest for racial justice after the death of George Floyd. When you have the kind of presence. And success Sobel LeBron I'm sure his voice is a bit. More influential than others but the good news is virtually every player in the NBA virtually every franchise in the NBA is trying to have up. Positive impact. Tony wrestler owner of the Atlanta Hawks was the first professional team to open its 700000. Square foot Steve former arena. As of voting super center for an election racially good business Sam please understand. Our fans they overwhelming majority of their fan base is so excited we took this on a Democrat or Republican such a success the arena is expecting huge turnout starting next month when you moved to sixty processing stations. And 300 voting machines to give you a sense so it's going to be a much more substantial effort. Much larger and frankly would many many more boaters anyone in Fulton County any registered owner Lynn county will be able to come to our facility to boat. And it's not just the NBA at least four NFL stadiums are slated to become voting centers this fall along with several National Hockey League and Major League Baseball stadiums. Including Nationals Park in DC. We know that not everybody is her home. We know that legally registered on Election Day in any kind of gotten a rally at so you have to have a really good in person during structure. To make that act at the pandemic producing a promising new way to vote in person. But officials caution to keep those expectations. In check their. And I'm not gonna hide defective DNN headline they're gonna be lines that's democracy fly into a move they may move well but you know what. When people go get those air Jordan finishes get flattened they wait in line. A reminder to bring patients with that mask even as the lead at this super center for ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to DeVon for that.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer explores the stadiums, arenas and convention centers that are being turned into polling places to allow for safer voting during COVID-19. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73011871","title":"Voting ‘super centers’ set to provide alternate 2020 voting option ","url":"/Politics/video/voting-super-centers-set-provide-alternate-2020-voting-73011871"}