VP Nominees Discuss the Global Nuclear Threat, North Korea

The Republican and Democratic VP nominees discuss their stances on the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
7:02 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for VP Nominees Discuss the Global Nuclear Threat, North Korea
I'd like to ask now about North Korea Iran and the threat of nuclear weapons to North Korea recently conducted its fifth and most powerful nuclear test right. What specific steps would you take. To prevent North Korea from developing a nuclear armed missile capable of reaching the United States governor pence. Well first we we need do we need to make a commitment to rebuild our military including modernizing our nuclear forces. And then we also need we also need an effective American diplomacy. That Rawle Marshall. The resources of nations in the Asian Pacific rim to put pressure. On North Korea on Kim Jong Hun. To abandon his nuclear ambitions it has to remain the policy of the United States of America the denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula plans up. And when Donald termed as president of the United States we're we're we're not gonna have that. The kind of artists posture in the world that has Russia invading. I'm Crimea and Ukraine. That is the Chinese building new islands in the South China Sea that has literally the world including North Korea flouting American power were. We're going to we're gonna go back to the days of peace through strength but I have to I have to tell you that that. It all this talk about tax returns and I give it did you know you wanna keep bringing that up a must have must've been telling Ellis on purpose served up but here. Hillary Clinton and her husband set up for private foundation called the Clinton foundation. While she was secretary of state the Clinton foundation. Accepted tens of millions of dollars. From foreign governments. And foreign donors not not the only did not there this is this is basic stuff. Foreign donors and certainly foreign governments cannot participate. In the American political process. They cannot make financial contributions but the clintons figure out a way to create a foundation. We're foreign governments and foreign donors could donate millions of dollars and then we found thanks to the good work at the Associated Press that more than half of her private meetings when she was secretary of state. We're given. To major donors of the Clinton foundation you talk about that all these. All these baseless rumors about Russia and the rest Hillary Clinton what the US the trustworthy questioned the very beginning. 37. They are looking at the pay to play politics that she operated with the Clinton foundation through. Our server while she had a camera shop governor and they're saying enough is enough senator camera talk about the foundation and I'll talk about North Korea so on the foundation. I'm glad to talk about the foundation the Clinton foundation is one of the highest rated charities in the world it provides. Aids drug just about eleven and a half million people. It helps Americans deal with Pope you know it overdoses. It gets higher rankings for its charity and the American red process. The Clinton foundation does an awful lot of good work. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state took no action to benefit the foundation the State Department did an investigation. And they concluded that everything Hillary Clinton's -- S secretary of state was completely in the interest of the United States so the foundation does good work. And Hillary Clinton as secretary of state acted in the interest in the United States. But let's compare this now with the Trump Organization and the trap foundation. The Trump Organization is an octopus like organization with ten oppose all over the world. Whose conflict of interest and only be known if Donald Trump would release his tax returns he's refused to do it his sons have sad that the organization. Has a lot of business dealings in Russia. And remember the Trump Organization is not a nonprofit it's putting money into Donald Trump's pockets and into the pockets of his children whereas the Clinton foundation is a nonprofit. I know Clinton family member draws any salad trump foundation Enron get audition Donald Trump has a foundation. The foundation was just fine for a legally contributing foundation dollars to a political campaign. A Florida attorney general they made an illegal contribution. And then they tried to hide it by disguising it somebody else. And the person they donated to was somebody whose office was charged with investigating. Trump university. This is the difference between a foundation that does good work and a secretary of state who acted in accord with American interest. And somebody who is conflict it and doing work around the world and won't share with the American public. What he's doing and what those conflicts are coming are arrogant you thirty seconds to respond because I know you want to but again I would remind you brought this has about North Korea. Thank you thank you. The trump foundations a private Family Foundation a gives virtually every cent. In the trump foundation a charitable causes political less than ten cents on the dollar in the Clinton foundation has gone to charitable cause 1000 dollar portrait it was not a trend cents on the dollar of the Clinton foundation has gone to charitable causes ninety it has been a platform. Four. For the clintons to travel the world to our to have staff but with but honestly senator we would know a lot more about it if Hillary Clinton would just turn over the 33000. Emails are outlet that she Matthews Carter ARAMARK Chris Senator McCain her private or ever really had. Much harsher what's the Clinton Foundation's. Never came if you had intelligence that North Korea was about to launched a missile and nuclear armed missiles capable of reaching the United States. Would you take preemptive action. If if we had looked for a president should take. Action to defend United States against imminent threat you have to present has to do that. Now exactly what action you would have to determine what your intelligence was how certain you work out that intelligence threat but you would have to take action. You asked a question about how we deal with the North Korea. Among the foreign relations committee we just about an extensive sanctions action package against North Korea and interestingly enough a line. The UN followed and did this virtually the same package. Cochran China will use their veto on the Security Council to veto a package like that. They're starting to get worried about North Korea to so they actually supported the sanctions package. Even though many of the sanctions are against Chinese. Chinese firms Chinese financial institutions so we're working together with China and we need to. China's another one of those relationships where its competitive. It's also challenging. And in times like North Korea we have to be able to cooperate. Hillary understands that very well she went once famously to China and stood up and human rights meaning and looked him in the eye and said women's rights are human rights they did wanted to say that. But she did. But she's also worked on a lot of diplomatic. And important diplomatic deals with China and that's what it's gonna take. Very different I would worry little bit about is that Donald Trump's. Owes about 650 million dollars to banks including. The bank of China. I'm not sure he could stand up so tough to the people who have longed to money.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"The Republican and Democratic VP nominees discuss their stances on the proliferation of nuclear weapons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42574478","title":"VP Nominees Discuss the Global Nuclear Threat, North Korea","url":"/Politics/video/vp-nominees-discuss-global-nuclear-threat-north-korea-42574478"}