Warren credits campaign's success to meeting voters

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has recently surged in polls, reflects on her ABC News Democratic debate performance.
7:25 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Warren credits campaign's success to meeting voters
Senator Warren how are you how was the debate tonight for you. I thought it was great what gets a chance to talk with millions of Americans about what's broken in our country and more importantly about what we're gonna do about it so there were so much hyped Busan be the first debate with few would Vice President Biden right next to each other. And Bernie Sanders edit what is and how was do you think dribble the separate yourself from the vice president. I don't have turned talked about what I believe him I got your talks about the things I'm fighting for got a chance to talk with. America about the importance of public schools and thought wanted to be a schoolteacher since I was in second grade. I'm I just think it's terrific opportunity these debates for each one of us on that stage to be able to talk with you American people about who we are. And if you give us the chance where we want to lead this country and all I hope for is that I was is clear as I could be you see clear throughout the night he said let me be clear until I usually. Little that but just when you're talking about Medicare for all the vice president press join how you gonna pay for this. And if you're gonna have to tax the middle class to cover Medicare for all. What is the answer that question how do we pay for Medicare fall. We get taxed and the sharks let's let's do two parts to this we are paying for health journal across America right now we pay for it. Every single time somebody has to do a co pay every time they pay insurance premiums. Every single time said he doesn't have a prescription filled and they get sick fervor they don't have a lump checked out because they're afraid they can't manage the co pay. We are paying and we are paying and we are paint we're paying. When rural hospitals across this country safe and effective. I just can't do this anymore I can't keep hiring people to manage all the insurance forms. I can't keep fighting on the phone with the insurance companies are margins are too thin and I can't take care of uncompensated. Care so we are paying and paying and paying and people are paying out of pocket honest. With premiums them with co pays him with uncovered prescriptions. And to try to get care that their doctors say they needed your insurance company doesn't think they need it. So this is how I look at it yeah. I raised taxes. On the very top of the end comes spectrum will raise taxes on the biggest corporations. That families. Arc on a paid less and that's why it matters. You had a moment over the week at New Hampshire to convention. Every summit looked down the screen. Elizabeth Warren's running somewhere yours. Campaign sort has taken off the polls have been steady but. When we talk to Matt Dowd we see a little bit as surging from Elizabeth Warren no doubt why do you think your campaign has caught fire. I think that this is about the opportunities you get when you go out and meet people face to face and talk to people honestly go around this country since I made the decision. Not to spend my time with a bunch of Brazilian heiress behind closed doors and corporate executives and lobbyists. It actually getting a lot of time. So I've done a 130 town hall us. I've been sheets 26. States and Puerto Rico I'd taken literally thousands. Of un filtered questions. And pierce the key measure of democracy. I don't ever shifting thousands sell six you're not. You're definitely winning the Celtic game you I covered the trump campaign I saw president trump than Kennedy trump pick apart. What was described as the that the greatest republic in sort of candidates that have come across in decades people who had plans people who were incredibly Smart. People who thought they were gonna win that nomination and he picked them apart what we told Democrats will word about the I know how to fight and I know how to win but around this block before back in 2012. And in Massachusetts a very popular incumbent Republican senator. People told me. Should capital ratio should run against him now you lose but you should run against him in a for which I wanna say Democrats get a better sales pitch. But people told me up Massachusetts not help picked a woman either senator governors just not gonna happen and you. Never done this before. So I thought well. And I'm amazed every day can't gonna do two things every single day. I'm gonna find some people and I'm Brett talked to him about the changes we should make in Washington and we can make and the second thing I wanted. Is among need a little girl on a teller my name's Elizabeth and I'm running for senate cassettes what girls team. And it will pinky swear to remember no effect does two things I did every single day. And I went. Seventeen and a half points and dale. To beat mad dog seven and a half points senator Warren more as you could question. So Lindsey Davis asked an important question on racial justice in about criminal justice reform and I know I've heard you on the trail talk about this you got a plan for that that's right. Inside I would love to hear you talk about the zone that you got the chance to really talk about it I didn't and I I'd appreciate that you would ask this. I just have one plan. On racial justice. I have really woes and the question of racial justice. And are almost everything I'm doing and there's a reason for that we should not be in America that says if you don't stop. To observe what's happening on race finished it must all be sitting here. So for example I've got a housing plan and housing plan is to spin off and money to build about one point two million new housing units in America. That's housing for middle class families and for working class families to the working poor for the poor Porsche for people with disabilities. For seniors want to age in place for people who are homeless. What's happened is our government has just backed out of that part of the housing business. At the same time. That developers. Decided to go build brick mansion is instead of that. Two bedroom one bath that I grew up in what the converted garage where my three Brothers slept. So I upbeat. Bold housing plan and it's got some great pieces about putting incentives out there to get communities to work together it's about how to do it in rural areas. How to put that money into local communities but has one more part time. And that is the part that stops to acknowledge. How sick my home. Is the number one way in America that middle class families build wealth. And it's the number one way they pass that wealth from generation to generation so it should surprise no one. That America our federal government. Subsidize. The purchase of housing. Four point people. But not for black people it was red line it caused a black and white wealth gap in this country. That has persisted to disk day. Those discriminatory laws with ear in the 1960s. And until we're ready to take them on its not gonna change so part of my bill. Is passing for everybody but let's carve out a special part. For people who live in areas that were formerly red line and I do that through one area after another race matters in America and we better take it on and talked about it honestly senator Warner thank you so much for your time we appreciate enjoy that's been room all right lots of great reporter haven't done.

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{"duration":"7:25","description":"Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has recently surged in polls, reflects on her ABC News Democratic debate performance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65585604","title":"Warren credits campaign's success to meeting voters","url":"/Politics/video/warren-credits-campaigns-success-meeting-voters-65585604"}