Warren's student loan debt forgiveness plan

2020 candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposes canceling millions of student loan debt and making public college free.
2:58 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for Warren's student loan debt forgiveness plan
Other candidates who spoke last night senator Elizabeth Warren was the most outspoken one she also rolled out her proposal to forgive up to. 50000. Dollars worth of student debt for households. Making up to 100000 dollars I want to. Go to Rick Klein to break this all down Rick can you explain more about this plan because this is oh on everyone's mind I think. Yeah this goes beyond free public at education it to a four year schools that. At the the college level as I was with a warrant has outlined this would actually cancel existing loan debt for millions of people up to 50000 dollars for people making a 100000 dollars or less. And in it phases out over a sliding scale since then the price tag on this is pretty eye popping one point 25 trillion dollars over ten years. But they Warren campaign says the proposal would be to put a 2% tax on the ultra rich that wealthiest of the wealthy. I they say they can do this and actually have quite a surplus so I think you qualify this is a policy long shot but it is. A proposal that time has other Democrats up reacting and it would certainly drive the policy debate as senator Warren has been doing. Yea you just mentioned those two and four year degrees are you saying that this plan also includes. Students that went to like say vocational or trade schools as well. That's right in fact any kind of college that would be eligible for that the debt cancellation and we've seen some Republicans already respondents say well how unfair this would be for people that have struggled on to the mountains of debt I think for most people that have. Dealt with college that they take it and any time and I think that's been the reaction among other fellow Democrats the question really comes out the feasibility and cost. The incentive structure is is built in but is this where you want to see a massive infusion of federal resources to the turn of the tune of more than a trillion dollars. Yen so you mentioned that policy roll out do you think that we're in Tennessee. Other candidates I in the future at these debates having something a viable as well. Elizabeth Warren I think right now is the undisputed leader of the of the policy primary she has put out bold proposals and a whole range of different areas. And I think that it is aren't dirty shirts and hats going around saying I got a plan for that if you're Elizabeth Warren. And I think it's gonna force more specificity. On her opponents I think she came across last night on CNN as forceful as concise as deliberate. She had ideas and in she's wants to provide them and I think it is gonna it is gonna drive a good portion of the democratic debate. An obviously this is a huge issue for millennial voters do you think this will. Sway them in her direction. I don't know that it did this is that the deal maker but you can see by the reception that she had last night from into the college age crowd it's up. As CNN's only and not in New Hampshire that that this has a lot of traction it has a lot of relevance and I think. I'll looking at a demographic that's going to be you have an outsized impact in this democratic primary field anyway you can get stuff online deals here is to perk up a little bit I think is an idea that's at least worth discussing. All right Rick thank you so much always breaking it down or as we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"2020 candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposes canceling millions of student loan debt and making public college free. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62578080","title":"Warren's student loan debt forgiveness plan","url":"/Politics/video/warrens-student-loan-debt-forgiveness-plan-62578080"}