Washington gears up for public impeachment hearings

The first televised hearings in the impeachment probe of President Donald Trump will begin with Bill Taylor and George Kent on Wednesday.
5:04 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for Washington gears up for public impeachment hearings
Guys were going to stay in Washington. Tomorrow a historic day as we've reported the first televised hearings. In the impeachment probe of presidents from the house looking into. A potential abuse of power on the president's July 25 call to Ukraine some joined by Karen Travers at the White House. And we have Catherine fathers and our DC bureau. And Kavanagh start with you some war transcripts released in those closed door hearings but I just want you to explain what we can expect for tomorrow's public hearings. ES a tomorrow we're going to hear or hear from Bill Taylor he was one of these. Top diplomats in Ukraine advising. The policy as a related to Ukraine also George Tenet who is eight a senior State Department official now what Whittle here. From these tuning see the memory anonymous the former US ambassador we'll hear from her on Friday but those two that you see right there Taylor and can't. We will learn more and perhaps have them and shed more light on what would what we've seen in their closed door deposition transcripts they're going to be. A focusing on that back channel diplomacy than they described from the president's personal attorney a Rudy Giuliani how there was confusion how there was. A concern Bill Taylor will likely hear about those text messages. That came up where he said that it would it would be wrong. To have this conditionality. And based on holding up aid to launch these political investigations into the president's political rivals so we'll be hearing a lot about Giuliani but I want to say that shifts. Willie wants to focus on the credibility of these witnesses Republicans have been trying to undermine their credibility specifically those three there. A Republicans are likely going to say they want on the phone call they don't have any direct knowledge of this but the reality is they have. Most of these witnesses corroborated the whistle blowers account Kimberly and what Republicans are gonna do here they released this eighteen page memo where they said. That in order to understand these events. Surrounding this impeachment inquiry we need to understand quote the president's state of mind at that related to his. Interactions on that July 20 a phone call it president as a Lynn ski which is of course. At the center Aaron this inquiry they want to focus on four key pieces of evidence is as Republicans they want to focus on. The July 25 call summary they want to point out that it showed no conditionality or evidence of pressuring. The ukrainians to launch these investigations the second thing. They want to point out that presidential whiskey and trump both have said there was no pressure they wanna say that the Ukrainian government was not aware of a hole in on US security assistance at the time of that cough. And they also want to point out in these hearings that both presidents. Said that US security assistance flowed to Ukraine in September of 2019. In this occurred without Ukraine investigating. The political rival so they're gonna hit on those four points and it is say look we can't understand the president's a state of mind just. From this transcript. RA so the July 25 call is at the center of this but Caron. President trump is now focused on this other transcript from his first call to the Ukraine what's in this document. We don't know yet but the president says that he will release and by the end of the week and Kimberly he had said over the weekend it would amount today. He then said yes by Tuesday now are looking at the weeks and the president. Says the April phone call he had with presidential Hinske is the more important phone call of the Q. This was placed in a largely congratulatory. Way it was a chance to check in with the newly elected leader of a country that of course is critical to US foreign policy. There are not questions about what the controversy might be on this Colin fact Alexander Hinman the National Security Council official. Who raise red flags about the July phone call he says that the one in April went very well it went. According to plan sound not a lot of controversy that we know of right now so why the president doing this well he gonna say if my April phone call was perfect so was the July phone calling Kimberly those two things are difficult to square but certainly that's something that the White House will be pushing of the defense. As we start to hear from these witnesses publicly. Yet it's all very interesting and Karen while all of this is being televised tomorrow I'm president trump will be meeting. With the president of Turkey on president aired a one. President John will have a couple hours in the morning free scheduled to check out what is happening up on Capitol Hill I think we should assume he will be very tuned did. Today hearing taking place at 10 o'clock eastern time but then mid day the president welcomes the Turkish president to the White House. Series of meetings a working lunch of a press conference later in the afternoon. To Kimberly we will have several opportunities to hear from president from tomorrow and get his first hand reaction to what house Democrats are putting out in public tomorrow. All right I want to thank Karen Travers at the White House and Catherine fall there is. On Capitol Hill thank you guys for joining us in you all can keep it here for full coverage of the impeachment hearings starting tomorrow morning. And 9 AM eastern.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"The first televised hearings in the impeachment probe of President Donald Trump will begin with Bill Taylor and George Kent on Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66943162","title":"Washington gears up for public impeachment hearings","url":"/Politics/video/washington-gears-public-impeachment-hearings-66943162"}