Washington Monument reopens

The Washington Monument has reopened to the public after three years of major renovations.
3:48 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Washington Monument reopens
Finally today and a lighter note a national treasure. I here in Washington reopens to the public tomorrow after years of technical glitches. And construction delays at the Washington monument there it is in this beautiful sunny day in Washington has been shut down for quite some time if they did that earthquake. Here that elevator inside the monument. Rocked with mechanical trouble but today our Serena Marshall out there on the National Mall got a firsthand look you have to ride up and that our elevator Serena what did you would you get to experience today. Dad Devean that elevated its inside today is much different than the first elevator that was put in in 191888. That I. It was actually steam and the time women and children weren't allowed it to go up but it because it was considered. To danger as the this snazzy new elevator all the high tech. Upgrades the Washington monument has gone through over the past couple years he's finally tomorrow after. Three years as you said before that an additional three years that is under construction. We'll reopen to the public that fence going no way those visitors will be flocking to this money. This coveted views and obviously it's a view unlike any other in DC. From the US capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. And all of the nation capital's most historic buildings and between. And I can only be seen here at the Washington monument. Here I. Standing 555. Feet five and 18 inches it's the cornerstone of the National Mall. But since two dozen sixteen following an elevator cables snapping it closes doors to the public again. After he'd only been open for two years from a previous three year shut down from the 2011 earthquake. It doesn't epic series that close a long line you expect when he takes. Well when you get into doing a renovation. Cars. The upgrades meaning a high tech security system outside a smoother elevator ride inside that the top. Those same breath. Taking views so when you get to the top and you get to see them feel at that moment feeling totally amazing have been look forward to it. It's our country for tourists and means signs like that us we'll disappear starting tomorrow. Now to come and visit the Washington monument it's free open to the public but to go signed you do need a ticket they're going to be giving us to gets away beginning tomorrow at 830 every day and a first come first served basis. About a month to be elegant those tickets online free planning pre in advance and book your ticket book your elevator ride to the top to get those stunning views. And to their again Devin. Always free to the public they're hoping to ramp up those numbers and the coming weeks to get to the 150 visitors. Per half hour that they were seen before the monument shut down for repairs that in. Those cables hold up this time Serena I'm sign me up but never actually been up there is looks like a pretty cool won't view before lets you go to I was struck his reads a trivia about this sounds like that first elevator you were mentioning was actually off limits to women because it was considered too dangerous. I think I've become a Washington monument many historian here there so many cool facts about this building. Not only was up first elevator off limits to women and children ate a list put him. I year after 80 fixing it Yorker opened they closed it back down to put that elevator and to then closed it back down again ten years later to replace it with the electric elevator but another cool factoid breeder seventh. The cornerstone of the Washington monument actually inside. Have a copy of the declaration of independence a copy of the constitution and papers newspapers from fourteen states so that's buried somewhere on the property here. All right Serena marsh reports on the National Mall thanks so much Syrian.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The Washington Monument has reopened to the public after three years of major renovations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65703785","title":"Washington Monument reopens","url":"/Politics/video/washington-monument-reopens-65703785"}