Watch the 2020 Democratic candidates speak to voters across the country

Some of the candidates get candid on the campaign trail.
23:46 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Watch the 2020 Democratic candidates speak to voters across the country
And. A good response on. And we know. There has been no old great movement for social change political change or economic change in this country without African American communities. Being a part of that transformation. And we must have leaders that don't just come to more communities. And ask us for their boat. But that no all our communities. Are engaged in our communities and partner with our communities. Because that we do not have that we will not win. I believe this election have to be not just about what we hear against. Oh but what we are four and we've got to articulate a vision that is inclusive of all of America. Because we know in communities like mine where I was the mayor. Of Newark, New Jersey we know that the challenges we have did not begin with Donald Trump and beating him is not enough. Beating Donald Trump if they for it is not the stealing it gets us out of the valley. But it does not get us to the mountaintop. And what it comes to issues. A systematic economic dis empowerment. When it comes to issues of gun violence or tax on public education. We must be ready to bring a fight not just at the election but to actually getting transformative. Things done. From Washington to war communities thank you very much you are right. So as an. I'm asking the same question Robert Mueller is in Washington yes and he said the president. Does not exonerated of obstruction of justice so would say about that. Well you read the Muller report and you see quite clearly. That he spells out behaviors. Deceit. Instructing people to lie and cover things up. Every port is enough of an indication. That the House of Representatives should begin impeachment proceedings against this president. We all understand and campaign no primary I don't want our workers and pay or are. Really we all are O ring. Routes. Because its power although he rule is greater equal it. Oh night at ten. If you didn't back involved and understand that democracy. Any emperor it is. Take responsibility war. I won't go away. Rental app. We're almost. So much more national whom he now he's fired. He then if you he's you know highest office in the land and it isn't purple it didn't really is. But yet we have to understand the change that. He had the it is word and by the bad people but it would almost it actually. Yeah. Also understand how this he has all the way they did in America. And got over got right workable. But. It was Laura yeah yeah and no movement yeah. If you can't blue grass roots. It is all in Bristol won't be it won't be better polish that needed. It trust me I. Obama is no longer does has gotten stronger and immediate civil rights. Because Robert fingers or whatever. Lauren. Because they didn't all. Oh I. We're able to move this country who were at that polish to be here in new American and British war. Also all. These. President of the United States is degrading cars and girls. She. Okay. Nice okay. Good. How are yeah. Then get ready but we're getting it off into. Not really on your night. So up front I didn't have anything of the members friends in I'm. I don't know I'm yeah yeah I learned a lot about this thing I'm. Yeah very concerning imminent receiving yeah. It's. Really was let them over arching. You saw how much they have charged for emergency. Room and saw how much their health care costs are driving anything I mean I'm and that's why didn't back down is so important so you can. And next up at any rate it's going to be about outsourcing. Walt coming from Maine about some three got scared things here I don't know. Making sure every morning America and so anything chance to talk about him coming back here apparently from workers talent lies right. Anxious they feel my pain killer doctor. Yeah even. I didn't expect any weapon on him. I don't like sound. Nothing important. So I'm hearing it today talk about. Talk about president. I became today. Learners and live and that three. And I want talk about my back. I've actually make sure we don't treat. And actually feel that her workers first that I will. Everybody's with the video games. Visited locations. That voting for him. And Phelps if he represents that night lights and pilot in the age of voters here. And I've got it back. I that would transform the economy. They respect very confident about the if not important founding but what's your reaction. I didn't up from the first place. Jerry ahead that's what flatly that sound you sound. He well I kinda. This week the cabinet and overhead and a member. I don't think president has your adversity. In fact someone as. He's risen slightly it's not really tight by his son I'm. Great. He is calls if any we'll have next. Not make them not to fighting. Wearing a late night never be. Terry are feeling totally night as he showed no action. Floor aren't. Color. How quickly do you think that democracy dollars could affect federal election is that in America happened. Mediator reasonable not time yet cell if you can make the case here. Elite teams so you can transform it. Is any penny that she uses it helped find Kennedy that not. There will be eligible to receive stock. Given up that Washington and one year and you happen. I had always been very it would restore democracy back. I'm not. The other day get their weight around. It's like quite an. Mary and across all graphics have been depressed because losses industry and help you. So what do you have. This area. So hopefully. Oh yeah. Fully here you know. That it does. Your job. Is there I happier kids. That would have been 2030 years the company that all of that is here. I'll unpack it gives you day. You know let me ask. Yeah what is about eating. Receives an hour. Is slated to meet me. I'm war generation. Okay job. Happy. That accurately I turned out great country if you are black women woman. You work for times like yeah that's our. Say. I. Parade yeah well. It doesn't take away your pain clinics operating isn't. A black rappers and pray. And he. GE farm where inspirational. Effort. Italy is an exit every day. So here's. Did he hear all. Smoke pot. What is even. Without laughing rambling is. Paving up. He might not have India isn't all the top home. Cast the latest colonial. Incarcerating him. He that he won't happen both Louisiana and ET my. Next day not his job and not give an example. They're in my. And even. Oh wait look like he was a senator from. Name date hasn't. Suffered at all or is solid play in Skokie. The. Children alone Israel helps users and people want us. Coordinate policy yeah countries. Yeah. Appellate body. I want to tell you that anyone who takes on this unit in. Is it for the fighter that lives. Okay. And I want to start by thanking. Varity is he and also not. Brothers and sisters date Taylor a fighter for working people everywhere are. Right now. Okay. It's very tough on employers but he loves working people that's good competence and is the place to be right now because this is the front line is struggle for working people right here. Right here. The lions. Think they can do whatever they want. And you're inherited them. That would not allow that enable our. Let's talk about America finds it way. Let's talk about American Airlines at. Bank of America. He's doing pretty well right now I don't your little yeah. I think that make me healthy profit don't you know. Profit the last five. Sarah. Let the working people don't. On keeping that in greetings and helps. Us. What's happening to the people do the work by a right old. Mix that profit for American Airlines bargaining yeah. That's right. But they're not scaring. And yes that's that we know it's not it's you make lasted fifteen dollars an hour and that's not right. That's not right what this company that makes fifteen billion in profit that they won't give you fifteen dollars an hour. Yeah. You don't have health care you can depend on it that's not right. They are not sharing. With others didn't learning kindergarten. Share with others. America I can't. So we're gonna have to teach and know that way. It. Don't look. This is happening all over America. Dick Clark residents think they can take it back to working people. They've got used to it happened and this isn't making more than ever before the weld has been put taking advantage of all the rest of us. But they don't know why is that people have a lot of fight back in a they don't realize that people are understanding more important things have to change. I want you realize this. That what happened to working people in the last thirty carries this country and happened by accident. It was an agenda. And it was a jet to make the rich rich but. It was not yet. To hold back working people. I am they got away what they think can get away with even more. Did you see those tax cuts that trump gave to the wealthy and the big corporations. Okay. Is it time might need a tax cuts yeah. Not you give them back to work in people. Today. Hasn't catnip for pres the United States and I'd been built. Up bill of rights for working people. You people need. A loss behind cars I don't you. Are sick. This time it won't raises the love there's not a corporation we've even that might work. People. Do you agree we should let working people aren't. It working. People powers. Some of it. That's it looked like. American worker should guaranteed a fifth game dollar minimum wage indexed to inflation. They want. American workers to have a right. To a voice where they weren't. That's to be no such thing. As a worker raises their voice for their rights and then gets fired for. That's happened in this country shut it. Atlanta American workers the right to a young and these cards net neutrality right now. That's something to get over this country it has an awful name. That masks it's true intention they call it right to work. Right to subjugation. Right along the way to his right to have no rights and let's get right to work ought not loving his country. And here's what you might like. And my bill of rights. The right that unions can require mediation and arbitration to secure a first contract. And why has refused to bargain in good thing. Contract no matter what employers do. It but let's let's take average American employer for example let's hang American Airlines. That's an American Airlines doesn't street unit good faith matter. A Matt. Airlines since they can just run over you there were already you. Under my bill of rights the government would be on your side to make sure you get the contact you desire. Okay. Under my workers' bill of rights no thought it would be fired without just cause in this country. And. We're going to have due process before they could ever be fired. It doesn't America today people are fired for speaking their mind their fire code they love their firebird a hairstyle that Don for the way they dressed that's not. Erica doesn't. We need to stand up for all workers. By the way what our Barbara Robertson has to workers are working in the gig economy. And don't have rights you don't. David Irving middle weighs next to right to organize it certain benefits when life partner isn't helped all workers helped. Now if you'd like. All right well like I did appellate rights for workers rights and had to be picked the war. I suggest you go to build lots of dot com. What you'll find all the details. But as I can tell him. Imagine it would turn the tables. That government has been on the side of the 1%. If I talked about the federal government you don't know what's on the side of 1%. It talks about the federal government to that you don't know it's not there's not a big corporations. You don't. It's best to day is to make the rich richer. And does insistence it will use our power. To turn the tables. And what the government on the side a working people imagine what a country this could be. Imagine how many people could prosper and benefit imagine if this was a country that let working People First Party. I conclude with this. I'm talking about. Is based and hope space and optimism. Because I've seen big changes I want to talk to about it place. I'm very proud of I have them that nation's largest city. In New York they tell us all the things we couldn't do but we can't get the fifteen dollar minimum wage anyway. Snag that we would lose jobs and is that it would wrecked our economy we have had fifteen dollar a minute away and embarked on human. Veterans. Even with Medicare for all the VA health care system would continue to be their primary source of care. And our goal in our objective is to make sure that that VA health care is being provided in a quick quality and timely fashion. If for some reason. Better is not able to get that care as quickly and timely as they need it. They should have the ability to go in and get that care whether he from a local clinic hospital. Or provider. Oftentimes this. And there shouldn't be that a huge bureaucratic. A process for them to be able to do that which is some of the issues with the choice act that exists today. I had a a veteran in Hawaii in Vietnam veteran who I got to know and so he happened to have my phone every he called me one day it was a Saturday afternoon and he was sitting in the ER. In a local hospital that was closest to him. And she was. In need of hopeful but heart surgery it was an emergency. The VA was telling him. So are you can't get that surgery at the hospital that's your act you've got to wait for us to send an ambulance to come and gets you. The doctor DR said you may not survive that ambulance ride. So because of bureaucracy they were trying to tell him hey you might not be able we may not pay for this life saving surgery that she need right now. But we want to put your life at risk in order to go to the VA and get that care this is the kind of thing that I'm talking about. Of having that flexibility to make sure that a veteran needs care whether it's an emergency. Or if they've just got to see a doctor and they can't wait three months. For it that they'll be able to get that care. And that that's ultimately what we ended up being able to do. Four that veteran in Hawaii and use able to get that care and we fought right alongside him to make sure the VA. Ultimately paint and nicer and.

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