What to Watch for on the Second Night of the Republican National Convention

ABC News' Amna Nawaz joins political contributor Matthew Dowd at the RNC in Cleveland, OH.
12:02 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for What to Watch for on the Second Night of the Republican National Convention
Hey everybody on an of eyes here in Cleveland Ohio State to a Republican national events are gonna break down what happened yesterday. It UP of what to expect today of course we're going to be live streaming. On all ABC news digital platforms and I don't passing on FaceBook and your questions or comments try to get to this as the day goes on to I'm joined. Find another. In the illustrious. Great to be here great to be here be excited he had and the Yankees are great I mean I'm his stance that I've worked on both sides have worked on this that we organized its network to the site covering it's great to obesity rates. Pre part of democracy ones that. City to we're down here on the floor right now I can hear stage behind this race speakers last night deliver their remarks where people again will be delivered her mark in prime time. What did you make of how the first it went in terms of the speakers in the next. Well I actually. Thought that the way the message was before they want to prime time was very consistent very good I think prime time was a bit of mess. I'm I think I think in the course that I think Maloney a speech which we'll talk about it sack. Was very good very well done thank you could tell she was nervous it was her first big speech ever that she's ever again and again I thought it was great at it now comes entrance is great but after that it's or lost control. The most important hour. Of the convention is that our prime time and the a couple of people they wanted featured in that ended up outside and that basically talking empty hall and everybody left in the courses so. I thought up until then it was pretty well organized and their main goal a prime time wasn't well. Skip some degree that. How these things run logistically and schedule like the kind of reflects how the campaign is running at well I think everybody's sick yet it reflects a lack of. Organization they've always been sort of built on the idea we don't need my to have a lean mean machine that but when you come to convention and you want these things done just right down. Just got all the eyes that he's prost. This shows that they not having it management. Station showed last night when they're loud speakers to go too long and they were able to capture moments they wanted in the main part of it in the main idea you. So we talked yesterday a little bit about how they had to be insisting he kept saying they've got to come together at is that at this thing and it happened in the message right. Yesterday's theme was keep Americans that make America think again read about national security immigration. Did they do that they hit the same notes over and over again that they need it to him. Well I thought they were there was this Tug and I guess this is the Tug entire campaign there was a time between policy nice things about doubts have made people feel good about down trump. And this to say horrible things about Hillary Clinton make people feel bad about Hillary Clinton. And I think that's the Tug in this entire campaign of course is it isn't about doubt choppers and about Hillary Clinton I think they. Needed to do more of that Donald Trump who stopped up and make people feel better. Voters want change. In this country I want to vote for change. But they don't want to vote for scary change. They want to feel safe but they don't want to feel somebody if they got the levers of power is gonna do something crazy I think the main part they need to complete this convention with this without them as a strong. Forceful leader. But he's not he's don't worry about him being in the Oval Office and I think they still have more accomplished. So the headliner last night obviously was. One count. We know we're going to be hearing mother members of the term family as well. But the headline today is coming up the one that they want. That Atlanta's Milan on today it is they can't be happy with that now we now of course that ABC news dot coming at the background on this but. They're accusations that a couple of parts of her speech two paragraphs in particular to chunks in particular are very very similar to the speech that Michelle Obama. Delivered at 2008 rights yet Ansonia take its other. Their campaign is basically are admitted that if things were taken but they basically said they were generic statements and it's OK so they've. Actually admitted that there are some that you could it. C lifting of those things. I think this is a story it's problematic stories they wanted the story about why wasn't alive also stressed that great Q&A in which she was she was very good neighbors that speech. Today it's about how did this happen. How did this happen imagines but I rolling in the currency in among Republican circles like him as this orders is another keystone cop moment and again as I feel bad for millennia. Because I think those of one of those things that somebody should have caught and you can't always put the pressure completely on the McCain is in its life in the course of this. But it's going to be the story throughout this day and it means they lost that day that they control up until tonight. My guess is by Thursday we're going to be talking about something totally outs because that's what's gonna happen and the child. And as always happens in the trump effort. But it's a problem for the day Ari to keep speaking out tonight of course being able nervously at primetime speakers coming up on that stage right behind me right there. Who is limited to names and what's the message and why I think the big thing tonight is going to be. Two of his kids right so I think this in the course of this this is really the trump and it has become less the RNC convention animals feel that you're this has become really about confidence in myself we have done junior who's been impressive as the campaign them throughout the trail. And we have Tiffany child. Who is the daughter from them his marriage to Marla Maples who we haven't seen a lot of she's been a few pictures and we haven't actually seen her speak much at all yet I think those two speeches. They're gonna try to personalize their father. In the course of this case it's an important part of that effort they have to sort of make their father's real. And approachable so I think those of the two I think most people should be watching him the two children. Right now that she was having sent. It's is ninth wedding AM as a late night yes say. You've been on both sides of this now you know what's happening behind the scenes obviously there's things happening here people getting the lower rate for the day but the delegates in particular because a lot of every year very very late last night and they went out late. And and they went out what happens at night after the. These are usually what happens is as a whole series of parties that are set up equally easy out to go back after this guy and it's it's just. Social and it's a total complete social time and a huge for a delegates here for that. I mean economists in this speech is enough I'm watching that they're here for junior's late night frank you know gallon later Christmas. And Ellis and to get them out that galvanic that's a second term out of like the eighteenth century are separate. LA doubted that she 150 years ago after exit really happy at a highly emotional. Com and now it usually sleepless. And then they have moments that delegates I'll have meetings and other states. Texas that I'm happy to stop now have meetings regarding meetings this morning Don junior actions boat. I think. 21 of the delegations principally about what's. This morning its other delegate breakfast when they hear from people candidates unions. Namely water. And then I was already but did today is the roll call of the State's four down tracking down from actually gets the nomination. Except that on Thursday but he gets the nomination tonight. This is when his name goes into the role and delegates vote or do it by acclamation tempered crowd that nation. That's what happens today. It's meet the added step it it's not even close Bret McKenzie it's like secretive but we don't see a lot of so at these meetings when the states are meeting what what are they talking about when that meeting with the candidates and at these things are going on. What what actually happened so they have their own for a couple of things most of the meetings don't take place in this hall frightening to think outside the hall at hotels and other venues so I think it's a couple of things one of these are people that most of them known each other for awhile and their Republican activists that are concerned ethic and I thought this doesn't Nelson. So sweet smell sweet and slept in the and so they. It there's a lot of things have their own political business they want care who's gonna rights here counties are out in just a state party basics basic step. And again it's a huge part of the social thing these are people that they don't often see out here and thank them that come from all over the state to come together and be at this convention. But these are usually people that have worked in the governor's race worked in. Congressional race gotten something for anyone mr. compared notes. They really are making decisions in those meetings at about this. It's much more of a connection. You can ask you one thing the man walking around in little that this is that we talked about we air the State's exiting her. And people instead you know if you didn't vote he did not go for Donald you got it terrible seat in the back but I conflicting messaging yesterday because they heard someone else say. No you know Ohio OK they didn't they didn't go over time those are actually bad seat. Well I'd you know know our fancy sit. Because you can't even see the front of the stage trials of there's probably the key most key state in the course of this that there seating in we're seeing in Ohio Cleveland. I think when you look at the organization as and when I've done this in years past that candidates side. What we always thought is to be looked at the camera angles and how they had done and you put that target states in the Camry. It's so states like Ohio. Our New Hampshire or Florida where in the direct camera angles so people like alike they can't state that here subtle it doesn't mean that that much. And then that just means they're gonna show up and brought and then you do the home state that whoever you can't is that Texas has always been through two hours. Center wreckage equity position you gases that street just like any New York is the center. Raves for his state you can see let's. And as Harry is actually concede down parents to home State's new York and Florida one right after the other. Any Carrie Garth overwhelmingly in the course and is the only state that he did not he did badly in. That is has prime seating is ensconced. And the reason might as prime seating is responsive for day care credit inquiry face in the corner of the stage yet. That was done. Because the chairman of the Republican National Committee is from Wisconsin. That's. But if you could see places that he get beat badly it. In various places it in even Texas is casting doubt she's my home states that kind of thing. And the main Kansas. Colorado places that you did not do well are in the hinterland so. They didn't were worried about camera angles it looks like to meet ever more worried that it was the biggest supporters of now company god that seats. Well I think it's a great time this is a shell. It is to show if they're right this is Donald Trump tower entrance last night and I think that this is it performing among and I said there as I said I said last night on air -- minute Stevie Nicks line dishonesty is the ghost coming through the fog. He looked like a ghost figure coming in about. And I've thought Donald Trump was it was after when he came down yes last summer party B Republican nominee but you don't realize. How much of historical moment that was now child billion outsider. One of the major parties and as he walked onstage that night I think most of it one night that it was not. Still we are having arguably that was the nominees aren't yet yes yes. Amazing amazing party history. You think that where we were a year ago and now this now it's amazing. They may think Phillies got one more day here. It lacks the authorities here but another day of speakers. More activity here who are you most looking arguments in the terms yeah anybody else honestly to let you should pay attention I'm curious to see apple that they am curious to see if somebody goes after the media. Because I think no money it needs in life he and my guess is the reaction from campaign outcome will be to attack. Us. And so by guesses as part of it will happen today instantly attacked and the media that states as my prediction somebody will go after it. Albright yes they now scouts predict rates. Kate stick with us courts are going to be live streaming all of those speeches more analysis from the settlement rate here. An attack not a terrible time regardless of the block trump or not it's a memorable. Sockets on FaceBook and mr. comments on the field I keep you. Behind the scenes look right here we're live from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland for all of us here ABC news for now thanks for joining us we'll theaters and.

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