White House 'accepting apologies' in wake of Mueller report

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said the press was reporting on "a big lie" and "letting it fly."
5:21 | 04/18/19

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Transcript for White House 'accepting apologies' in wake of Mueller report
But this is the Molly report mile investigation. Christine opposite read actions all of you have been talking about how wonderful demolishing them and hound for an analyst protect Muller. How wonder how important was protecting investigation comfort was to protect the deputy attorney general that report makes very clear that this White House as president and none of us. I've gotten their way. Never it. Never interfered. Never. Refuse to comply with the request lots of people who live there and testified many documents produced. And that and the debt department just has made very clear that every request that they issued. Was actually responded to me that filled that should make people feel very good about democracy she make it feel really great. That campaign and I managed the successful and did not believe any Russians were accepting apologies today two for anybody who feels that Greece. On in offering then there was no collusion. And they're certainly has no criminal conspiracy that any Russians when I needed to find negative information about how to about Hillary Clinton how to beat her and the different Hillary Clinton. Yeah. It's pretty clear that the only reason that he obstruction of justice p.s would in essence stick is because a lot of people around the president. Wouldn't do it they asked him. On entry that's actually not a sophisticated legal analysis and I will tell you the president asks me to break the law today block out the door it wouldn't take the pictures and so I want to say is that. For all that conversation I Balch. What he Gator did not. Ask somebody to do word at Jackie's mad about Jeff Sessions recuse Jeff Sessions with the attorney general for eighteen months after that. Tommy gallons White House counsel for eighteen months after that. Said the press has the right to fire and give us any moment he showed his right. His constitutional right by firing him coming he fired Mueller he confirmed again sessions -- and currently looking to. And matters intent matters now intention matter. Intent is never mattered to any of you respectfully about this whole thing was there it tactically user intent to commit crimes hearings and to conspire. With Russians their intent to steal the election in from world Hillary Clinton Hampshire for amnesty voted. I intent matters and the president's intention here was not to which was not to do that. Intent matters and and you you monetary can't land mine your online air because. The big lie that you let fly for two years it's over folks I guess people on investigating congress or waste their time. And not listening to people like Nancy Pelosi are saying Hispanic patients move on let's talk about what a story yesterday kitchen table issues as that it is. I present you. The document that shows the democrats' successes. This is six after the Democrats and the first 108 congress here it. Is not accurately. President Lech cachet it might ask Callahan about. There were there were moments mentioned in the mall report where there were contacts between the trump campaign. Trump associates. And Russians Russian operatives and so on and what happened following that is we've got some false information about those contacts. From the campaign from people at the White House from Press Secretary. And so on they're my they're questioning and there with a question is is there any regret. We're passing on false information to explain some of these contacts and some of these these conversations that went on about. What was going on. I got memories speaking in Cambridge and glory surfers and I'm yet and yet some of these people and I was campaign and I never and a part of it so the trump tower gotten out Annapolis the trust me I have. The trump tower meeting involving the president's son and son and walk him. Shorten that and I know what's been rumored it is net income has never hunter ocean off. People who sit on TV all day you're earmarking hard you have people in your network sitting nineteen all thank you saying things. He doesn't I don't think he's and they want to shift the quote ample investigation. And see ample evidence seclusion. To bring it rightly I don't. Tells why Kelly and ironically. It tells you tells Kelly and why we originally told. Bogus story about that that value is about Russian adoptions many that's not that matters is primarily now I've read. I read the quote in the New York Times article. That is primarily it's in the mollen report I just read all that leave he's my very expensive lauded each night I read that in every private entire section. Where it is an exchange between Dunn junior who picks and he says primarily we discussed and he says there's some BS beginning about Hillary but it wasn't important in my right eye is right here these states. We're being told you conjecture about a fifty years and is not teacher at say the truth is Clinton every port. And you eat and dying juniors exonerated hope picks Don senior is exonerated. And you just have to move honest are covering issues and Americans are telling you in your own polling is important than health care which we work on here education the economy farm policy. A dean that there rice North Korea that a lot to solving this country I sang tunes and a half years ago when the president is like I said. That. We have we're gonna have joint custody is country for the next 48 years we got sixty ago. I'd have to go find a way to manufacturing testing this country got honestly the American people again there's no clean so what I cannot. Getting back to being on a telling analysts also.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said the press was reporting on \"a big lie\" and \"letting it fly.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62488624","title":"White House 'accepting apologies' in wake of Mueller report","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-accepting-apologies-wake-mueller-report-62488624"}